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Fix cortanas character please

OP destroyer2367

I hope halo infinite has a good plot hopefully involving fixing Cortana's awful character she used to be a, kind, good and loveable character so I hope 343 fixes gives her some good character and on a side note don't let chief take off his helmet please.
Everything surrounding Cortana's role in Halo: Infinite is still a mystery. I personally like the "you either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain" route 343i have taken the character. Ever since the release of Halo 5: Guardians, I find that Halo has been lacking in emotion and this confrontation that John will inevitably have is just what the series needs.
I'm fine with the idea of Cortana being a villain, I just need them to explain why. In H5 she was just randomly the villain out of nowhere with no explanation. In Infinite they need to address why this happened like they should've in the first place.
I think they need to try to do a better job of explaining or justifying her inconsistent portrayal in Halo 4 and 5 compared to the prior games than simply shrugging it all off on the Rampancy Macguffin. Her disposition, attitude, and the way she treats and regards John all seemed to be a ways off what they'd been at the end of Halo 3 when Halo 4 opened up, and I recall on my first playthrough that it seriously messed with my immersion in Halo 4.

If they make Cortana in Infinite a tormented character who's fighting a battle with disparate versions of herself from the past for dominance and control, that's interesting and serves the multi-game perspective. Certainly better than the calm, cold, calculated villain stance she seemed to put of in Guardians. The whole "I know what's better for humanity than humanity knows for itself," angle, treating John like a misguided child who she still cares for but must save from his own ignorance didn't really play for me. Especially when the last interaction between these characters seemed to be nigh-on romantic ("You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that.") And Their interactions in the original games resembling to me more of a close cop partnership than anything else.

There's a lot of different angles they've taken with John and Cortana's relationship, and Cortana's general behavior. Infinite needs to sell me on the idea that somehow all of these lines intersect in a way that makes even a bit of sense, or the entire Cortana focus in the Reclaimer games loses all weight for me.
Cortana doesn't get "a way out" either after doing things that are just as horrible as any other main villain in Halo has done, and 343i has subsequently released nothing - in 4 years - that makes her character remotely salvageable. Also how additionally irresponsible would it be to have character that willingly and knowingly causes so much death and destruction to never face just consequences for their actions? Also simply reversing this latest "twist", if you can even call it that, with another one would just make 2 whole games entirely pointless.

Enough is enough. This obsession with "saving Cortana"/Cortana being "good"/Cortana never dying/ etc. has simply got to stop. It's not healthy for the story, or the characters (we saw the effects of this in 'Halo 5' firsthand). 343i decided to throw out the perfectly respectful ending they gave Cortana's story arc in 'Halo 4' in favor of bringing her back to life and making her an unrepentant murderer and a predator, so they need to stick with that decision and everything that goes with it. The mass-murdering psychopath Cortana has become needs to be brought to justice either though a final death, or imprisonment/isolation for the remainder of her existence. Nothing else is remotely acceptable.
I think Cortanas character is irreversible at this point. They should have kept her dead at the end of H4. It was a great way to end her story. H5 biffed it all up.
Yes they need to fix her in every way. Her design in both 'character concept' art and general personality, everything felt wrong in 4,5 so I really hope they make her character feel like herself again since I felt like she wasn't as recognisable in 4,5 and becoming too human like instead of AI. I get the whole good/bad thing people are talking about but regardless of her believes...she didn't seem to have the same charm as previous Halo games...even when she was sort of going rampant in Halo 3. I feel like making her too human in design kind of killed her mystery. I think it's probably AI in general that 343i don't seem to be handle well since the other's AI's that have been used so far have been kind of dull that 343i have used so far.