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OP Icey Narqo

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So my wishes are more towards lore as well as the games but I was redirected here so I guess I’ll list my wishes.

1. The first thing I’d like to see added is more information on the Spartan-IIIs. We know little to nothing about how many survived the war, how many were trained to be Headhunters and how many Mjolnir-clad Spartan-IIIs there were. Albeit with Halo: Reach we did see the introduction to Noble Team as well as three other Spartan-III combat teams, those being Gauntlet, Red and Echo. With Halo Battle Born we did see a S-III being introduced (Spartan Owen B-096) so steps are being taken towards this.

2. Post Human-Covenant War statistics on remaining ODST personnel. With the end of the war and the new iteration of the Spartan program (Spartan-IV) being launched, it is no secret that the ODST infantry population has been severely reduced. With that being said there are still ODSTs in active service as the new Spartan prgram can’t completely make them obsolete, there is a nice buffer between them. If we can get more information on ODSTs, that would be awesome.

3. More Promethean Weapons and Vehicles. As we have had plenty of games surrounding the UNSC and Covenant during the Human-Covenant war, we have seen loads of UNSC and Covenant weapons and vehicles. However, as Prometheans have only featured in two mainstream Halo games, there aren’t many Vehicles or Weapons. In fact, there is only one Promethean vehicle, that being the Phaeton. We need more vehicles for them instead of them piloting and using UNSC and Covenant vehicles.

4. Bring back old vehicles and weapons into the universe. We have not seen Hornets, Falcons or the Revenant return in games or in books. In games exclsuively, we have not seen Plasma Rifles, the old Sniper or AR return. If these vehicles and weapons could be brought back along with all the vehicles and weapons we have now it will show that the UNSC/Covenant/Swords of Snaghellios/other splinter-factions still use those vehicles to an extent reinforcing that they do belong in unviverse.

5. Bring back duel-wielding. This was a feature that has been gone for years. It was definitely in Halo 2, I’m not sure about 3 and it was gone by Reach. This feature truely showed to the player that they were a super soldier, mowing down foes as they unload with their duel-wielded weapons. It would be a nice call back and it would give the player the feel that they are a mother-f-ing Spartan, arguably the best Spartan and UNSC soldier there was.

6. Let us fight alongside Marines, ODSTs and other Spartans, S-IIIs would be nice. Instead of playing alongside solely Spartans *cough *cough Halo 5, why not go back to the old game design which plays into the power fantasy? That’s what the catch was for Halo. You were a supersdier fighting to protect your species along with your fellow soldiers, such as Marines and ODSTs. My favourite part about the old games is trying to protect my friendly AIs ensuring they’re safe. It would be a niche to me if 343 wpuld award those who do protect their allies.

7. This last wish is completely controversial and I would rather not have people make a fuss over this one, it’s just more personal to me. Resurrect Noble Six to any extent, whether it be big or small and slightly retcon lore. In universe entries there are hints to his demise but nothing concrete soldifies this. The only true confirmation of how this is lore is because sources outside the universe (so people in real life saying this is lore basically). It wouldn’t be to big a retcon as other retcons in other entries and Reach itself but if this is not to happen then in my own personal lore Six is alive, (note that I said personal lore).

