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Features you hope are Halo Infinite Forge?

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I loved Halo 5s Forge to an unspeakable level. The possibilities are nigh unlimited with features from scripting, skyboxes, lighting, bodies, vehicle variants, etc.

What features do you hope they add in Halo Infinites Forge?

Personally I'd have to say Forge-able Scarabs
So this will prob be pushed to the wishlist thread but here goes.

In an ideal world without limits,

1. forge world
2. forge world 2.0
3. unsc frigate interior
4. covenant corvet interior
5. all canvases return from H4, H2A and H5G
6. AI
7. mammoth
8. scarab
9. weather/ season effect options for snow/sand/rain/fog
10. scriptable time of day and weather.
11. slippy icy sheets.
12. fulcrum magnets. to rotate geometry around a fixed point or axis either scripted or freely via physics.
13. grav rails and conveyor belts for new types of lanes in map design and to create less static environments.
14. a weapon testing wall to mark distance, drop off, blast radius, range, spread, accuracy, velocity ect.
15. offline forge.
16. forge lite a sorta mash-up of fortnite and classic forge for beginners/make wacky custom games.
17. more destructible objects.
18. access to all art assets.
19. selectable music tracks/custom music/ambient soundboard.
20. Mirror functions; reflected, identical, variations of each at X degrees. so one can build half a symmetrical map and duplicate the other side. Makes it much faster to create a base template for tuning.
So wadda ya think anything take your fancy?
Short and simple, I’d love to see the option to add AI enemies. Would be great to be able to make custom maps with them. I agree though, Halo 5’s Forge is incredible.
Singleplayer encounters with AI (Covenant) enemies. With elements from the trailer alone and inspiration from Halo CE's Halo mission, you already have quite a large amount of possibilites to explore.
Definitely spawnable AI. Even if it's difficult for 343 to implement, it would be so worth it. Also keep the weapon glitch and make it an intentional feature, and maybe apply it to vehicles too. I want to be able to make a Gungoose that fires Scorpion shots
A custom template feature - in h5 you can group objects to move as a single piece, can we have an option to save those to a custom template so if we want to use it again on a different map/build we can just pull it out the menu?

Covenant structures - most set pieces like bridges, walls, prefabs etc. Always seem to be human/forerunner, can we get some covenant version to?

Map skins - they don't change the geometry of the map but you could change the ground between grass, grass/snow, snow, grass/sand, sand, glass, volcanic basically any type of ground they can think of. You should also be able to set the colour of the rocks separately... Think like if the cliffs and rocks on coagulation from halo 2 had been more grey than orange and the cliffs on containment in h2 were more orange than grey. You could make forges feel more unique that way. But regardless map skins should be a thing.

Skybox/Tod skins - this speaks for itself

AI - basically you pick your AI unit, could be a boss, could just be a squad of grunts... Set their equipment and difficulty level, then place a volume (cube, cylinder, sphere, whatever) that they can spawn in and not leave. Set if they drop weapons or not and BOOM... you now have a camo sword elite that drops a full power sword on death in that room rather that a random sword on the floor, interesting power weapon spawns! You could set if they're worth kills for slayer, or if they have a team alignment for objectives, have a handful of marines or something guarding your base. Or some prometheans guarding the hill in a king game. Ooo new idea! You could set them As the objective! So instead of running a flag you escort a prisoner or instead of planting a bomb you kill a vip. (yes I write like I'm talking, it's more fun and helps get my ideas out...)

Ignore my first one, went on forge for the first time in ages last night... That's a thing now apparently
An offline option.
A more simple 'programming' or whatever system. That's obscenely intimidating to someone trying to get into forging, or at least, it was and is to me.
playable scrab would be cool.
A function to give me enough time in the day to use it.
A function to give me enough time in the day to use it.
My #20. On the first reply might be for you.
Modod wrote:
A function to give me enough time in the day to use it.
My #20. On the first reply might be for you.
But will it end the mandatory overtime at work so I don't have 12 hour workdays anymore?
Modod wrote:
A function to give me enough time in the day to use it.
My #20. On the first reply might be for you.
But will it end the mandatory overtime at work so I don't have 12 hour workdays anymore?
Afraid not man ( yes I assumed your gender :O ), I'm in the kitchen anywhere from 6-14 hours a day so I feel ya games time is precious.
Not a big fan but I play forge for its beautiful forge terrain. But why not have a home-screen menu to generate our own custom Forge World? We are only limited through the natural forge objects that are generic for natural designs.

We could have a home-screen game menu option to give scales and toggles. We are able to choose from biomes, scale terrain height, scale smooth land/rough terrain, toggle natural props, toggle caves, toggle water, scale water depths, scale amount of water/land toggle object collision (interact landscape), toggle types of backgrounds, ect. Once confirmed, enter the forge game and viola your Minecraft world.

Lighting, physics, and smaller terrain are still chosen in the in-game forge menu. Natural terrain is in the home-screen game menu. But creating your custom world is up to you. How bout dat? I enjoy making my own forge world.
Halo 5's Forge was so good that they could honestly just port it over and add a few features. Though, I'd really like to see better ambient occlusion and more varied shaders on Forge assets so that the Forge maps themselves don't look like they've been built with LEGO. Two other great additions would be terrain editing and AI/ wildlife. It seems like the next logical step in the evolution of Forge.
So I shared this in my own post but I was redirected here so I am sharing this here, if you played Halo Reach and were a forger, you know about Forge World. One of the most, in my opinion, the best forge canvas Halo has ever had. But I started thinking, if it could return in Halo Infinite what would it be like then? I feel like it'd be awesome to have it back for people to build things like they used to on Reach, but add other Forge maps to it. Alpine could be added to Forge World out in the Ocean past the island along with another forge canvas. The world would be so large and give people so many things to do. It's would be awesome as a throwback world along with a place for people to just build giant worlds for games like the Infection Origins from Reach, or other cool story maps that have been made on Halo 4 and Halo 5. It'd give players so many options within one place.

With having this giant option people who do Machinima would have so many places to have stories different arcs and so many places to make and explore. On Halo 5 I have made a few Open World Style Maps and with a remake of Forge World and some additions it would be amazing to have!
Halo gas always had a huge dedicated fan base for nmoding and forge. Dare I say give us a dev kit kind of like skyrim? Let us use any asset, wall, cloud, gun, ai, script, or even dialogue. Halo would never die... skyrim today is still going strong because of the dev kit.
I love Halo 5’s forge but it could use more scripts, more items, bug fixes, and discovery features.
Variable Integration to scripts
When entering a value for any command, whether it be damage ratio, wait, or timer check, I’d love to be able to chose a “global variable alpha” as opposed to always being stuck with fixed values.
Other cool scripts
A “reset map state” script that could be used for round based games.
A “switch” script that would flip two chosen variables. i.e. Make all team one items team two and all team two items team one (would be useful in attack/defend and other modes)
Discovery Features
Add a page that would showcase new maps and allow some sort of comment feature for easier feedback. If a new version of a map is made, allow bookmarkers to be seamlessly redirected to the new version.
Also in my experience the search visibility checkbox in Halo 5 turns off randomly, the visibility system could be changed to something like private, friends only, public (for the actual map in the content browser)

Also, It would be great to be able to see the full edit history of maps, right now it only shows the original owner and current owner but any other owners/contributors are left out. Additionally the original owner can be removed by copying a map and then using save as.

Well that’s it.
You can spawn anything in any map like an elephant in a really small map
The ability to create OP weapons with a weapon pad
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