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Feedback thread for Technical preview?

OP Beerman4736

After playing some matches and messing around with bots i have some feedback for the current Infinite preview that wouldnt fit a support ticket but rather a feedback thread, but im unable to find a certain thread where i can leave it
This is the very first FPS i prefer playing with controller instead of KBM, as there are many essential actions which i cant rebind keys for in a useful way. Its cool to use several keys for one action, but switching the default key of an action isnt possible as of now. I cant put melee on Q, sprint on C, Equipment on Shift, crouch/slide on CTRL, etc, all i can is assign more (unused) keys to those actions.

Also theres no player collision or friendly fire, that should change.

The gravity hammer doesnt affect gravity physics (eg sending players flying), please change this.

When joining a match that has already started, i can hear gameplay audio (spartan/AI/announcer chatter and battle sounds) for 30-90 seconds before the loading screen vanishes and im actually in the battle. This is a known issue, but i would prefer to have an indicator telling me wether im loading into a new or an ongoing match on the loading screen.

Theres no indicator about who is using voice chat ingame, when not looking at the ingame scoreboard. Please place the username of whoever is talking along with such an icon somewhere in the lower right or upper left corner, as it is visible in previous halo games and MCC

The pulse carbine, as a plasma based weapon, shouldnt be able to recharge/pick up more ammo by walking over another pulse carbine. Plasma weapons dont work like that, and if its supposed to be like the carbine in H2/3/4, it fires the wrong bullets as that weapon fires energy beams instead of plasma.