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Halo 6 Wishlist

OP Icey Narqo

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With more customization and all the game modes! Make it worth $60
What I want from halo 6:

All modes accessible offline
Playable Elites
Developer Made Maps (actual BTB maps not made in forge is what I mean)
Hybrid Reach/4 Armor Customization*
Traditional Halo Emblem Creator
Balance of Casual and Competitive
Forge mode accessible offline
Good, Fun, Replayable Campaign (that's a bit subjective of course, but just look at halo 3's level design for example)
Hybrid Halo Wars 2/Halo 2 Anniversary/Halo 5/ for the Halo 6 Artstyle.
Blur cutscenes, why a main title doesn't have them is bewildering (I'm excluding anniversary titles, specifically Halo 2)

*The Customization System
SPARTAN Customization
Right Shoulder
Left Shoulder
Right Gauntlet
Left Gauntlet


Some helmets, chests and greaves can be customized further with permutations purchased via credit system after unlocking the armor associated with that permutation.

Armor unlocked by playing campaign on various difficulties, earning it in multiplayer, gathering achievements or unlocking via credit system or levels.

Osiris Team Undersuits
GEN2 Standard Undersuit
Mk5 GEN1 Undersuit
Mk6 GEN1 Undersuit

"Why customize and change undersuits?"
So people can change them, I know people don't like the current suit, and rather restrict it to black and no customization to the undersuit, one would (and should) able to pick out other suits, be it bulky older designs, or newer designs. it is in canon and it should be for our own spartan. We should be able to change the colors of the suit as we can our armor and the first person effect would be a glove change. however in team based modes the suit would be black.

Essential Suits/Helmets
All Blue Team Suits*
All Osiris Team Suit
All Noble Team Suits
*All Chief Iterations (Mk4, 5, 6)
Classic Helmet Pack Helmets

Sangheili Customization
Right Shoulder
Left Shoulder
Right Gauntlet
Left Gauntlet
Harness (Analog of Undersuit)
VISR Equivalent

Phenotype (what the elite look likes, equivalent to male/female of spartan)
Halo 2 Anniversary Model
Halo 4/5 Model

Essential Armors
Just mash stuff together we already have from Halo 3, Reach, 4 and 5. that's plenty of material for elite armor customization.
Moyceyy wrote:
No, I kinda like the REQ system. It keeps people playing.
HAHA you thought. Aiming to get an armor by completing challenges and commendations keeps people playing. Who will play longer? someone who unlocks a legendary armor through a REQ pack at a low level because they got lucky? or someone who has to beat the campaign on legendary, or get 150 headshots? obviously the latter, and who also gets more satisfaction with the game and thus plays the game more? Again, the latter
Keep Warzone, Keep fast pace multiplayer, GET RID OF EVERYTHING ELSE and make it better.
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Here's my list. I'll add to it as I think of more things.

