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OP Icey Narqo

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So every halo game has easy through legendary, I was thinking adding mythic and having it be harder than legendary, I think it would be a great new challenge for players. What do you guys think?
LASO is already called and considered Mythic difficulty
It looks like this is the main wishlist thread, so I'll just copy my post from the other thread and add some new stuff in


  • Run & Gun Gameplay (In other words "classic" - take the first three games as a foundation and build upon this formular, because the run & gun gameplay still has a ton of potenial)
  • Return of Equipment (not as loadouts, this is a huge difference) - First of all it's a map pick up and second, the whole team can benefit from the equipment you throw on the field. Personally I would not like to have them on 4v4 matches, (just on BTB) and eventually add some new ones?
  • Return of the classic zoom, or at least give me the option - I hate ADS.
  • I prefer projectile over Hitscan, but that's just my opinion
  • Rework the whole weapon sandbox. I'd rather have way less weapons, but in return every weapon should have it's own utility. I'd like to mention one weapon specifically: The plasma rifle. In CE, the plasma rifle had the ability to stun the enemy. Sadly, this ability got removed and never came back after CE. Remove the storm rifle, give the plasma rifle back it's utility.
  • Return of grenade jumps
  • Return of fall damage as an option to turn on or off, which would lead into even more interesting style of maps like damnation (H:CE)
  • Return of Dual Wielding, but not as unbalanced as it once was. I recommend watching this video from Favyn Dual Wielding Topic
  • Remove grenade hitmarkers

  • Made a whole thread about this: How to make maps feel more alive
  • More variety, quality over quantity. Not every 4vs4 map has to be a reskin of midship or a square. It seems like long gone are the days where we would have some maps that played differently like High Ground.
  • More Forerunner & covenant themed maps
  • Return of dynamique map elements / map interactions / movement possibilities, examples:
-Terminal / The train (Halo 2)
-Elongation / Conveyor Belts (Halo 2)
-Sandtrap / Elephants (Halo 3)
-Ivory Tower / Elevators (Halo 2)
-Last resort / Wheel (Halo 3)
-Longshore / The bridge (Halo 3)
-Standoff / The underground door (Halo 3)
-Waterworks / Be able to shoot down stalactites (Halo 2)
-Coagulation / Be able to EMP the vehicles through a counter (H2A)
-Sidewinder / slippery ice (H:CE)
-District / breakable glass (Halo 2)
-Colossus / explosive, moving containers (Halo 2)
-Headlong / the pillar that swings up and down when you walk across it (Halo 2)
+Return of teleporters

Similiar stuff would be appreciated. I always thought it would be fun to have a huge crane that moves in a BTB Map.


  • Don't launch the game with barely any content.
  • Introduce gamemodes where you can benefit from the Halo Universe, this franchise has so much to offer - don't waste this potenial. Just imagine a gamemode w. elephants / mammoths / scarabs / mac cannons / Air battles (broadswords, phantoms, spirit dropships, pelicans) etc. or at least give the people the chance to use them as forge objects.
  • Semi Bosses like the scarabs. But do it like they did in Halo 3, where the scarabs were AI's and would actively chase you. Just don't make them stand still and do nothing.
  • Return of attack / defend gametypes like Territorries, One Flag & Assault
  • Return of Invasion
  • No P2W gamemodes
  • Classic Firefight
  • New Firefight-variant: Click me for more information
  • Continue Equal starts
  • Return of the Match-Composer from MCC - (Options like "Objective" / "Player Size" / "Community or Dev. Made Maps" / Be able to enable / disable variants of gametypes / Be able to enable / disable "join match in progress" option) should be available. This also means - No rotational playlists anymore. Everything should be accessible from the start to the end.
-The mentality
  • Remember what this franchise was until a certain point. The biggest Exclusive Franchise of Xbox, a console seller, a game that changed the whole FPS genre for a whole generation. You don't have to "keep up" with some games, do your own thing, be the trendsetter again and the other ones will worry how to keep up with Halo again. And even if you fail, you've tried your own thing, you've tried to be unique.

