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Fan favourite soundtracks in Infinite?

OP BladedBicycle96

Which soundtracks from previous games would you love to see in Halo Infinite?
A Walk in the Woods, Sleeping Grunts, Under Cover of Night, and(though unlikely) new renditions of In Amber Clad and Pursuit in Truth
All soundtracks from Halo CE, 2, and 3 should return. As well as This Armor and 117 from Halo 4.
Basically this.

  • Halo: Reach - Ashes (Tip of the Spear becomes kind of redundant when the actual Halo theme is included)
  • Halo Trilogy & Reach - A Walk in the Woods
  • Halo Trilogy - Halo (Keep the Halo 5 version "Trials" or whatever it's called out completely. It was an abomination IMO)
  • Halo Trilogy - Brothers in Arms
  • Halo Trilogy - Pale Horse
  • Halo CE Unused Piece - Love and a Piano
  • Halo 2 - Peril (More upbeat version of Perilous Journey)
  • Halo 2 - Sacred Icon Suite (Just that part with the Sangheili-theme. There was a nod towards it in one of the Halo 5 tracks. Would prefer more than a nod.)
  • Halo Trilogy - The Maw / Dust and Echoes / Ghosts of Reach / Etc.
  • Halo 2 - Earth City
  • Halo 2 - The Last Spartan
  • Halo 3: ODST - Deference for Darkness / Rain
  • Halo 3: ODST - Air Traffic Control (Skyline)
  • Halo Trilogy - Unforgotten / Never Forget
  • Halo Trilogy - Leonidas
  • Halo 3 & Reach - Keep What You Steal
  • Halo 4 - 117 (Just the main motif included here and there amongst the more Marty-O'Donnel-esque music)
  • Halo 4 - Green and Blue (Again, the main few notes used a couple of times within other tracks)
I need that Warthog Run music in my life, and Never Forget, of course
Obviously the Halo Theme with a new-but-recognizable mix.
Finish the Fight
One Last Effort
A mix of Behold a Pale Horse
A Walk in the Woods
Siege of Madrigal
We're the Desperate Measures
Rock Anthem for Saving the World

Of course, I don't want these songs to be ripped straight out of their respective games, but something recognizable should be put in. And of course, only a handful of classic songs, not a long list.
Covenant dance-Reaching Keyes
Leonidas returns
One final effort
The Trials
The light is green
High charity suite
Sacred Icon suite II
Halo: CE "A Walk in the Woods"

Halo 2 "Heretic, Hero"

These are basically the same song, but they are my favorite. I used to get out of the map in Delta Halo in Halo 2 and just drive around with "Heretic, Hero" playing. The song has a great sense exploration. With all the talk of Halo: Infinite being open world or more open than before, I think these or a remix for Halo: Infinite could be a great addition.
I'm a heavy rock / metal fan, Steve Vai is great on the Halo 2 soundtrack imo. Reclaimer has always been my favourite Halo track, but I also like others, Unforgotten is excellent too.