  • Feature to be able to tweak any and all weapons/vehicles in customs. Just increasing or decreasing weapon damage/damage resistance isn't enough.
  • Magnum as a true secondary/backup weapon. The magnum in halo 5 has more range than most of the rifles. I think the Magnum should be one unit above the gunfighter in range not right under the DMR in range.
  • Reqs on map as pickups in Warzone. Same for power ups. This could be helpful to the team who is losing to gain more points and close the gap.
  • Commendations for Campaign, Warzone, Arena, and all playlists in general. Like Reach's commendations system. I believe, that what needs to be done is once you reach Mastery you can reset the challenge and do it over again to gain EXP.
  • Cosmetic unlocks and weapon variant unlocks dependent upon accomplishing things in games and less on store packs. Keep the ability to buy packs with money or req points just add accomplishments to also unlock variants. An example would be kill 500 players long range with the DMR to unlock Sentinel variant. Close range would unlock Recon variant. You get the idea.
  • Longer campaign with focus on story more than gameplay. I feel like the Halo 4 story was better than Halo 5's. Maybe, show more cutscenes with MC in action. I remember the lich's scene from Halo 4 really well. Also remember the broadsword scene as well.
  • Good music that gets you excited. The Broadsword flight in Halo 4 comes to mind.
  • a good mix of social and ranked playlists at launch. Social slayer, objective, BTB, etc. Ranked playlists are similar to Halo 4 and 5.
  • Invasion. This could bring in playable elites. They would be from the storm covenant of course.
  • Easier use of Forge. Halo 5 Forge seems a little complex for newcomers and confusing.
  • More non-forge maps on launch.
  • Ability to add multiple armor mods to your Mjolnir Armor. Say, for example Increased shields, Ammo case, and Auto-Medic.
  • Mantis needs to have more power on its main cannon. Right now, it feels like it is too weak. Halo 4 mantis comes to mind, with the halo 5 range.
  • Projectile weapons need to be faster. Rockets are too slow. A little below the Spnkr Prime would fit the bill. Grenades, also need to be faster when thrown.
  • There needs to be a human equivalent to the Plasma Pistol, but a grenade. EMP grenade.
  • Some of the weapons need fixes to their recoil. Spartans are super soldiers and also they have power armor. The armor should compensate for any recoil. The only gun I can think of that would have recoil for a Spartan would have to be a Kinetic Linear weapon such as the sniper Sgt, Johnson used in the book and the Railgun.
I'm sure there is more, and I'll add as I think of it.
Icey Narqo wrote:
This is my Wishlist for Halo 6: Do you agree?
Agree with Everything except a few things changed removed,expanded upon or added to Halo 6
Features: Custom Game Browser,Forge,Carnage Report,In Game File Share System,Halo 3/Reach Armor Unlocking(as well as some tied to Achievements,Ranking, and purchasing Armor/Armor Pieces and progression system,
Gameplay: Stop changing Halo to cash in on other populae gaming market trends like cod and destiny and dont add any more abilities,2 remove 3 abiities (either by a community wide poll on various social medias like Facebook,Twitter,Waypoint,Team Beyond etc on what mechanics do you the community feel does not belong in Halo and people should choose which mechanic/mechanics they want gone.But personally I want all gone,if not all then sprint,charge,slide,Clamber, lastly either removing ADS for some close range to medium weapons or redesigning them, or remove ground pound.