  • I'd prefer a campaign w. more open areas like we had in CE on Inst. 04 and in 3 on the Ark. Give the players moments to breath, give me a task but let me explore, I don't need 3 other spartans all the time around me talking useless stuff over and over again. I've seen the podcast on mixer past week and what I heard was that they will certainly move back to this direction and I'm really glad about that.
  • And even if there are missions where you have a spartan next to you: Don't bring back this horrible revival system.
  • Don't make Humanity seem to be powerful in contrast to other races
  • My personal opinion: A plotdriven story like CE
  • Introduce the banished in Infinite (but don't kill them entirely off in just one game) & make use of the flood on Zelta Halo
  • Make Sarah Palmer fall off a cliff in the first cutscene. Even if it makes no sense, just do it.
  • No more freaking prometheans..I'm so sick at this point. They are not fun to fight, they have zero emotions.
-Art Style, customization, vehicles & some other stuff
  • I always thought that Reach has the best Art style, so I hope that it will be similiar to it.
  • HW2 was also looking pretty good, the only thing I didn't like were the forerunner structures.
  • More blood, similiar to CE / 2
  • Customization like we had in reach (has been confirmed)
  • Return of the hornet, falcon, spectre, chopper
  • Beeing able to change the FOV for the weapons
  • Better effects or physics like in the previous Halo games (when vehicles get destroyed, spartans flew away and the explosions when you get a satisfying kill with your needler in CE)
  • Splitscreen up to 4 players (has been confirmed)
  • No more ugly or childish weapon skins like Pizza skins or ones that look like nerf guns.
  • Forge was pretty decent in Guardians. I hope that they build upon this formular. There are still a few additions I'd like to see, like:
-Terrain Editor
-Better scripting system
-Be able to place way more objects on your map without getting framerate drops
-Be able to scale your objects
-Be able to work w. elements like lava, water, fire etc. more efficiently
-breakable glass

  • Similiar to reach. I'd like to see the names, I'd like to be able to watch their stats and see who's talking to the mic etc.
Has anyone considered actual symbols for ranks in MP? I don't like the SR numbers and I always enjoyed H3 and Reach ranks. Just for fun: I got to Major Grade 3 in H3 and Field Marshall in Reach. Perhaps making 152 unique rank symbols would be a lot of work...
1 Flag CTF.

For the love of God, bring it back.
I forgot to mention this in my original post (now since edited), bring the Sharquoi into the game for the first time. They're only mentioned in Conversations from the Universe which is the booklet that came with the Halo 2 Limited Collector's Edition, and the novel Halo: Envoy.
My wishlist:
Better online features because my friend has had a hard time connecting to us when we play halo 5
I would like halo reach falcons to make a return as well as having the original firefight return
A good campaign where Cortana sees the error of her ways and reunites with 117 and admits she loves him
A master chief face reveal too please
My wishlist:
Better online features because my friend has had a hard time connecting to us when we play halo 5
I would like halo reach falcons to make a return as well as having the original firefight return
A good campaign where Cortana sees the error of her ways and reunites with 117 and admits she loves him
A master chief face reveal too please
Plot twist, Chief still has the face of a child...
It may sound goofy, but I would love a 'match history' feature on Waypoint related to Infinity. For example, I know that I've faced off against Viper Skills in Warzone a few times. It would be cool to be able to navigate to their profile and somehow see all the matches I've played with/against them. I feel like this would be a huge database undertaking, but there's been a lot of times I've wanted to see a history like this.
Campaign, multiplayer, basically all the modes should include the compass from Reach, flashlight and nightvision, and under certain gametype rules I think VISR would be neat. All would be able to be disabled and enabled seperately for game modes. Also, a more indepth weather and skybox diversity? Actually be capable of changing time of day and altering weather conditions to a greater extent would be neat. (This would go hand in hand with a FarCry-like terrain editor with the already great Halo Forge)
Best ranks and medals well designed
- Firefight

