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OP Icey Narqo

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A few more ideas for my wishlist.

Campaign: Weapon customization.
Halo 5 showed you guys know how to make lots of cool and fun variants to every type of weapon.
Complete the campaign once. The Campaign Weapon Customization menu unlocks allowing you to swap in/out different variants of weapons already placed in the levels. Example: replace a standard UNSC raingun with one that charges faster, doesn't auto-release, has secondary explosives. etc.. I think you guys understand what I mean.
Just to make it more frustrating, unlock the Campaign Weapon Customization menu only for the difficulty you completed. Meaning you have to complete it with normal weapons at least four times.

FireFight levels (lesser extent multiplayer levels):
Playing FireFight so much I thought of an interesting idea. Have the level physically change after every Round. For realism, what type of level could physically change after every round. At the moment I could only think of Forerunner and Flood style architecture reconfiguring itself after every Round (not Wave). In this instance the Flood architecture doesn't need to feature Flood enemies, it's just about the level itself and why it moves.

New FireFight Type:
It would be cool to have a FireFight Ops version. This plays like regular FireFight (not Spartan Ops), but after every Round or perhaps Set a new random goal or type is chosen, meaning the first Round you defeat enemies, but potentially the next Round is Generator Defense, or perhaps, a FireFight version of Invasion/Cature the Flag, Assault, Territories, and new types of goals thrown into the randomizer. Basically, this is just FireFight with no story like Spartan Ops and a gametype randomizer after every Round. Need to teach Covenant to carry and plant bombs!

New FireFight Type: Limited Flood style FireFight.
Flood Hive style level with the reconfiguring mechanic mentioned above. You are fighting regular enemies within the Hive. When the Boss Round starts at the end of the Set, you have a limited amount of time to get to the safe room. Then masses of Flood spore emerge and take over the bodies of the slain. If you don't make it to the safe room in time you lose a life. Within the safe room, which only opens at this time, are various goodies, maybe even a vehicle, and the important back door. This back door allows you to get back into the level fairly without being mobbed by dozens of Flood types at the front door. After this end of Set Boss Round, you go back to fighting regular enemies. Make it to the next Boss round an our little Floody friends emerge again.

Looking forward to finally finding out what 343i has been up to!

EDIT 2019 Aug 05:
FireFight 'music' idea.
FireFight features drums for Boss Rounds, signalling danger ahead. One thing I'd like to see, or hear that is, would be the Boss Round and maybe the preceding Round featuring 'Uphill Both Ways' -original ODST track, and the remixed track from the Halo Reach multiplayer reveal trailer. There could be an option to turn it on and off too.

EDIT 2019 Aug 12:
Would like a FireFight level that takes place on a Mammoth moving through a landscape. The Mammoth should be more stable as well as other vehicle and NPC interactions with it. Also I loved that Spartan Ops level where you need to board and destroy the Lich. Boarding and destroying Lich's could be a type of Boss Round so the Mammoth can continue through the landscape.
Moyceyy wrote:
No, I kinda like the REQ system. It keeps people playing.
Its a cheap system that has microtransactions and uses the same RNG formula as casino machines.
The big changes I want in Halo overall is player toxicity deterrents; Death Cams with auto spectating, Team Killing Auto-Deaths, In-game Harassment Punishments (Auto death and penalty points for teabagging, overkilling, and beating a dead body of anyone, respect those you kill!), and Game Over player freezing.

Gameplay wise: Underdog Aid, No Req Packs (You're not EA, do not become them 343i with Loot Boxes), No Descoping, Halo 4's MP point system, Grenade Danger Indicator, Motion Tracker Mini Map, Reach Reticle Bloomer, No recovery restrictions, Custom loadouts, Playable Elites (Elite Lives Matter), AI Practice & MP filler bots.

Style; Custom MP HUD's, Armor from every game, PC class control for everything visual and hotkeys and such, All weapons and vehicles from all games, first or third view options.
Please don't freeze player when game is over.
>>Changeable sky colors and formations [example] dramatic orange-skyed sunset with the option of beautiful cloud formations and such, or even starry nights with tons of nebulas swirling around. Maybe even light to heavy rain/snowfall, stuff like that.
>> Like someone said, insertable music [that could be placed from the start or in between rounds, also mutable] would be badass too, with tracks from CE to infinite, 'cause it could match up the overall mood of the environment that's made. I have an idea for one of the maps I made a while ago where the Siege of Madrigal would fit so well.
>>overall shading on the environment to display how light or dark the place really is to the forger's mind
>>having the environment of other built in maps like for example, longbow and Vortex but have everything on it deleted except for the theme of what everything is on so it's a blank slate for us to forge upon
>>I like atmosphere lol

edit : I guess they covered a lot of this in halo 5 haha but the sky thing is what I want most