No Microtransactions AT All UNLESS its Cosmetics only like Respawn did w Titanfall 2, or in case of emergencies like the Hurricane Relief Effort.
Playlists i AGREE upon,have enough playlist at launch like 4-5 social 1-3 rankd with them giving Pros complete control over an HCS playlist and having competitive settings and maps from the get go
Combination of old/new artstyle and design weapons,armor,vehicles,enemies,allies from these 2 artstyles.
Communication: do it honestly,openly,and transparently no PR talk,act on bugs and issues quickly like in the case of Fortnite where Epic admitted they made aim assist too reliable.
1. Br starts
2. Battle Royale game mode
3. Award system or specific reqs for consecutive breakout wins (like Trials in Destiny)
4. Outdoor maps
5. Reduction of OP weapons in Arena such as Hydra launcher. Rockets and sniper obviously should stay but I feel that takes more effort than locking on.
6. People to stop complaining about everything 343 does. They are golden to their community in my opinion.
id like to see old sets of armor return maybe post reach or halo 3 upgraded armor like the classic CQB armor or classic EDO set
id like to see old sets of armor return maybe post reach or halo 3 upgraded armor like the classic CQB armor or classic EDO set
That's the thing you're most interested in? Seeing old armors return?
Halo 6 needs a completely new Graphics engine that will take advantage of the new Xbox One X and be made for a mature audience with An M Rating at launch. Also it needs to be gritty and the most realistic Halo to date, it needs to play fast and fluid like Halo 5 Beta back in 2015 or even faster. Also Halo 6 needs better and bigger maps to be made for Multiplayer and made more complex for the faster movement. Halo 6 needs to have a fully customizable Spartan system for Multiplayer, where you can create the Spartan that you want to play with fully customizable parts.
Also it needs to have the best ranking system ever made maybe a 1-100 ranking system double that of Halo 3 with realistic army ranks, maybe when you achieve the first 50 military ranks you unlock another 50 unique ranks. And when you unlock finale rank you get to keep it forever and show it off to everyone of course it would be extremely difficult to achieve such rank.
Also Halo 6 needs a redesign of all the weapons making them better looking and are better to use Also new weapons that we haven’t seen before, like a suppressed assault rifle with red dot like an M4 Carbine & new Covenant weapons. Also it needs pregame load outs that would only allow you to chose which 2 weapons you want to start the match with, the weapons that you want to start out with would also be scattered around the map -Yoink- well it’s just for a personal reference.
Also Halo 6 needs death cams like Halo 5 Beta and to show the ranks of players in pre game lobby match and in game aswell, and to have a world ranking leaderboard for all game types like FFA leaderboard. Lastly Halo 6 needs to have an amazing real and realistic story like Hunt The Truth and All the E3 trailers of Halo 5 that where never relevant in the actual game, what I mean is stop with fake advertising and hyping which I think were already seeing them realize with no Halo 6 trailer after 2 years.
well i hope that if the req system is in 6 that we get some points and exp for custom games. more forge, make the campaign gritty hard core, with bad -Yoink- action, i want to play chief and only chief. leave the squad mechanic in, i liked it, also i want to see chief kick whole sail ### (be the bad -Yoink- spartan we know and love).
DIlzZzY wrote:
1. Br starts
Ugh gross. BRs have been done to death.
DIlzZzY wrote:
2. Battle Royale game mode
I feel like one of the biggest complaints about modern Halo is that it's been too swayed by industry trends. I'm sure you've heard the popular 'Halo is becoming X' phrase? This seems like chasing an industry trend that may not play out well for the Halo franchise. Personally, I think the Battle Royale genre is unsustainable long-term but what do I know.
DIlzZzY wrote:
3. Award system or specific reqs for consecutive breakout wins (like Trials in Destiny)
Seems oddly specific, but I'm not offended by the idea. Why just breakout?
DIlzZzY wrote:
4. Outdoor maps
Do you mean exclusively outdoor maps? Or more outdoor maps? Because there are outdoor maps already- as far as I'm aware they've been in every Halo.
DIlzZzY wrote:
5. Reduction of OP weapons in Arena such as Hydra launcher. Rockets and sniper obviously should stay but I feel that takes more effort than locking on.
I have the impression this idea isn't too popular, but I actually agree. I hate power weapons and think they're super boring- even the sniper and rockets.
DIlzZzY wrote:
6. People to stop complaining about everything 343 does. They are golden to their community in my opinion.
I often feel bad for gamedevs. They seem to be put into lose-lose situations frequently. 343i seems like one of the better dev teams that I interact with.
RedFox9a wrote:
More Lasky and Roland!
Hell, for the story 343 are going for Roland might be Chief's new companion. They are ruining Cortana
I made my own topic about this but it was locked and I was told to post it here, so here is my take on what 343 should do with Halo 6's... whole progression system:
The only way that I think me, and most of all the Halo community would accept the Req system back is if we had TWO SEPARATE PROGRESSION SYSTEMS.
  • 1st progression system: Requisitions: Will be based entirely from Halo 5 with only one change, and that is not to effect the credit system of customization.
Just like in Halo 5, the Req system will ONLY be used to unlock weapons, vehicles, power ups, and any burnable cards for WARZONE ONLY. And you are only able to earn req points from games standardly like it is now as well as through paid MICROTRANSACTIONS for req points.
  • 2nd progression system in the game: Credits: Will be based entirely from Halo Reach with no changes.
Just like in Halo Reach, credits are ONLY earned from games standard and you choose what you want to spend them on. Such as cosmetics like Helmets, right shoulder, left leg, stance, etc. You are only able to spend your credits on the items that you have unlocked from XP (in which xp is also earned standard from games), just like the Reach system. You are only able to get credits from games and not from MICROTRANSACTIONS.
It depends on what 343 chooses for the displayed rank system, but it will most likely be the same SR system based off XP.

Having two progression systems like this in Halo 6 will be fair and please everyone. Reqs are in ONLY for Warzone and won't effect customization, while Credits are only used to EARN your customization choices. That way 343 can be happy with their RNG paid microtransaction system, and the community can be happy with the EARNABLE FAIR credit system.
Credits and Reqs should also be earned through things like completing the Campaign on legendary, doing commendations, weekly or daily commendations, etc. Helioskrill can also be EARNED once again through Halo 6's legendary completion. This brings many opportunities for 343 to add elements to Halo 6 to make it amazing.Does anyone agree with me? What would you say about this?
All I want is for them to commit to a direction to take the franchise. Either admit advanced mobility and Warzone(aka the Halo 4 style stuff) were a bad idea and bring back classic Halo or just push full steam ahead with Warzone-esque stuff and not bother pandering to any legacy gameplay concerns. You are never going to please both sets of fans in one game so it is best to stop trying.