- Flood

- Forged Firefight
I'd like to see more options in matchmaking so that the player can decide what kind of game he/she plays and with or against whom:
  • let players opt out from being placed in games some early quitters didn't want to finish
  • let frequent early quitters play together (for example if you quit early your next n games you will have only other early quitters in your team)
  • option to really avoid those with that annoying reputation of "avoid me" - let all of them play in one team :)
    I never understood why 343i and/or MS would even consider anyone would enjoy playing in the same team with "avoid me" basket of ...
  • match players with a headset with other players with a headset (and those without in the other team)
  • let players to chose whether or not as a single player they want to end up with a bunch of other single randoms against a full team (even if that means the full team isn't going to find a match at all)
  • dedicated playlists for objective game types and for slayer but leave slayer out of the objective ones
  • bring the map voting back
Then there are a few things concerning map design spawn points I would like to see:
  • create maps and spawn points so that spawn killing isn't as easy as it is in some of the current maps
  • make the whole spawn system smarter: too many times I've spawned right in front of a moving vehicle and got splattered (own team or enemy)
    for example add something like the cone of uncertainty in front of a vehicle and then don't use any spawn points within that area
1. A good Campaign.
2. A better progression system that isn't RNG lootboxes.
3. Playable Elites.
4. No Sprint.
5. Working file browser.
6. Better variety to the maps (Halo 5 was rubbish).
  1. ALL weapons from the halo games available: I was saddened to see that there was no Brute Shot, Spiker, Fire/Spike Grenade, or Flamethrower, nor was there the Needler Rifle (Blood of Suban is close enough), Focus Rifle (which was garbage but still), and the original Plasma Caster (I know there is a new one, but for Forge sake at least) (Brute Shot had HEAVY Knockback and a higher damage punch, would have been fun and unique)
  2. Equipment: Kind of a stretch I know, but it was nice to have items that added utility and creativeness.
  3. Matchmaking: so i'm not the only one carrying my team against xray users
  4. Water option in forge: making the kill require complete submersion as choice so supersoldiers don't die because they forgot their floaties. Also to have water moving a direction in forge would allow rivers that don't stand still or completely flat, still water for dead ponds of a swamp.
  5. GRACEFUL BANSHEES: I mentioned this in a post and was advised to place it here. The upward dodge looks ridiculous, and is obscene in gameplay
  6. Armor and complex emblems unlocked only through commendations and special circumstance: It would allow the image of every spartan to be a story of their style.
My wish list 4 halo 6 would be
1. 4 player split screen
2. Lose the thruster, Spartan charge and ground pound
3. Bring back dual wielding
4.bring back the classic art style
5.the halo 4 controls or the classic halo controls as the default controls
6. Keep the sprinting
7. Keep the assassinations
8. Playable elites
9. More free for all modes
10. The older aiming
11. No more moded or hybrid weapons
New skull that changes you from master chief to your custom character in campaign (including elites if that’s in infinite)

dual wielding

open world elements like h3odst had.

rpg elements, like conversations with dialogue options.

playable elites.

keep sprint and clamber, but lose thrusters. Bring back jet pack ability.

vehicle ability variations (ie wraith that has coaxial plasma turret instead of boost, or aim function that shows 3d firing arc for limited time)

ai in forge: creation of custom mini campaigns and firefight maps

flyable large vehicles, ie pelicans, longswords, seraphs, phantoms, maybe even frigates/corvettes though admittedly the latter would have to be very limited (only certain campaign mission or a game mode focusing entirely around the ship).

useless vehicles like forklifts and trucks like reach had. And let us drop those in forge.

Third person option for custom games, campaign, and firefight

the old h3 banshees with the thin pylon things instead of the thick bulky wings

pull a super smash bros and add every weapon and vehicle that’s ever been in halo to forge mode. Brute maulers, falcons, hornets, revenants, the h2 covenant warthog I don’t remember the name of, needle rifles, I mean EVERYTHING.

invasion game modes from reach
My wishlist. This has been heavily edited now,(Jan 09 19) with new additions and clean up since original posting.

  • Robust and long campaign.
Then, eventually I want to see a new threat rise from outside the galaxy. Something very alien, but with lots of things to shoot, invades the galaxy. As you battle them across the galaxy you fight in some locations from past games, and the nostalgia fills us with good & sad feels. I'd love to see a robot empire of some sort, where, when certain "elite" soldier robots get shot to pieces you have to make sure to shot the head piece because otherwise it has(may have) the ability to reconstruct itself. I'm not talking boss type soldiers, but certain types of soldiers "Elites" or "Brutes" so to speak.
Yet that sounds like a thing already, is that a thing already? Am I thinking of something I read about the robots in Destiny?

Also I absolutely want the Mammoth to return. And drive-able. I imagine a huge open plain where a group of Mammoths get in a long distance tussle with a group of Scarabs. The distance closes up and Mammoths and Scarabs are in eachothers faces, support vehicles racing around, boarding actions! Also excise that area from the campaign and create it as a dedicated FireFight map too. How long can you and your friends in one Mammoth last against an onslaught of enemy vehicles. A set boss could possibly be a Kraken.
  • Bring back Firefight, and add dynamic difficulty scaling. If players are dug in wiping out wave after wave on Normal, drop in a couple waves of Heroic.
  • Different multi-player/Firefight modes, as previously mentioned-like Scarabs vs. Mammoths-battle takes place in huge area, teams build up kills to "power" a Mini-Mac shot or Scarab beam shot, and three to five shots wins the game. Should A.I. drive the vehicles though?
  • A vehicle based VS mode. Players spawn as vehicles. This multi-player mode could have exclusive Sabre space based levels.
I'd also like to see the return of FireFight, and a fully customizable FireFight at that. (Take Beachhead in Reach for example. I wanted to be able to drop in a conventional hog instead of the missile hog, things like that, and more.)