But hey, these are just wishes of a passionate Halo fan who loves everything about the style of the game.
1. Have a secondary campaign, like spartan ops for example. One where you can customize the armor of the character you are playing *ahem* *reach*.
2. Give us halo 5 campaign style master cheif armor for use in mp, coolest looking armor int he entire franchise and we never got to use it in mp.
3. Cant stress this enough!!!!! no more spawn ing people right in front of opponents. 6 to 8 of the deaths i get every game are because of this and that is unacceptable. I undwrstand once or twice but the rate im getting spawn killed in this game is absolutely rediculous.
4. Find a different inspiration for your armors please!!!!!! 80 percent of the armor designs they came up with looked as though they put 5 seconds of thought into it or looked as is they got their odeas from piles of homeles peoples feces on the side of the road.
5. Kill cams and in game reporting for cheating. Every game with competitive modes should have these. It a great way to get better when your able to see how you died also you need to punish people that are cheating and not expect xbox live to do it for you.
6. loadouts and customizeable weapons. This was implemented a little bit in warzone wich i liked i would like to see make the transition to campaign along with more legendary weapons like whispered truth, spnkr prime, prophets banes, etc....
If we need 50 million total xp to get to max level please dont makes the last 6 levels require 40 million. I would like to see it be more gradule of a progression. I understand you want the levels exp rquirement to go up with each level but thats just too much. If you have 152 as youre max level with 50 million xp as the max then with 25 million exp you should be approximately level 100, not 150.
8. Breakout swat would love to play this mode. No weapons on the map, no shields, dmrs and magnums and With limited ammo. Closest thing to paintball in halo well ever see.
9. Firefight. While warzone firefight is cool and i like it i would like to see a smaller scale version available to play in infinite. Keep the reqs and custimizable weapons though just maybe limit what rqs you can have like obviously not scorpions in a map the size of midship. Also would like to see a reduction in movement speed penalty for holding a turret. I feel like not being able to thruster and keep the turret is almost good enough. Maybe even give us a shock trooper armor mod to equip so that we can move a little faster and take reduced damage while holding turrets.
10. Weapon ambience. Holy crap yall like when you play halo ce theres a satifaction you get from listening to sound of you firing youre weapons, but now... they sound like freaking toys....please fix this and while your at it, give us back dual wielding certain weapons like needlers, smgs, mags. Maybe if the form of a armor mod or requisition on warzone. Oh yea and you could also make the size of the smg a little bit bigger too. Increase the length of the stock and the barrel alittle bit. The gun Is so small it looks like an uzie not a smg. Halo odst smgs were the best imo please bring them back
Please add option to turn on/off aim down sights or go back to Halo1-reach style zoom in.
This would solve the age-long debate for both parties
The problem is on a functionality level first and foremost. H5's is slower and enhances bullet-magnetism. It would be nice if both were in the game, however with identical animation speed and with no bonuses whatsoever.

I enjoyed the new animation in SP, but in multi weapons with classic aiming system are just superior imho.
Please add option to turn on/off aim down sights or go back to Halo1-reach style zoom in.
This would solve the age-long debate for both parties
The problem is on a functionality level first and foremost. H5's is slower and enhances bullet-magnetism. It would be nice if both were in the game, however with identical animation speed and with no bonuses whatsoever.

I enjoyed the new animation in SP, but in multi weapons with classic aiming system are just superior imho.
I know it runs deeper that the visual flare but I'm positive a middle ground exists, like a toggle with advantages for both using and not using ADS. I know I'm off topic so I'll swing back to Infinite with this: I'd be down for this or something similar in HI.

Side note: still not over the fact that Infinite's acronym is HI, not H:I or H6, but HI. HI!!
Please no micro transactions
Side note: still not over the fact that Infinite's acronym is HI, not H:I or H6, but HI. HI!!
I know, right?!🙈😆😂

