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Halo Infinite Campaign Story

OP InfinityArbiter

How would you like the Halo Infinite Campaign story to play out and what would happen continuing from where we left off in Halo 5 that would satisfy you?
Just donʻt make it like Halo 4. Have Chief rethink his whole existence and Spartan Ops characters feel one emotion... then in Halo 5, everything is just forgotten and its like a whole different Halo universe story. No matter the story downfall in Halo 5, do the best with what you got and continue it on from the current point.
Either kill or save Cortana, it needs to end in H6, mah heart can't take it.
I honestly want to see humanity struggle again. Sort of like on Halo Reach where it feels like losing battle (at least for most of it).