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Halo Infinite microtransactions


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Titanfall 2 enough said.
I think monetizing the game could be a great way to extend the life of the game for us fans who want to play it for years to come. Tell me if this idea is any good:

When you first open up the game, you pick one or two types of armory styles or "classes". Something like Spartan II, III, IV, Elite, etc. Each one would have more than enough armor to customize your character to the extent of Reach. And some rare challenges can unlock the classes you don't have yet (like beating legendary). But if you want more to grind for, you can buy the other armory classes for $10-$15 each.

This could make the Spartans (and elites) look diverse in the game. Us hardcore fans can chip in to fund the sequel, while getting meaningful content in return. If they have to sell us stuff, I would like it done this way. I know this is more like dlc but it is way less slimy.

Maybe, if you all like this idea, we can spread it :)
That just makes me think of metal gear survive. So i dont like that.

If we can buy stuff directly, the only way id be fine with it is if the armor customization is exactly like reach, and you can either use credits to directly buy the armor piece or pay for it.

If its that then i have no qualms with it being in there. I dont like thing being stuck behind a paywall(short of paid dlc), so as lo g as you can reasonably obtain jt through direct vaneplay, or a small transaction, then i dont see the harm in cosmetics.

Overall i dont like microtransactions, but short of it becoming illegal i dont sesee them going anywhere
Here's what they need to focus on doing:
  • Not saturating the amount of microtransactionable type pieces (armor and effects)
  • Make it like the credit system in reach
  • Not make armor pay-to-win (instead unlock through rank or achievements, etc.)
  • Focus on making a game not primarily-based around Microtransactions and instead on selling the actual game
Remember how Halo 1-3 had microtransactions? I don't.

The game is dropped the moment it has any P2W elements, it's either cosmetic which is still disgusting but at the same acceptable or none at all.
There just shouldn't be any microtransactions, period.
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