In fact before giving up and following the flow I kinda refused using that silly acronym. But at the same time I'm happy they dropped the numbers, because it underlines how infinite is going to be somewhat of a new start for 343i. Plus it reflects the acronym of the company itself: Hi by 343i. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, however after thinking about the name structure Hi grew on me and it's kinda cute now, not gonna lie! ☺
How bout an underwater mission
pugwash1 wrote:
How bout an underwater mission
Yeah or a mission like the pillar of autumn in Halo:ce.
  • optional wz medal announcements
  • in game booting (custom games)
  • more multiplayer based achievements
  • less armor variants
  • less wz load out variants
  • No whiplash
DIlzZzY wrote:
1. Br starts
Ugh gross. BRs have been done to death.
DIlzZzY wrote:
2. Battle Royale game mode
I feel like one of the biggest complaints about modern Halo is that it's been too swayed by industry trends. I'm sure you've heard the popular 'Halo is becoming X' phrase? This seems like chasing an industry trend that may not play out well for the Halo franchise. Personally, I think the Battle Royale genre is unsustainable long-term but what do I know.
DIlzZzY wrote:
3. Award system or specific reqs for consecutive breakout wins (like Trials in Destiny)
Seems oddly specific, but I'm not offended by the idea. Why just breakout?
DIlzZzY wrote:
4. Outdoor maps
Do you mean exclusively outdoor maps? Or more outdoor maps? Because there are outdoor maps already- as far as I'm aware they've been in every Halo.
DIlzZzY wrote:
5. Reduction of OP weapons in Arena such as Hydra launcher. Rockets and sniper obviously should stay but I feel that takes more effort than locking on.
I have the impression this idea isn't too popular, but I actually agree. I hate power weapons and think they're super boring- even the sniper and rockets.
DIlzZzY wrote:
6. People to stop complaining about everything 343 does. They are golden to their community in my opinion.
I often feel bad for gamedevs. They seem to be put into lose-lose situations frequently. 343i seems like one of the better dev teams that I interact with.
Halo wasn't the first game to introduce arena MP either.. but they did perfect it, I am also hoping for the BR to end all BR's
zeeleck wrote:
ODST: Battle Royale

Halo Infinite needs a Battle Royale Mode and the ODST are perfect for the Job. They don't have shields, need to health up and they drop from the space, the perfect recipe for a great Battle Royale mode.

The story for this mode could be a sort of training simulation, where the ODST have to land and survive.

If you guys doesn't include this mode it will be the same fiasco of removing the split screen.
This is a great idea man, imagine if it was F2P with in game content armor peices, colors, skins, weapon skins, armor paint. It's a goldmine if done correctly.

Also how perfect is H3 equipment for this. Armor drain, Regen, bubble sheild.
  • Halo reach unlock system
  • Daily/weekly challenges
  • Announcers in different languages
  • Microtransaction only for visual elements
  • A better spartan customisation (halo reach + independent customization for each armour piece: left, right legs, helmet, etc. You could have a rainbow spartan)
  • Theatre improvements
  • Equipped abilities (Maybe)
  • Halo 3/reach ranking system (the 1-152 can be just a label just for reference)
  • HUD colour according to visor colour
  • Emblem customization
General gameplay
  • The return of Skirmishers, Brutes, flood, buggers
  • Playable elites (and customization)
  • More grenade types
  • The return of old vehicles (Hornet, Falcon, Elephant, Chopper )
  • New vehicles (Promethean tank, Full shielded warthogs, A new covenant air vehicle)
  • The return of old weapons (Mauler, Spike grenade, focus Rifle, Needle Rifle etc.)
  • New weapons (brute sniper)
  • Firefight at launch
  • Lonewolf firefight
  • Make REQ stations reload power weapons in WZ FF
  • Destroyable phantom/spirit (or at least destroyable turrets)
  • Custom warzone and WZFF games
  • Scarab boss
  • XP points to level up
  • Allied Grunts and Hunters
  • More skulls (infinite ammo, halo 2 Grunt Birthday Party, something to convert all the grunts to elites and crawlers to soldiers, another to convert all weapons/vehicles to the strongest variation)
In addition to my previous post in this thread: 2 new variants for Firefight

Variant 1:

Player Size: 8

What is your goal? : You start with 100 Civilians that you have to protect throughout the round from an invasion of the covenant. Your goal is it to save as much civilians as possible. - You got a vehicle like a mamooth to carry some of them

