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Halo Infinite Firefight game mode?

OP CompleteCarp511

Hi, I’m wondering anyone else is wanting a PVE style game mode for Halo Infinite. I loved Warzone firefight in Halo 5… ok except when it glitched out. I liked the casual experience of mowing down Covenant (The Prometheans sucked), Unlocking armour for my Spartan and growing an arsenal of weapons with all sorts of attachments that… didn’t really change much, but hey the potential is there? I’m just curious.
With this Slipspace engine supposedly being able to render 3x the amount of stuff on screen, and with how well halo 5 firefight not only resonated with the community but also held a good population, I’d expect a grand successor to firefight in infinite :)
If Halo Infinite is going to follow the whole "games as a service" route, then we probably shouldn't expect it at launch, but some time after the game releases. Like with Battlefield 5's combined arms mode.
343I would be crazy to not only have firefight back, but expand it. The community has been asking for firefight to come back for years and even know Halo 5 firefight wasn't as good as ODST or reach in my opinion, but it was still pretty good. I remember when 343 first showed warzone in Halo 5, the number one question that got after was "does this mean firefights going to be in" just think about that for a second. They just showed an entirely new mode and that's what most people were thinking about was firefight. If that doesn't tell you something then nothing does.

There should be an ODST style Firefight and then a brand new style firefight. I've gone into depth in the past if it what I would do so I won't do that here.

I hope firefight is amazing in the next Halo game and I definitely want my ODST style firefight back, with bonus rounds and it'd be amazing if they had that brute chieftain music come in and play from ODST in certain rounds.
Halo has had a multiplayer PVE mode for many years now and they all do something a little different. I expect Halo Infinite will continue that trend. I just hope it is not buggy and doesn't depend on a Req system like Warzone Firefight.
I think Fire Fight should be the floor. Building a whole engine for a game begs at the thought that they have truly big things for the game. I hold it with an open hand but I expect MULTIPLE PvE endgame activities such as:

- Firefight and several different variations both wave based like Halo Reach/ODST and like Halo 5
- Some kind of new version of firefight
- a mission like co op activity like Spartan Ops or think strikes for destiny
- Other similar like things.

I think if Firefight is the only PvE endgame content then Halo Infinite will have left a ton on the table to engage their PvE player base.
I just want more customization in firefight. It was very lac lusting since Reach IMO and I hope that the developers really take firefight to new heights. I doubt ill be disappointed.
If they have Firefight in Infinite, there's only two major wishes I have:

1. Some influence from Halo 4's Dominion, and Halo War 2's "Terminus Firefight". Let's see base defenses and stuff, holding off a horde like that!

2. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, DO. NOT. LET IT. BE LIKE HALO 5 If there's a scoring system in place. NOTHING short of "Lol I nudged you to get you killed w/o a betrayal!" joksters is more annoying than spending a full minute whittling a boss down from full health to critical, then dying and seven seconds later some random sprays it with an assault rifle and HE gets credit BUT NOT YOU. Put nine ONI Guass Rounds into a Phaeton? "You didn't contribute". And the list goes on.

If there's objective scoring, let it be based on actual contribution, not just "Who gets the last hit"
ANd if there's Boss Commendations (Warden, Grunt Mech...) let EVERYONE who contributed get points, not just the person who shot it last. The Warden commendation was a <yoink>ing pain and you make a Grunt Mech clone of it?? Please, not again for Infinite :'(