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I would rather see BTB stay 8v8 frankly. People have the idea that just adding more players + larger maps = more fun, but it just isn't that simple. Just upping the player count alone is a much bigger deal than people make it out to be.

The Halo sandbox was designed around smaller scale engagements with the occasional vehicle segment and you can already see the contortions that the game had to go through to make Warzone "work". ADS on every weapon, unlimited sprint, and a complete lack of dev BTB maps.

It just doesn't work for the same reason large scale game Battlefield fails every time it tries to do small scale "competitive" gametypes, it just isn't built for it.

I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but at the end of the day the core Halo series simply can't do everything that could be done with a shooter set in the Halo universe. I'd much rather see spin-offs that can more readily realize the potential of what some of you are suggesting rather than see concepts held back by legacy concerns.
My dudes, I want HUGE numbers. I want 25V25. I want absolute CHAOS.
If we do get bigger btb I also wanna see invasion from reach make a comeback
I think we should just hope we actually have BTB on day one.
baaask wrote:
I think we should just hope we actually have BTB on day one.
I think we will. I believe it wasn't in Halo 5: Guardians at launch to better help promote Warzone, and I don't know if that will be returning.
8v8 is fine for me. Though I mean I’m down to try something new. 16v16 that just sounds like warzone without the AI. I’m assuming that’s the direction they will go for it though with more vehicles/bigger maps/ more AI. A battlefield approach to the vehicles instead of REQs being massed spawned

I want Big Team Battle to be 12 VS 12 I dont mind mind 16 VS 16 or 24 VS 24 We need bigger Maps a lot bigger 3 times bigger than Halo 4 was and Halo 5 Guardians were. Make the maps that arnt Forge pieces like Halo 4 Big Team Battle maps. I miss the maps in past Halo games for Big Team Battle maps that aren' and weren't Forge peices.
It would make it a lot more fun!!

Maybe having a elevator on a map to get to a higher point on the map like halo 2 map had also something similar like Spire map on Halo Reach!! To make it more interesting!!


1. Pelican that can shoot
2. Hornet
3. Falcon from halo reach
4. Wasp
5. Mantis
6. Scorpion tank
7. Warthog
8. Mongoose
9. Elephant
10. Something new

1. Phantom that can shoot
2. Revanant from halo reach
3. Chopper from halo 3
4. Prowler
5. Banshee
6. Ghost
7. Waith
8. Something new

1. Phaeton
2. Ground vehicle

Please 343 Industries!!

Another thing I would really like to sing in Halo Infinite is a community playlist a separate playing from the main playlist where people can make forge maps of Big Team Battle of what the comunity makes and 343 industries puts in a community playlist of Big Team Battle!! Something like this


[ Multiplayer ] [Arena] [ Warzone ] [ Forge ][ Forge World Map 2.0 ][ Community Playlist ][ Splitscreen ] [ offline Forge ]Then click on Arena saids all the Game Modes
like Big Team Battle and other modes
Warzone like it was

Forge also on development maps
And Forge World 2.0
and other kind of maps

Community Playlist
Warzone, Big Team Battle, Arena, Race
Maps that are Forge pieces

I want to know what other people think of this and what they want in Halo Infinite Big Team Battle New and old Fans!!😃😃
8v8v8 would be a really cool concept too, or 5 teams of 4.
I just want massive battle. Not asking for a 64player MP. 20v20 would be awesome.

Air vehicles too!
Nalla78 wrote:
We need those halo CE big maps again for BTB and then toss in the epic tank battles. I like the idea thoug OP
On MCC I play nothing but CE BTB because of how vast the maps are. I’d love bigger maps in Infinite.
I think it would be really fun and make a lot of people happy and the popularity would go up what I have at the top!!


and 343 industries!!😃😃
I love 343 Industries and I Have Faith in 343 Industries I think this would work a lot and in futur titles!!😃
I do like to see a Big City Map Big Team Battle Map where you can go up elevators like we have today get to different floors and the top and hide in the buildings and with jet packs you can jump to building to building and have future highways in the map to!!
8v8 is the perfect number for BTB, I think anything larger than that would create problems for development of quality maps. Also we'd need to have a mixture of old and new maps, with at least 10 in the launch rotation. I am hoping to see some old school maps in there like...

Stand off

In all fairness though I'd like to see Coagulation/Blood Gulch/Hemorrhage and Valhalla rested, I know they're staple Halo maps but bring them in at a later date and give us some new goodness.
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