Scale-able difficulty. (optional though). If the game sees you are owning the field on normal difficulty for several rounds to a set or two, it will scale it up to heroic on the fly. If you are holed up on the map somewhere being undefeatable let the bad guys call in air support or orbital support. Concerning Orbital strike; give the player a chance to shoot the enemy holding the laser designator though. Anyway, there has to be a satisfactory way to make scale-able difficulty work, and be optional too.
  • About FireFight difficulty. If different difficulties have different tactics, I want every level of difficulty to have access to all levels of tactics. If players are dug in dropping wave after wave on Normal, not only does the A.I. have the choice to send in a couple Heroic waves, it also lets the enemies have access to the tactics of every level of difficulty without switching to Heroic etc. This would help add variety and change up for the players.
Also the return of a robust Theater Mode. My experience is the awesome theater mode in Halo Reach. You could watch the entire mission unfold. Educational too, because you could move ahead or behind and see how the engine was dealing with assets. Very cool.

Continuing with vehicles.
I'd love the Vulture to be brought into other games and have a fun level where you can man the guns and walk around inside to another gun if yours gets disabled.
A long and interesting air level would be cool. Remember piloting the hornets in Halo 3 for the one part of that level? Imagine a much longer one with more objectives, air combat, strafing ground targets etc. If your hornet gets destroyed certain points would have hornets, falcons, pelicans to pilot and get you back in the fight!
I'd like to see Locusts brought in as well. Not building destroyers though. A conventional Covenant weaponry version. Large needlers, things like that, and with four sets of prongs on the back. Two each side, these are used to carry grunts (maybe jackals?) into the battlefield and drop them off. They are exposed to fire once the limited Locust shield goes down though. Maybe no shield at all? They are able to fire their hand weapons though. Hijackable too.

And if you can have four customized Spartans in the co-op campaign, allow the cut-scenes to show them all just as easily as you would one player.

Would love to see Grunts driving Warthogs and Choppers.

  • I really like all the Spartan movement and mobility in H5. While Spartan charging or sprinting it would be cool to have a 'Tackle' ability that puts down an assassination on who you just tackled.
EDIT. Something I'd really enjoy, but I know others would probably hate. More variety of actions in gameplay then just shooting. Remember how you could activate/repair things in Lost Planet? Also maybe a new CQC system that plays like assassinations somehow?
  • Not just custom Spartan armor but custom faces etc. It's fun to customize. Though where your Spartan face would be seen is questionable. Another suggestion, most players won't love, and I understand.
  • Bots! I think it's finally time to give players bots to play with and against in offline/local multi-player modes.
  • Make sure all the story is in the game rather then spreading it around as a cross-media event.
Here is one I've wanted for a long time!
  • Covenant V. Covenant campaigns. This is where players play as their own customized Grunts, Jackals/Skirmishers, Hunters, Brutes, Elites, etc., in campaigns that cover a Covenant civil war. This could also be brought in as special modes for multi-player, and Firefight.
  • Regarding playing as Covenant. I want a Covenant V. Covenant campaign, Vs. mode, that is Squad based. Example:
    You play as an Elite and you outfit your squad however you choose-based on your play style, I suppose, with Grunts, Jackals/Elites, Brutes, Elites, Hunters, maybe even an Engineer for shielding and health regen. You then can give out squad orders and commands to you're A.I. squad, take cover, flank, recon, pursue, push forward, breach etc. Like H5 but more robust. This could work for UNSC forces too. As you succeed through missions you can outfit your squad with better armor and equipment, and replace killed squadmates. For every downed squadmate you get a "memory card" so you never forget their sacrifice.
ODST: Battle Royale

Halo Infinite needs a Battle Royale Mode and the ODST are perfect for the Job. They don't have shields, need to health up and they drop from the space, the perfect recipe for a great Battle Royale mode.

The story for this mode could be a sort of training simulation, where the ODST have to land and survive.

If you guys doesn't include this mode it will be the same fiasco of removing the split screen.
I would like classic game mechanics, a compelling story for the campaign, and a diverse and rich multiplayer experience that caters equally to competitive and casual players.
For it to play like the original trilogy.
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