How? :
  • You start in a certain place and let's say you have to reach point E. *The name "point E" obviously will be replaced with something that makes more sense*
  • Multiple paths to reach point E - (we don't want to make it feel to linear / repetitive) One particular AI Marine will drive this huge vehicle he should try to avoid the worst path and not just be a mindless AI) - BUT you, as a player have the option to take control over the vehicle and try to reach point E as you like. So, you're not restricted. It's up to you.
  • You have the option to choose between easy, medium & legendary. When you choose "easy" you will have 3 "little" breaks until you reach "Point E". Your first destination will be "Point B" - You will have 1 minute time to breath, upgrade your vehicle and maybe call in some marines / vehicles / power weapons & heal the civilians which have survived and collect some health packs for them. Once the time is over, you will move to your next destination C (same principles) and the same thing for Point D, until you reach Point E. To make things more interesting, each zone is harder. Let's say in zone A you will just get attacked by regular covenant forces, but in the next zone you will have to face zealots (invinsible), AA Wraiths. etc. In the last zone you will get one of the most requested features for years now: A scarab (or another new introduced threat) --- When you chose legendary, you will just have one "break". Obviously it will be way harder then.
Additional Information:
  • You're able to call in marines when you kill a x amount of enemy.
  • You're able to upgrade your mammooth when you kill a x amount of enemy.
  • The civilians should not be mindless robots and throw in some funny lines like the marines in CE. Obviously they should be very weak, but they should be able to do minor things. I mean when a grunt infiltrates the vehicle, some of them should try to punch him and try to take him down together. To be honest, this would be hilarious. But things like that are just little details. What I'm trying to say: Don't program them like mindless puppets.
  • You can play defensive or offensive, it's up to you. But teamwork is essential for this gamemode. Because some of you will have to defend the civilians against the incoming, invisible elites in close combat and some of you will have to call in some vehicles, make your way over to the enemy and try to take down the far-range vehicles like the Wraiths or the scarabs.
  • The rewards are unknown yet due to the lack of Information about the progression system in Infinite. But one thing is for sure - the more civilians you safe, the more rewards you will get. If you're able to save all civilians, you will get one special reward (but it should be very hard)
  • Replayibility is important, so don't throw in the same enemys in every game. Maybe have some new bosses. I could go on forever, but the possibilities are endless - the Halo Universe has a lot to offer, make use of these things.
  • The background & the atmosphere should be very dark & gloomy. It should remind us of a hopeless situation - something similiar to reach, where you see some CCS-Class Battlecruisers glassing the planet.
  • Not every zone has to have the same faction as the enemy. To add more depth into this variant: Sometimes the flood can be present too. Let's say zone A and B you'll have just the covenant as enemy. But in Zone C you slowly realize that there are some infected elites. Once you enter Zone D you see that the whole area is already infected. And instead of a scarab, you have to take down a proto-gravemind before you finally reach your destination.

Variant 2:

This one is not that creative, but let me describe how it will work out - it's similiar to the first one, but instead of beeing on the move, you will just defend a huge UNSC Base (or maybe a covenant one , it depends on the fraction) against an invasion.

Same Player Size - you have to holdout the base until reinforcements come and pick the civilians up.
You can upgrade your base when you kill a x amount of enemy. You can upgrade your base with mac cannons. It will be important, because your base will get attacked by phantoms, scarabs, spirit dropships etc. So, having one mac cannon will help you out a lot.

Let's say there will be 5 rounds. In each round, 20 civilians will be picked up. To make things more interesting, some civilians are more valuable - so, instead of killing them several brutes will try to kidnap some of them and then you have to chase and rescue them, this will guarantee you some extra rewards.

I mean I'm not so much into the 2nd variant, I think that more thoughts have to go in to make it more interesting. But the first one has some potenial (when it's done right)
My wish list.

The marines! And odst! make them less colorful and more camo and make them mean something you know? Not just cannon fodder make the more militaristic.

Forge. more forge ability and freedom love what yall did in h5 but we need more lol.

Campaign. Better story and make cheif and Thel Vadam more shown and played and make it open world/ish sort of rpg like.

Armor. Halo reach style customize more armors please! Give us the ability to make our self the way we want. So all dont look the same.

Race bring back the elite and hell bring all the races it be quite interesting to fight in multiplayer as a jackel or grunt ect.

