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[Locked] Halo Infinite - Screenshots, Gifs, & Banners!

OP Unyshek

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Can't wait!
Very nice, thank you!
Unyshek wrote:
Hey everyone!
We’re very happy to see you all so excited for Halo Infinite. Since we’ve seen a lot of you requesting high quality screenshots and gifs from the trailer, we wanted to jump in and share some of them with you. We’ve also included the official Halo Infinite banners that are on our social media profiles, so that you can rep them as well.

Wallpapers (Screenshots)
  • Ancient rings
  • Warthog in transit
  • Chief in valley
  • Ring vista
  • Final keyart
  • Chief helmet (4K)
  • Chief valley
  • Full valley shot
  • End stinger
  • Keyart reveal
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
That’s all we can share for now, but we'll add to the list whenever we can :)

We hope you enjoy, and put them to good use!
thanks for the wallpapers.
That helmet reflection seems so Ray Tracing-ish I'm literally drooling
Something looks off, more diffuse on the soldiers? The light on the helmets is too white and bright, overall the soldiers are lit in a way that makes them look flat or have that fake 3d mush look. Hoping for more lighting tuning on characters. Of course, the chief and environments are badass as ever, keep it up!
Much love.
This is awesome. Thank you guys and good luck!
Beautiful renders, love the direction for this look.
Needed this! Thanks! ❤️
Looks great!
No one, not even myself, can comprehend how hyped i am
Awesome! Thanks 343
This better play like halo ce I miss that style of campaign
Nice, thank you.
OMG!!! The Hype Train has left the first station now!!!
Very big thanks from bottom of my heart for bring back the true design of Halo!!! <3
Nice PogChamp
Surely Halo Infinite is going to be a really good game, especially with the classic master chief
Wow! Thank you! Windows 10 Lock screen just became even more impressive! :D
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