Skins and customization :
The return of old armor sets from Reach & 3
maybe have some of the armor be earned like in 3 for that legend vibe while the rest is on the credit system of Reach
The ability to make your infected version for infection look as scary as you want, like how many of those bone claw things on the arms, the way you walk/run around [like lunging, limping, stumbling around], the way your armor looks on it [still sorta clean to decrepit], scary unlockable noises, shattered visors to show disturbing faces that rank from newly infected to pure bone. Same with elites if they're playable too
i like to see the halo reach customazetion off the gear off the spartan back.
that you need to grint points to buy that gear part for you spartan and also that some gear parts are achievement lockt from some past halo's that you need some achievements from past halo's to get that gear part.

like in halo 5 you most have earn the campaign solo on legedary achievement to get in halo 6 that gear part for your spartan.
or on halo MCC you most compleet halo CB halo 2 halo 3 halo 3odst and halo 4 on legedary to get that gear part for your spartan.
I know they've already addressed it, but I think Halo would be pretty awesome as a BR.

Dropping in as ODST. Finding various weapons and armor around the map. You could have enemies procedurally spawn around the map as patrols or mini camps or outposts and could collect Covenant weapons, tech, and vehicles that way. You could have Pelicans dropping UNSC weapons and such. Your Tier 3 armor could make you a Spartan. something to those effects. Just some thoughts. The storm/circle could be the Flood. If you're outside the circle, you don't necessarily take damage, rather Flood forms target and attack you until you get inside the circle which could be like a Forerunner wall that keeps them out.
I think they’re certain to include split screen after the backlash from its absence in Halo 5. I’d definitely like to see the return of playable elites as well as better armour customisation which I believe they’ve already confirmed thankfully!
It’d also be great for firefight to return as well as invasion and personally I don’t care much for dual wielding, I can see the interest in it but also why it wouldn’t be included.
Overall I’m happy just to see Halo return to its roots
also I heard a rumor about infinite saying they might have battle Royale and I’m gonna to flip if they have it because I feel like it will ruin the game
I agree no battle royal
Moyceyy wrote:
No, I kinda like the REQ system. It keeps people playing.
Its a cheap system that has microtransactions and uses the same RNG formula as casino machines.
Simply put; it's gambling, it's a crime, it should be illegal (video games should never be used as casino fodder). Even though 343 did say that Infinite will have microtransactions but no loot boxes, I feel like I have to take that statement with a grain of salt, especially considering the fact that Halo 5 was falsely advertised, the beta was without question better than the final game, and that everyone is profiting more from microtransactions than the actual games (a rather insulting statement, I must say). Halo 5's req pack system with Warzone's game modes made it a pay-to-win nightmare. The last thing 343 needs is to suffer with congressional outrage like EA had with Battlefront II's loot boxes.

Despite that notion; I still want 343 to take a better stand against online toxicity with their in-game mechanics if not their own community. Since 343 has a big name with Halo and Microsoft, they should enforce more proper online play behaviors that will in-turn reduce the need of multiple complaint filings. Seriously, just because you're "good at the game" or whatever means you have absolutely no right to rub it in my (or anyone else's) face like that with teabagging, overkilling, and overbeatings (even when the game is "officially" over). That counts as Unsporting Conduct because it shows that you're gloating and have no respect for the "losers" regardless of how they lost the game or your "superior skill" won the game without fail, it clearly violates Terms of Service because you're simply being a jerk. Play nice, or never again!

Cue the senseless backlash from the "pro-baggers" towards that statement and if not those who love gambling.
please bring back four player split-screen , duel wielding weapons , and playable elites
My wish list is bring back the chopper and other halo 3 vehicles that got ditched. Chopper was my favourite vehicle.
I want the Prefect set and the Haunted Helmet brought back for Infinite. Both are friggin' great and I'm honestly shocked that Prefect never appeared in Halo 5. I'd also love to see a proper return of Mark V b, the Decimator helmet in H5 just doesn't quite seem to recapture it well for me. It feels off.
Moyceyy wrote:
No, I kinda like the REQ system. It keeps people playing.
I agree, but I, but I wish that there wouldn't be as many customization options cause they got kinda old
T4 Trigger wrote:
please bring back four player split-screen , duel wielding weapons , and playable elites
Yes!!!! And one more to add.....bots!
Here's another thing Halo could use with the return of the grenade danger indicators, Grenade timing/holding. Pull the pin, count to 3, and throw. Call of Duty's grenade logic was spot-on for years, pull the left trigger (or whatever controller setting you're using) and release to throw a grenade. Hold it too long, suicide, hold it too short, it’s an easy escape for them. Since Halo has the typical fragmentation grenades, that logic can easily apply, but as for plasma and others, I think they can detonate once they hit something first (impact sensitive/triggered fuses would make sense for the covenant and forerunner grenades, after all suicide grunts can hold onto lit grenades indefinitely until they run into you and or drop them after you kill them). Not only it would be a little more realistic, it could entice more proper grenade strategies, and it could hopefully reduce senseless spamming.