Arena doesn't benefit from the gameplay changes made to make room for Warzone and Warzone will always be held back creatively by Halo's Arena roots unless they make a clean break.

Half measures like Halo 5 are never going to make anyone happy or at least as happy as they could be.
The 2 main things I want for Halo 6 are pretty significant, yet already-done things that we should have control to do:

1. Making our own Developer-Made maps alongside Forge. Halo 2 for PC released with an application, called Guerilla H2, that allowed players to create their own authentic dev-looking maps. A PC version for Halo 6 that, at the least, allows creating of the same specs, would be the end-all for devs needing to release maps periodically, as the community would have access and control to create immensely amazing maps. 343 would only need to follow the same guidelines for introduced user-made maps into matchmaking (although this process would take longer in the QA phase). This would also help with maps being overloaded with complex objects and such that cause framerate drops with too much going on.

2. Allow assigning values to players and targeting them directly for scripts and expand what functions can be done with players via scripting.
This is a no-brainer. Most of the complex scripting that's done is because we can't assign specific actions to specific players. Allowing users to do the above actions cuts back SIGNIFICANTLY on script placement, thus making them more viable and less of a headache. Also, with a huge cutback, it makes them function more reliably.

The setup for this would be under conditions that have been met, such as, Boundary scripts, Interacted (include weapons and vehicles and not just switches), then there could be an Assign Action and the Activator could be assigned as like Global Player1, or Team Player1, etc. Then have script Condtions for players such as when PLAYER dies by/kills/interacts yada yada, have another line with the variable (suicide, kills a player, betrays) and allow a TARGET (PLAYER (ALL), other team players, or even the new tags for like Team Player1 (exclude yours)). This opens huge possibilities for the classic modes and even new modes to be made. One of the biggest downfalls for custom mode creation is the lack of way to target specific individual players and actions against them by other players.

Also, being able to assign more announcer sounds and callouts, pretty much all of them, should be available to the user. These should be scriptable to individually assigned players based on kills and deaths as well.
Make the armors less ridiculous looking
I play alot of Halo 5 multiplayer.

At some point Halo 6 is going to come out (we hope) and while Halo 5's multiplayer modes make it a very enjoyable game, it's not what it could be. So here's some suggestions to either incorporate into Halo 5- although it's very late in the game- or at least consider for Halo 6.

I've already touched on Aim Assist in a previous thread, so I don't think it needs re-hashing here.

The ban rules/logic is frustrating and stupid. Get rid of the auto bans completely, the only thing they serve to do is encourage me play a different developer's else's game. Bans, especially quit bans, don't take into account the multitude of legitimate reasons why someone would need to leave a match, including getting rolled or having a bad game. "But when we go down a man, we're more likely to lose and our rankings will suffer for it (especially in Strongholds or CTF)!" A great point! If a team goes down a man, the losing team's rankings should freeze for that game. "But when a team goes down a man (or more), the game slows down and it gets boring!" Very true, especially when it gets stupid and goes 4/2 or 4/1. At some point a mercy rule should take place, that ends the game with the winning team getting their rankings, and the losing team would only lose theirs if they weren't down a man. Hell, if it's a 4 on 4 beatdown give the winning team a medal or something.

Which brings me to my next point, the ranking system, which actively encourages smurfing and it shows. When I play multiplayer solo, I've started having matches lately where I lead the scoreboard in kills and accuracy (both teams) and have a respectable number of deaths and yet when my team loses I drop rank just the same as the guy that went 0/15. If I'm actually trying to preserve my high rank and don't want it to suffer without reliable teammates, why would I not get a smurf account to play solo? I feel like the formulas, while they should take into account team performance, need to weight more towards individual KDA.

On to some more specifics.

Arena: In general, more maps for the Arena mode, and more gametypes. Capture the Flag shouldn't be something that only happens on three maps, Strongholds shouldn't only happen on 3 maps.

