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Halo 6 wish list

OP NinjaBunny01

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Halo 5 is done and there is not much they can do to change it now. So I guess we could make kind of a wish list for the next installment. Here is some of what I would like to see, I would like to see others suggestions as well. Let us get our suggestions heard and continue to make this franchise great.

Things I would like to see return:
- duel wielding
- invasion/firefight game type
- equipment (bubble shield, regen field, etc)
- Reach style armor effects

New things I would like to see:
- human\forerunner hybrid weapons
- covenant v human war zone variant with playable elites (elites having their own abilities)
- enhanced firefight mode (like reach but with gears of war 3 horde mode aspects)

things others would like to see:
- resurrection of the forerunners
- VR/AR functionality
- New weapon types (I.e. Crossbow, etc)
- return of some older weapons (Needle Rifle, etc)
- Custom games matchmaking
- More detailed armor customization
- Playabled Elites
Halo reach style customization
Old halo vehicles (hornet, falcon, etc.)
Space combat from halo reach
Spartan ops
Forge world
AI (hope for the best)
being able to drive the vehicles that we many saw in campaign (mammoth, lich, scarab, etc.)
Being able to drive space combat vehicles in forge and custom games
Being able to drive halo wars and halo wars 2 vehicles
Being able to drive the pelican, phantom, spirit
New forerunner vehicles and weapons (we need a forerunner tank)
Playable flood (not like in halo 4. my image of it would be playing as the halo 3 flood and cut flood halo wars 2 flood and new flood forms in a new mode of course)
Linear Infection in the matchmaking infection line-up
Maybe like a star wars battlefront 2 invasion (multiply different classes, points that could be spent on new units or vehicles)
The insurrections but not as any sort of main threat but more of a side threat a thorn in the UNSC's finger
New forge canvas
Canvas editing (similar to that of Far Cry 5)
I can't think of any thing else
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