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Flood Firefight

OP Jan19191

So I have picked up Left for Dead 2 recently and I have been messing around with mods and what not until I discovered a "Flood Conversion" mod for the game that completely transformed the experience into a Halo flood horror game. From playing these Halo mods to create the full package, I have noticed that there is so much that can be done for a flood based game mode in Halo Infinite. As the flood are one of the most relentless enemies in all of Halo, the open map design of firefight can compliment the flood game mode, as swarms of flood can come from new directions and it could add a extra level or urgency and intensity for the player that would be something that we haven't seen in a mainline Halo game. In addition, this theoretical game mode could add extra replay value, in a similar fashion that Call of Duty Zombies also adds replay value through a more casual, laid back and fun experience.

After coming back from Left for Dead 2 to MCC, the first game mode that I jumped into was firefight, as I began to compare the two game modes to see how they would be different or similar. To begin, a round based system could work, however vehicles may need to be scrapped in this hypothetical new game mode, as driving around in a warthog for the entire match wouldn't be what anyone would call "A fun and intense experience". A flood firefight mode in Halo Infinite could also add in some new elements to firefight that we haven't seen before, such as the flamethrower, which was a turret style weapon that could be found in Halo 3 on flood missions. In addition, there could be a better use of the flood characteristic that lets them bring killed life forms back to life. As a result, the player could scramble trying to keep their marines alive so they would not have to fight the force that they are working alongside with. In addition to marines, there could be a variant of the flood firefight where the objective is to keep your marines alive as long as possible.

Overall, I find that a flood firefight game mode can add so much to Halo Infinite in many unique ways. This new game mode would give Halo fans new and old, a fun, and intense Halo experience as there would be elements in it that could be explored that we haven't seen before. What do you think of a flood firefight game mode?
If they wont give us the flood in halo infinite, they should at least add a flood firefight mode to MCC whether that be reach firefight or ODST firefight. Firefight in general could use some love by 343 in any of the halo games tho
I love the idea of a flood based firefight. While the flood have lost their aura in recent years since the Spartan Branch have reportedly (and successfully) quelled outbreaks according to the Official Spartan Field Manual and the Banished defeating them head-on in Halo Wars 2, they would definitely be a nice callback to older Halo titles.
I have made a bunch of posts here about this idea and I really hope we can get it. To have waves of flood coming at you, stronger every round would be epic. Especially with the Halo sandbox of weapons. Imagine destroying a bunch of flood with Hannibal Mantis. This would also be the perfect way to introduce Halo CE shotgun and magnum as starter weapons. And it would be epic if they threw flood juggernauts from Halo 2 in it also. Imagine taking those out with a tagret locator, or taking out a underdeveloped gravemind with target locator. Even sticky detonator would awesome in this mode and driving around on a mammoth with your team on a huge map taking out hordes of zombies with Halo 2 br, dmr, needlerifle and even sniper. It would be epic and has so much potential.
They should make a warzone firefight with the flood. Big maps, better weapons as enemies increase in strenght.
With so many variety in flood forms too, this is a must for Infinite. Especially since it takes place on zeta halo. They could even throw in some easter eggs, like terminals showing videos of zeta halos flood experiments.
I’ve been telling people for years that we need a Flood Survival mode. A mode that is focused on the flood and flood only.. has to be more than just a branch of the firefight mode. It should have elements that would separate from a normal firefight mode. With the zombies scene in COD being dead, Infinite has a chance to takeover with the flood.