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Halo 6 Wishlist

OP Icey Koko

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Dedicated Server for players outside US

Honestly getting tired of the lag & being placed in a server far away, I just want to play a game without any lag issues, it’s not
just USA who plays Halo
I agree on that one. I live in Scotland and waiting times just to get into one server are outrageous! And sometimes it doesn't even start the game unless the -Yoinking!- thing is full! LET SCOTS PLAY (and other countries)!!! SCOTLAAAAND!!
I would honestly love to see some vehicles from the Halo Wars series return, particularly the Sparrowhawk and Banished Chopper.
I hope we go back on reach (or close to it) because of the halo 6 legendary ending and please add the ability to block bullets with the energy sword. Watch Death Battle: Master Chief vs. Doom Guy on YouTube or watch Halo Legends to understand my reason. Also should be able to find Noble 6 in Halo Infinite. No KILL BARIRRES.
I hope we go back on reach (or close to it) because of the halo 6 legendary ending and please add the ability to block bullets with the energy sword. Watch Death Battle: Master Chief vs. Doom Guy on YouTube or watch Halo Legends to understand my reason. Also should be able to find Noble 6 in Halo Infinite. No KILL BARIRRES.
Why would we go back to Reach though? It's a glassed planet with almost zero life on it right now. Also can we please not make energy sword even more OP as they are? Thank you! :)

PS.: Noble Six is dead, kaput! He/she won't come back. I'm sorry mate!
Honestly think the Req cards are pretty good. At first I hated it,but then when I fully understood it, it's really not bad and it feels like it makes it fair for players. I just want Req cards to be for arena which I believe I saw an announcement on it, so makes it even better, but I think the biggest thing I wish for is custom slots for online play. You choose a primary weapon, a secondary, some special skills/powers/shields/ etc., choose types of grenades, and specials of your choice. You can get better, powerful weapons as you rank up cause to be honest....sometimes I get a little bored starting with the same weapon over and over again in any type of game in arena. War zone can stay the way it is, thats not a huge deal to me.
I want the Req system but have the loot boxes only for Req have everything else (ie armour customization) in a halo 3 achievement unlocked or halo reach using in game currency that can't be bought with real money (to give value to the items)
I like the list and I agree with the armor idea. We shouldn’t have stupid armor set ups but I’d like to customize my armor like reach did. I’d like more colors as well and even a custom on and off flashlight for the helmet. Just an idea.
I would like this in HALO INFINITE!!
Jet Pack
vehicles in Forge Big Team Battle and Warzone!!
Pelicon that can shoot

Higher Player Counts!! In Big Team Battle and Warzone and Forge!!

Warzone 24 vs 24 players total of 48 players or 32 Vs 32 players total of 64 players!!

Big Team Battle 12 vs 12 total of 24 players or 16 Vs 16 total of 32 players!!

Forge World 2.0 3-4 times bigger than Halo Reach!!😃😃
Forge world up to 64 players!!

I Love Halo since The 1st one!! I’m always going to be playing it and be a fan forever!!
You Guys Should look at my profile what I have typed
I’ve Typed A lot on here on my profile!!😃😃

1 year to Launch!!😃 Holiday 2020!!

Bonnie Ross


Frank O’ Conner
Forge Controls in Halo 5 Guardians I didn’t like at all it was really really hard to make anything I could make one building how hard the controls are

HALO INFINITE FORGE Controls need to be a lot easier to build!! It needs to be kind of like halo reach forge world controls but easier so I can make building fast!!
I love forge so much but I don’t use it in Halo 5 Guardians because the controls are really really hard for me.
Moyceyy wrote:
No, I kinda like the REQ system. It keeps people playing.
Not for a good reason though. It's designed to get as much money out of people as possible.
If Halo Is Open World.

Condor Gunship.
I'm too lazy to scroll thru 29 pages of replies so I may or may not have posted in this thread previously... but my priorities may have changed anyway.

I've recently decided I'm retiring from online gaming. I'm tired of the hyper competitiveness and the hyper toxicity. (Which is usually a direct result of the competitiveness.) My XBL subscription expires in October and this time, I'm not renewing. I'm going back to single player, and local multiplayer gaming only. If you want more thoughts, go ahead and check out my Waypoint bio.

