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Forge in Halo Infinite


I hope the forge system gets updated for Halo Infinite! Is the forge going to be easy to use like Halo 2 anniversary or more complex like Halo 5? I would love to see a forge system that is similar to Far Cry 5's map editor. You could actually build game level maps! I like the ability to mold land like clay! The only downside to Far Cry 5 is the party system is so broken, you don't have the ability to play your own custom maps in large parties because of the voting system.
I would like to see jet packs treated like vehicle objects in the forge, that way you can build more classic style custom maps.
Simple, and user-friendly, is best. But it needs to allow for depth, for the...professionally (couldn't think of a better word) Forgers.
We wouldn't know exactly what to expect, but I would undoubtedly say Forge is in Halo: Infinite. As for how Forge works though, Halo 5's format works quite well, and all the different things they allowed us to do such as script definitely helped to create innovative ideas for Halo. However, especially in my own practice, it was hard to approach Halo 5's forge without being lost or confused in some of the different categories, which I do kinda attribute to my own lack of skill. Nonetheless, it was still definitely expansive and indepth, and that depth would be great for the next Halo.
Please add in the Halo Reach style buildings. Or buildings in general. I tired building a forerunner tower out of spires and random shapes and it didn't end well.
Everyone should look at my profile please what I said about forge on Halo Waypoint that I want in Halo infinite forge the stuff I said would make it a lot of fun!!😃
Forge in Halo 5 is just too complex in my opinion. I hope they dumb it down. Personally I suck at forge and I leave forge for the creative people, but im sure others feel like I do.
I loved halo 5's forge but it was too complex, they should have simple forge like halo 3 and advanced like halo 5.

I also really loved halo online's forge. Do you guys remember Halo online?
Forge is going to be a new game changer but more importantly......Forge needs to be shipped with the final build. It shouldn't be a separate download (insert amount of time) after the game launches.
It took me a while, but I learned Halo 5's Forge - somewhat. I'd really hope to see it's iteration in the game, as it has so much more potential.

What I'm more curious about... is whether the new engine will allow them to finally let us put AI into Forge.
I would like if you can spawn the flood or covendent on your forge maps like flood bots or somthing