In addition, how about bringing back the forgotten grenades too, like the spike grenades and the firebombs from Halo 3.
 Also, can we please tone them all down a bit to not completely drop your shields easily in one hit from a slight distance? That's kinda unfair online (with spammers), it's (mostly) fair enough when they directly stick onto you or when you're right in front of them...

*Cue the senseless & disrespectful backlash by the Anti-Halo COD loyalists, or more likely the Anti-COD Halo loyalists…
I'm not a fan of all those indicators. I rather got a slick personalized HUD with better more visible effects (smoke, sparks, flashing light, blood splatter, light particles on shields and so on) than one thousand and a half arrows pointing at danger.

Timers on frags in Halo wouldn't work out well, flat out. In CoD it's there for balancing seeing how spitting on a PG is enough to kill it! A frag in CoD is a powerful tool, but to use it properly you got to wait, making you an easy one-shot target. In Halo you got shields. In that situation you turn and throw that yoink at him instead of the other target! It makes frags too strong without a real trade-off!

People got to understand that Halo and CoD are different games with different communities and mostly different taste. It's not a matter of being an hater... You might enjoy both equally or maybe just one style over the other, but mixing them is like serving fish and meat together - rarely it works and you get a vitello tonnato dish, in most cases you get an abomination. Cough. Cough. Halo 4. Cough. ...yeah, not even hiding it.
Another thing that could be nice to see in Infinite, the return of Spartan Op's exclusive characters like Spartan Thorne, Fireteam Majestic, if not Fireteam Crimson.

Sure Spartan Ops was kinda short-lived and, to a lesser extent, disappointing, one thing about it that got me was more side-character-driven stories like Palmer, Majestic and Crimson that was rather on par with other Halo games like ODST, Reach, and Wars 1 and 2. To be honest, I loved Fireteam Crimson because it was almost a true-to-form return of Noble 6 from Reach (especially when you're alone), the fact that you can have your own customized spartan from multiplayer jump back-and-forth between Single Player and multiplayer was what made Reach a trademark swan-song to Bungie's baby. Halo 4, despite having a few inferiorities was close to that with Spartan Ops's Fireteam Crimson, your own custom Spartans in additional modes that was tied to the main lore of the series was very Reach-like! The only thing I think it needs is to be more tied to the main campaign without flat-out replacing the Chief entirely like Halo 5 mostly did. Though it could be possible to have a sub-campaign implemented with the main one, I dunno. The point, Crimson could use a comeback in Infinite, after all canon avatar characters are always fun!
I would absolutely LOVE to avoid the flood if possible. They don't have to be removed, I'd just rather not deal with those nightmarish parasites. I would also like it if you could unlock armour through achievements as well as levelling up. I mean, the satisfaction of finally finding all the skulls and getting all the hyabusa parts (even if I don't use the helmet) made me feel like I'd EARNED the armour. Another thing is playable elites and maybe even a dual story line like halo 2 but this time, you could switch between the chief and other characters at a save station (that could be an idea, forerunner data terminals where you can save your progress). OH, an idea for a reward for completing infinite on legendary, the ability to use your own Spartan in a new campaign storyline! Picture this, a recruit crashes on a halo installation (not like the previous games) and has to find a way off the ring while running from covenant hunter-killer teams trying to hunt the Spartan down. As you explore you get loot drops from hostiles and boxes laying around (sounds like any old MMORPG but whatever) that could buff or debuff your Spartan. Missions could be accepted from surviving crew members and sangheli allies or even from forerunner terminals! After the whole ordeal is over and the story missions completed, you could travel back to the halo ring any time you wanted to complete side-missions and maybe even find hidden areas that where locked before but unlocked after the game was completed! If that's not possible then, unlocking a new armour set and being able to just use my multiplayer Spartan in chief's place would be enough of a reward for finishing on legendary. I think I may need to consider a career in story development for videogames. In any case, I would prefer that I DON'T have to use real money just to get loot from req packs. idc if it brings in tons of money, micro transactions are just foul features aimed at impatient poor souls who just want to get that Jorge armour set they want so badly (like me and the fotus armour that idk why I like so much). Jeez this has dragged on pretty far...
I don't disagree with your multiplayer wishlist. I'd probably cut Invasion and add quite a bit more features if it were my list though. Not bad at all.
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