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Larger maps, more people, more vehicles, more fun.
Like Halo CE games on maps exclusive to PC (Gephyrophobia, Death Island, Infinity).
Yeah Larger Maps, More People, and more Vehicles!! A lot more fun and Epic!!
I think focusing on BTB is a phenomenal idea, especially since Infinite looks to have some sort of open-world aspect to it (imagine fighting other Spartans and Elites all over the installation with wildlife and sentinels roaming around). Realistically though, something tells me that they're going to overlook Warzone's critical failings in favour of its monetary succes and double down on it instead. According to Frank O'Connor, the REQ system is "well liked" (in which universe?), and so I'm expecting BTB (and Invasion) to be snubbed once again.
I'd love to try 12v12 BTB. Hell, I'd love to try a vanilla version of Warzone (pretty much what 12v12 BTB would be, I imagine). No REQ's, no enemy AI, just on-map power-weapons and vehicles to fight over along with multiple gametype options. Pretty sure the closest we've gotten to trying something like this is after Halo 5 first came out, when there weren't as many REQ weapons/vehicles and hardly anyone had enough to spam, so there was a lot more load-out-weapon gunfights. I thought it was a blast, and I've always been a BTB lover, ever since Halo 2 online on the OG Xbox. It wasn't until months (maybe a year?) after release that power-weapons and vehicles started congesting the game and I eventually gave up on Warzone and WZ Assault, both of which started to feel more like a grand-scale version of Superfiesta.

The way I see it: They made way too much money on REQ packs to not give us another Warzone, and I don't know if 8v8 BTB is worth keeping around. I think a vanilla Warzone and BTB would play too much alike, so it wouldn't be worth having both, and I feel bigger is better in this case.
^This sums it up.

BTB and Warzone will realistically have to be forced together at some point - development costs and limited populations being only the two most important issues. Everyone keeps saying how they want bigger and better BTB maps and the developer has already made them - for warzone. The big question is how they'll deploy those assets for the next game. A req-free warzone game type seems like the obvious choice, but if they try it and it ends up evacuating population from money-maker warzone... well, that's a problem. For them anyway. It's a fine line and I'll be curious to see how they walk it, but I wouldn't be holding my breath for dev-made BTB maps, or 12v12 game play, or much of anything that might draw people or resources away from warzone.
Am I the only one who realizes they shafted BTB so they could try to force you into the -Yoink- Warsone mode and push microtransactions on you? It’s painfully obvious and I will walk away from this franchise if they pull that -Yoink- again in Infinite.
Would be nice if the maps stay same size and btb with and without vechiles
I find it strange so many people defend sprint because it helps players move around faster, then ask for maps to be 2-3 times the size.

Personally i want a classic 8v8 BTB. faster search times, more cohesive team play, less chaotic, more contained and fast paced. I could see it going to 10v10 but any larger really breaks the pace imo.

I'd like to see BTB map design take new steps in interaction and functionality, unlike 4v4 (more minimalistic) it can afford to be more creative.
Am I the only one who realizes they shafted BTB so they could try to force you into the -Yoink- Warsone mode and push microtransactions on you? It’s painfully obvious and I will walk away from this franchise if they pull that -Yoink- again in Infinite.
No, I posted this after Halo 5 launched without BTB. It was a tacked on after thought. They tried to force Warzone with it's rng loot style reqs with a pay to win element, it was a shameless cash grab imo. If they pull that in Halo Infinite, I'm with you, I walk away from Halo. I want 8v8, 12v12 and 24v24 BTB. I'm hopeful, but nothing more, there has been enough push back from Halo 5 for 343i to realise what like and don't like.
I love btb, only thing i can play tbh
Honestly, if Halo does NOT do any Battle Royale at all, a massive 24v24 or even 36/48 vs 36/48 would be pretty friggin' awesome. The score could be first to 1000 kills, or even capture bases of up to 5 or 7 bases (something like previous games have done). Especially since 343i is working on a new engine to run Halo Infinite for, doing this would not seem all that hard. I think we should have our hopes high for this next Halo, and see if 343i will follow through on what the community is asking for/wanting to see.
The maps need to be much bigger than H5. Those maps felt like regular slayer maps. Id like a 12v12 though.
Keep BTB 8v8! If you want more people, just make another Warzone gamemode without AI and/or REQs.
I dont mind it staying 8v8. Just saying if they were to make maps, they need to be much bigger than h5's.
Last time I was into BTB was H3 and it was because of the amazing maps that I played. Playing regular 4v4 on the larger maps felt empty, but the 8v8 was perfect. Honestly, I am fine with them putting more time on it, but I was very impressed with Warzone when it first came out. I liked that 343 took a chance and developed their own game type that basically was an industry first, and very much Halo-like.

I would like to see them launch with classic halo types like: BTB, SWAT, team doubles, infection, griffball, and slayer. All with good maps for each, but that's almost impossible.
A new game type like a Halo battle royale would be pretty cool honestly. When this game finally comes out though BR may be overplayed (if it isn't already).
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