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[Locked] Halo Infinite fighting News - Dates & Sent Emails

OP legit snpiper13

I found conformation from a member of 343 industries tweeted we will be getting Emails sent on the 29th of July to those who signed up to the Halo insider program, and might be seeing flighting as early as the 4th or 5th of August. I've read that signing up for the halo insider program doesn't guaranty a spot for some players but you have a chance to attend. That being said what you think of the News, and what will you Hope to see in the Halo Infinite Flighting (Beta). (Master chief) "I need a weapon". I hope you thought these news were helpful and I'll see you on the Battlefield. Peace #StaySafe
Its not news until publically confirmed. The thread does not really dabble in "leaks" or rumors. As of now, the only flight info we know is that they will talk about it next thursday.
Yea I heard well over 100k ppl signed up for the flighting which is awesome and I don't know how many people they will need but I would doubt that it is that many. I hope to get chosen but I am also very busy at the moment so someone else may make better use of the time. Either way I am very excited to really get this thing going so they can start fine tuning until launch. I hope to see a good bit of the customization and the UI screens they will be using in the main game. I would like to see how good the stats screen has become to keep track of your stats and compare them to your friends easily. H5 wasn't great at that but then a fan made phone app came out that was much better. Then honestly I don't mind whatever the game mode is I just love playing Halo but I want the guns to feel and sound good. The guns sounded meh in 4 much better in 5 so now I am hoping they sound and feel amazing in Infinite.
There is no official news when flights will start or when invites will be sent.