Different race armor costume. Give us the ability to choose the armor peices just as the Spartans. Just like halo 3 and reach
I want to be able to play as a Spartan, Elite, or Soldier (Promothean) with each having their own (balanced) abilities.
Honestly, just no sprint or aa's.

But if I really want to get more picky, I hope it sounds more like Halo too (the guns, swords, deaths, vehicles). There are some iconic noises, like when you equip your sword, that they just changed (like in H2A) for seamingly no reason. When I play H2 on the MCC I play classic and this is one of the reasons why.
I would say I personally wish for the following:

  • I still like the idea of four unique players for campaign fireteams. However, I feel like we could keep Blue team for half the campaign and a new team for the other half, (Master Chief, Arbiter, Spartan Locke, Commander Sarah Palmer or someone else). Either way, the Chief is always player one
  • The return of the Flood: we had the flood return in Halo Wars 2 as apart of it's DLC and the flood has been "released" while also being contained. As for how this would come about I can't think of any ideas at this time but it's just a wish
  • Unique level design in every mission. In CE, 2, 3, ODST, and Reach, and even 4, they all had unique and diverse level design which not only created diverse obstacles and pathways which stood out from other levels in the game, (and even the series), but also provided insight in the world you were playing in and allowed the player to truly experience the Halo ring, the city of New Mombassa, the planet Reach, and of course Requiem
  • Have the last mission take place on either a new installation 04 or the Arc, (I just feel story wise it would be a nice full circle)
  • Complete multiplayer at launch: this includes all major playlists, forge mode, theater, most maps, the whole nine yards
  • Good armor: I would like to see a lot of the older armor make a return in this game whether it originated from Halo Reach, Halo 3, Halo 4, or Halo 5. Seeing them return and having the armor purchase system like from Halo Reach would be rather nice as opposed to unlocking armor randomly like in Halo 5
  • Keep the REQ system: with what was said above , I like the REQ system for player cards, possibly poses, and definitely vehicles, weapons and equipment for Warzone and Firefight should it return
  • Firefight: Bring back classic firefight just like in ODST and Reach
  • Old maps: I would like to see a lot of returning favorite maps build into the game as opposed to them just being built in the game's forge mode. Forge maps aren't bad, I just prefer to see maps built from scratch, (please bring back blood gulch, chill out, guardian, hang 'em high, etc.)
  • Keep the special variations of vehicles and weapons: I LOVE the special variations of all of the weapons and vehicles and how they all have different stats from one another
  • Bring out updates for matchmaking like new playlists every month to keep the game and community alive
  • Duel-wielding: I don't think I need to explain this one
  • Returning weapons: Looking at spiker, plasma rifles, brute shot, suppressed smg and silenced magnum just to name a few
  • Cool new Easter eggs: this one is a bit out of left field given what was previously said but I feel like I could give some examples. Honestly, have more than just celebrities and Red vs Blue easter eggs. Obviously include them but maybe give Phil Spencer a small cameo, Larry Hyrb, this one I would absolutely love but highly doubt it would make it but an Arby 'n' the Chief one. Since Microsoft probably still has Microsoft Sam and Mike hidden in the vault of their basement like Disney has Walt Disney's head, it could become a slight possibility.
  • File share: Keep the file share going for screenshots, game types, maps, etc
  • Bring back vidmaster challenges/achievements for special armor sets
  • Include some vehicles used in Halo Wars such as the locust, vampire, hawk, kodiack, blisterback, etc.
That's all I can think of right now but please let me know what you all think
I agree with all three of you guys
all i ask is make the rank system player skill based and not team skill based halo 5 is so tailored towards people who have reliable set of friends that, if you are like me have stopped playing halo 5 and im so tired of being dragged down by bad team mates if you made it by personal skill people in a team would still have solid ranks anyways so really all you are doing is punishing solo players
I kind of like the REQ system, because you can choose when you want something different. Because I don't like the idea of these microtransactions. The campaign Wishlist I do like. Actually hoping Dr. Hasley shows up again.
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