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Halo 6 wish list

OP NinjaBunny01

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Halo 5 is done and there is not much they can do to change it now. So I guess we could make kind of a wish list for the next installment. Here is some of what I would like to see, I would like to see others suggestions as well. Let us get our suggestions heard and continue to make this franchise great.

Things I would like to see return:
- duel wielding
- invasion/firefight game type
- equipment (bubble shield, regen field, etc)
- Reach style armor effects

New things I would like to see:
- human\forerunner hybrid weapons
- covenant v human war zone variant with playable elites (elites having their own abilities)
- enhanced firefight mode (like reach but with gears of war 3 horde mode aspects)

things others would like to see:
- resurrection of the forerunners
- VR/AR functionality
- New weapon types (I.e. Crossbow, etc)
- return of some older weapons (Needle Rifle, etc)
- Custom games matchmaking
- More detailed armor customization
- Playabled Elites
Halo reach style customization
Old halo vehicles (hornet, falcon, etc.)
Space combat from halo reach
Spartan ops
Forge world
AI (hope for the best)
being able to drive the vehicles that we many saw in campaign (mammoth, lich, scarab, etc.)
Being able to drive space combat vehicles in forge and custom games
Being able to drive halo wars and halo wars 2 vehicles
Being able to drive the pelican, phantom, spirit
New forerunner vehicles and weapons (we need a forerunner tank)
Playable flood (not like in halo 4. my image of it would be playing as the halo 3 flood and cut flood halo wars 2 flood and new flood forms in a new mode of course)
Linear Infection in the matchmaking infection line-up
Maybe like a star wars battlefront 2 invasion (multiply different classes, points that could be spent on new units or vehicles)
The insurrections but not as any sort of main threat but more of a side threat a thorn in the UNSC's finger
New forge canvas
Canvas editing (similar to that of Far Cry 5)
I can't think of any thing else
Fix the disparity in effectiveness between the assault rifle and magnum. The magnum excels too much, leaving the assault rifle neglected in most slayer tournaments. The assault rifle should be more effective in close to mid-range situations, while the magnum should be more useful long-range. If there is a true balance, the game would become more interesting and engaging for players—all reconnaissance would not lead to the same outcome. ENEMY SPOTTED AT LONG RANGE *pulls out magnum* OPPONENT ENCOUNTERED AT CLOSE PROMXIMITY *unsheathes magnum* HALF A SECOND AFTER THE GAME STARTS *draws magnum*
Hay guys, I made a post regarding a cool new game mode idea, I would really appreciate it if you could check it out:
I know it won't be implemented but heres an idea I had

Warzone 2.0 (its an actual war this time)

Maps are slightly larger warzone maps.
Capture points are spread throughout the maps.
Either the game servers are very long or last practically forever.
The mode will have credits like in reach. The credits will be used only for this mode. You can use credits to upgrade/buy spawnables, fortifications, and vehicles (will get to later). Once one is bought it can be used forever. Once upgraded it can increase health, speed, or damage. Upgrades and buying new units can only be used out of game
**ANOTHER IDEA: Credits can be spent in game instead of out of game. Whatever is bough in game is used only in that game**
Spawnables* - with the credits (which can be used in game, but not for upgrading or buying new units) you can buy marines which will arrive in a pelican in a near friendly capture point. The marines can be commanded to capture, defend, follow, patrol, and enter a vehicle. The normal marines will be equipped with br's and ar's. There will also be heavy marines. The heavy marines will also arrive in a pelican and will already have more health and heavier weapons like SPNKr's. Kills from marines will go towards you.
*Fortifications* - Fortifications will be put into captured points. They will include Sentries(like HW), manned turrets, and barricades. The marines will be able to use manned turrets and take cover behind barricades. (can be upgrades)
*Vehicles* - The vehicles will be dropped off in pelicans. Vehicles will include scorpion, gauss hog, rocket hog, warthog, mongoose, gungoose, hornet, falcon and so on. And possibly, there could be elephants which would act as mobile spawners which can be set up anywhere, although I do not know how they will arrive. Marines can drive everything except the elephant. Marines in elephant will either roam it or hop on a turret. When marines are in vehicles you can command them to go somewhere.

If so Covenant
*Spawnables* - Works alot like the UNSC spawnables, just different units. Spawnables would be Hunter, Elites, brutes(maybe), and grunts. Hunters would be just one hunter since they're big and OP. Elites would be like 5, brutes would be about 5 to, and grunts would be a full phantom/spirit. brutes, grunts, and elites can use vehicles.
*Vehicles* - same as UNSC, just different vehicles. Vehicles are Ghost, Banshee, wraith, revenant, spectre, chopper, and prowler.
*Transports* - transports are on both teams. UNSC has a Pelican, Covenant has a spirit or phantom. Pelican/spirit/phantom would have to be called in separately than the ones the spawnables arrive in. Spawnables can be commanded to get into transports.

Heal station - UNSC fortification, heals nearby troops and spartans
Repair station - UNSC fortifcation, heals nearby air and land vehicles
Engineers - Covenant spawnables, heals nearby troops and gives brief invulnerability when nearby troops are in danger, floats around
Technician - UNSC spawnable, weak all around, armed with magnum, heals slower than repair station but is of course on the move
Medic - light armor, armed with BR/AR, heals slower than heal station, but is also on the move
Suicide grunts - Covenant spawnable, fast moving weak armored grunts that do high damage to infantry, building, and vehicles. Easy to take out but move very fast
Jackrabbit - Fast moving vehicle, player controlled or marine controlled, armed with grenade launcher and can be used to cause damage early on in round.
*Super units are a no-no*

**NEW NEW IDEA: teams fight over land (like for honor I think). Certain places controlled give benefits (vehicle health, credit boost, etc).**


That is all I have for now,. Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this lol.
Please remove Sprint from Halo Infinite
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