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Halo Infinite - E3 Announcement Discussion Thread

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Wow we got the old armour back for chief.
Now all we need is the Arbiter to help chief in his adventures just like back in Halo 3, if the Arbiter gets his old armour back that will also be a plus!

Ps. Keep the animals and the open world aspect, that would make my dreams come true <3
Is the new slipspace engine going to be open source, because I feel like people are going to make some rad stuff with that engine. I actually really love the way the engine handles environments.
I have my reservations on what to expect going forward, but I do remain quite optimistic. This new engine demo looks gorgeous, the nudge to the old art style coming back to the Halo franchise really got me excited. I can tell that there was a lot of love, time, and hard work put into this. I think that John's classic MK VI needs a bit of an overhaul. It just looked a bit plastic, and the body proportions where too thin for that of a real human being let alone a Spartan. I can't wait to hear more about this game down the road. Thank's 343 for paying attention to the community, I hope that the narrative story of this game is as good as the new engines graphics. Keep up the good work, love you all.
Yeah it seemed a bit of seeing Master Chief with such small legs, just like he skipped leg day everytime since basic training...

The armor, especially the helmet, looked gorgeous (art style wise) but kind of needs a bit of refinement, just like you stated.
cmon internet you're supposed to have figured out what was written on the wall by now!
Well, at the very least, someone managed to figure out that the Morse from the radio in the trailer mentioned Zeta there's that.

The game looks absolutely gorgeous, and I'm excited for what's to come. However, I cannot help but recall back to the debacle that was Sonic Forces's development cycle, of which 3 of the 4 years it had was dedicated to building a new engine, and we all know how the final project turned out. 343, whatever you do, please allocate time to both the game itself and the engine that runs it. Your community, sales, and legacy will thank you for it.
Is Zeta Halo the one that can fire a beam like Starkiller Base?
Looks absolutely amazing!! Loving the art style, seeing the marines and Chief left me gobsmacked for a good few minutes.
Really can't wait to see some more information, really I'm quite hyped for it at the moment :)
(Posted this in other thread, thought it relevant here as well.)

Wow, hitting us right out of the gate with that trailer! The game looks absolutely beautiful!

Beautiful environment? Check.
On a Halo ring? Check.
Awesome art style? Check.
Fighting alongside Marines? Check*.
More open world? Check*.

And Chief has a new AI? How sick does his helmet look?

I'm not crazy about the trend of "Infinite/Infinity" in a lot of pop culture stuff lately but that's small potatoes. Game looks absolutely spectacular. Can't wait for beta/testing.

*Or at least there's the possibility of it/suggested by trailer.
I think it looked great. I can't wait to play in the big environments, allowing more than one way to tackle each mission. Halo 3 always felt so 'open' to me, and I have a good feeling about this one.

If that was Master Chief, the body scaling is laughably off. I'm guessing 343 will clean up that mistake. However, everything else looked incredible and I can't wait until this game drops! Speaking of, I can't wait to find out when this game drops... (:
when you guys thinks it comes out
K27R wrote:
Please 343, change the title... for the love of God change the title to something badass.
I agree. Even "6" sounds better than infinite. Don't fix what isn't broken
Okay. But. That was a classic helmet.

Like. The space moose was cool. And the engine looked very pretty.

I know right? It's beautiful *sniff sniff*
I cant even tell what type of game this. Yes? 3rd or 1stps?
Still curious and excited for a new halo game!
On the main page about the game it says it's a first person shooter
It looks beautiful, and the music. Juicy.
I like the way the trailer looks like it could be a mish-mash of so many things; Halo 6, an MMORPG, an RPG, Open world, prequel, soft re-boot, a trap!!!!!
Loved the new art direction, bigger levels and it's on a Halo ring. We couldn't get a tiny morsel of gameplay though?

I think the biggest letdown though is knowing we have probably two more years with H5. I can only imagine how bad the population will be by then.
all the work is incredible, I did not get excited so long ago, congratulations to all, surely a great future awaits us. more as a lover of Halo lore, I wonder what is the logic of going back to old armor models?
1-50 ranking system, or some sort of elo based ranking system that is difficult and people can attach their online identity to.
No sprint, jetpack or armour abilities or any junk that doesn't belong in halo for the love of god..
Battle rifle
Party and rank matching - very important
Focus on making the game competitive as possible, need to stop the stigma about 'competitive' being some sort of low percentage based ideology that is bad for people who are casual. IT Serves THE CASUAL PLAYER WITHOUT THEM EVEN UNDERSTANDING IT, more than anyone seems to realise, competitiveness means balance. Balanced fair games are what are fun and enjoyable.

Make halo great again

That is all
I think it looks fantastic! Got so hyped as soon as I saw chief. I do find the title a bit off but they may change it yet, it’s like when Halo 5 was announced.
Imagine if the first mission starts off with his halo 5 armor, then somehow the armor gets destroyed, then he finds a halo 3 classic helmet in a pelican and says. "I finally got you back. I'll never let you go again." #ICONIC
Make Gray Team do what Locke was supposed to,hunt down Master Chief.They work for ONI and it would be cool to see Spartan II-s having battle between each other!
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