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Guardian Theory

OP total war1402

Okay so I’ve been wracking my brains over the trailer and what we are shown. It certainly looks like the Chief is going to team back up with Cortana.

Now, last we checked, she’s still the villain and why the UNSC is at war and on the ropes. I get that Chief has an AI Containment Device. But, how is he able to take Cortana out of the Domain without causing drastic problems for the rest of the galaxy? I don’t see how they would explain that one away unless A LOT happened off screen after 5.

I think theres a big hint with the blue pylons. These are shown sending those pulses up into the air. I think you see one of those in the terminal room when it charges and shoots up that tunnel. On the box artwork in the news article you see these on bits of the fractured ring. So I think this implies that what the Chief is doing is taking the Cortana he has on that chip and putting her into these pylons. This is allowing her to repair or operate the ring.

Which suggests two things:

1. The Domain isn’t a thing in this location since why would you need a chip to download Cortana?

2. She doesn’t control the ring. Otherwise Chief wouldn’t be bothering activating these pylons with her.

In the trailer the pilot mentions that he has no idea where they are. However he was part of the battle at the ring because he knows that “we lost” . Which means he’s not in the same place as where the battle occurred. So what I think has happened is that there was some great battle and then the ring went into a random slipspace jump. This dragged the remaining UNSC forces and a single Guardian beyond the limits of Cortana’s control and the Domain.

Now, I am going to make a leap and assume that beyond the Domain, any machine Cortana is inhabiting is split from the “collective” with a shard of her consciousness inhabiting it. This includes her Guardians.

So right at the start of the game the pelican gets seized by a Guardian. But Chief is able to beat it by leaping out onto it and using the chip to capture this shard of Cortana. This destroys the Guardian and leaves them stranded right at the start of the game.

It then leads into Chief deciding he can work with this shard to repair the ring and use it to get back home with the surviving UNSC.

I think that kind of makes sense because if it was all of cortana then the whole war ends immediately and there would be nothing at stake for the wider galaxy until you introduce a new threat. Plus, if the game is about putting the Halo back together that would mirror the two of them reuniting.