So because of this, if Infinite wants my pre-order, here's the #1 thing it MUST have: a heck of a lot more offline content than Halo 5 did:

  • The campaign must hit it out of the park - very long, fun to play, story that doesn't suck, lots of stuff to explore, plenty of replayability
  • Some type of PVE mode must be playable locally, offline, in custom games, solo or split screen
  • This is the big one - maybe Halo can finally catch up to where COD has been for the last 10 years, and where Quake and Unreal Tournament were 20 years ago, and add AI bots, so we can play simulated multiplayer offline, solo or split screen. Tom French has said he's interested in this, so fingers crossed it could happen.
If Infinite doesn't have at least 2 of those 3 things, I'm out. I'll certainly pick it up eventually, but no pre-order if it's missing these things, which would break my heart to not be able to play the campaign on day 1 with everyone else... but it's not worth my $60 if the offline offering is basically equal to Halo 5's pathetic offline offering.

On the other hand, Bethesda has my $60 pre-order for Doom Eternal, because they EARNED it by offering such a fantastic campaign product with Doom 2016, putting so much work and effort into the single player experience. (Doom 2016 also had AI multiplayer bots, too - developed by Certain Affinity, hint hint 343.) Hopefully Halo learns something from that.
Amen brother, Amen...

Halo has become too multiplayer PVP only in recent years as a sign that single player modes doesn't matter anymore (EA logic like), and yeah Halo 5 was too multiplayer-only anit-consumer lootbox fueled with the main story a complete undo of Halo 4 (a more decent 343 Halo post Bungie). Ignoring the success of Reach on MCC and PC, I really hope 343 will get their heads out of the Graveminds mouth and give Infinite with what the series has been missing for too long, like PVE's, AI Bots, and a long & enjoyable single player (as you said). The last thing Halo needs is another Halo 5-like mistreatment. In my opinion; 343 Industries has 2 strikes to the main franchise with MCC's launch and Halo 5's false advertising and lootbox usages, ignoring side games like Halo Wars 2, Infinite (or Halo 6 as it should be called in regards to continuity) must be a home run, otherwise the Halo arrays will be activated and then its RIP Halo...
I would like to see the Promethean enemies removed in Halo Infinite. When the Prometheans showed up in Halo 4, they ruined the game for me. They feel hollow. I don't like to shoot at enemies that then quickly dissapear because they are digital. It's as if there is no weight to killing them. You understand what I mean? Also all Promethean weapons feel more like fantasy weapons than SF. I don't like this. The assembling of the weapons in mid-air when you pick them up and reload doesn't feel like Halo. For me it seems that the entire addition of Promethans was a step too far for the series. As a sidenote I immensly enjoyed Halo's Combat in every game, killing Grunts, Elites, Brutes, Jackals, Hunters and Buggers and Flood. Those are organic creatures, which feels different.

As a fan this is a real concern for me for the new game. Does anyone share this view?

Let's make Halo, halo
Can we see the gravity mace in halo infinite please as a usable weapon
Useful characters, when Chief and Locke fought Vale, Buck, and Tanaka was just standing there. They could have helped Locke but instead the stood there, when I played thought Halo 5's campaign for the first time I thought Buck, Tanaka, and Vale were going to help the Chief fight Locke.
I would love to have duel weilding
The least I want is for Halo: Reach's Competitive Playlist to be the basis for multiplayer. No sprint, no bloom, no loadouts.

To be more entitled, I want Armor Abilities (as map pickups in Ranked, as options for customs, and with button combos), Equipment (from Halo 3), loadouts (but as an option for Customs and Social), dual-wielding (even if it's disabled for competitive), Forge AI (please have runtime navmesh generation, and player bots too), more options for Customs, push-to-talk for controllers, proximity voice chat, and every single game mode and sandbox item from Halo's history.
Playable and customizable elites, armor customization such as halo reach and a range system such as halo reach too
Apart from stuff already mentioned, I’d like the ability to colour mongooses in forge to return. Maybe the ability to colour energy swords as well, but that would probably be a lot more complicated (with the vast colour choice in Halo 5 and the lighting effects on an energy sword)
I completely agree with this list, but would enjoy 1st person warthog from halo 1. As long as it doesn't turn into another Destiny then I will buy it.
OzoneTTV wrote:
If Halo Is Open World.

Condor Gunship.
Even without open world that would be amazing
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