Strongholds: Honestly this gametype is a joke as it is. Once a team captures a stronghold it's way too easy to hold that stronghold. At the very least, erasing the other team's capture progress should be on the same timer as their capture progress i.e. however long it takes one person to gain 50% capture progress on a stronghold it should take the defending team that same amount of time to erase that capture progress. The team holding two or three strongholds would still be scoring during that time, but right now it's way too easy for a game to get out of hand, especially if one team goes down a man. The only thing that keeps me from quitting in this gametype when my team is down a man is the prospect of a quit ban.

Capture the Flag: Actually works really well, the only hitch I notice is if I'm trying to grab a flag and there's a weapon dropped nearby, the pickup biases the weapon. If I'm standing by the flag, why the heck would I want to pickup a half empty BR? The other issue I have is with spawn locations, because it's incredibly frustrating to trade kills with an opposing flag carrier only to watch another opponent spawn right next to the dropped flag in my death cam. I feel like CTF spawns should only be in your defending base, at least while the enemy flag is off it's pedestal, because if you got the flag that far it's earned a little more, but if the flag is halfway across the map you won't get a random spawn right next to it to grab and keep going.

Free-For-All: Time to kill is too long for free for all to be anything more than the luckiest person to get to the fight last, so they can just one-shot kill all the weak opponents who did all the work wearing each other down.

Other notes:
- The Camo upgrade in the last weapons tuning is nice in that you're basically hidden from view, but you're also hidden from motion tracker unless you're using a spartan ability, and that makes the camo too OP in my opinion.
- Speaking of the last weapons tuning, it seems like the goal was to dial down the rail gun a little bit because it was too OP, but if that was the goal, it failed miserably, because the weapons commonly used to contest the rail were also tuned down. I've probably had more success with the rail gun as a snapshot weapon after the weapons tuning than before. Also, there's really no noticeable change to the splinter grenade. It's still a "get out of jail free" card. Grenade spamming in general hasn't changed at all.
- The sword lunge is still OP
- Spartan charging is an OP joke. It's one thing to use it strategically when you catch an opponent off-guard, but we have people sprinting around maps just looking for an opponent, and it doesn't matter if it's from behind or straight on, they'll still land the charge. It's not the from behind stuff that bugs me so much (giggity), it's the straight-on, when I've put 4 magnum hits to their face shield, they hit me, and then come back with a one-shot before I can recover from the knock-back. I feel like that needs to be nerfed a little bit, the way to do it would be to drop the charging player's shield strength to maybe half while they're in the thrust. It would get rid of a lot of those cheap head on charge kills, and when I bring up my next point, it kind of makes sense.
- Effects when getting shot (Flinching, loss of sprint, loss of use of thrusters). You can't tell me a future military wouldn't go out investing billions of dollars on a super soldier program only to have the end result be a suit that can't fire it's thrusters if anything, and I do mean anything, bounces off of it right when the soldier goes to engage said thrusters. I've even noticed it now cancelling out a crouch jump/grapple. The aim flinch is a joke.
- Shield recharge. When you get down to absolute and have to hope you can find somewhere to hide for five minutes and pray that someone doesn't come along and find you for a one shot kill.
- Activating oversheald powerup - Is too short for someone who gets there when they're absolute. I'd either make it take twice as long to fully power up the wearer's shields, or if a person is being attacked while they grab the power up, pause the power-up time/ability for a split second for each instance they actually get shot, much in the same way the normal shield recharge works. Either the wearer is unable to power up the overshield and the opposing team takes them down - still a pyrrhic win because it denies the other team the power up, or if they do successfully evade long enough, the overshield powers up to it's normal strength for the rest of it's duration.

The other thing I've noticed alot of, it seems like over the last six months or so there's been a big increase in "runners," aka people who make it a habit of just running away when they start getting weak from an opponent's shots. Maybe it's just luck and the loss of spartan abilities and long shield recharge is meant to discourage that but I don't think it's really made much difference. I wish there was something that could be done about that but short of having less map cover I don't think that there is.
Adding this to spartan charging- the recover-to-weapon time is shorter for a spartan charging player than it is for a melee-ing player, which contributes to the OP-ness of the spartan charge. If the player getting charged times a melee just right, they can do an equal amount of damage to the charging opponent, but the opponent will be much more likely to come out with the one shot kill because their recovery to their weapon is timed faster. They should be the same, IMO.
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