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Halo: Infinite Release Date - Revisited April

OP HaloBungie343I

It is that time of the month again I post an update to my beliefs about Halo: Infinite's release date.

As per usual:
Please read this whole post before responding. I will not respond to those that clearly did not read the whole thing.
As always:

Original Thread (This thread will be referenced. Please go here to see further detail.)

I am getting more confident than before in a November release over an October one. I still have many doubts the game launches on November 15th. You can find my reasoning in the Original Thread. Please, for my own sanity, do not post a comment simply saying I am wrong and Bonnie clearly teased it months ago. She was so vague it could be any game or even a person or Xbox as a whole. It also may not be a tease at all and just an acknowledgment of Combat Evolved's upcoming 20th anniversary.

So, I looked at games with anniversaries coming in November (other than Combat Evolved itself) and I found something interesting. Humans love making connections. No matter how obscure they may be. A simple comment can spark a complete rumor. Just look at Metal Gear's recent rumors that have just been debunked. It is definitely hard to post my predictions without having linked it to something like a tease.

I chose to return to Bonnie Ross' Tweet and look at it again. See if I can figure something out from it that satisfies my opinion Halo will release on a Tuesday or Thursday, is a Halo anniversary, and is in line with a November release.

I found one. Halo: The Master Chief Collection released November 11th, 2014. This will mark its 7th anniversary. And Halo loves numbers almost as much as the Bible and Jewish holy text.

  • This Halo installment is taking place on Installation 07
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection is celebrating its 7th anniversary
  • The 7th anniversary is on the 11th. (Combined: 117)
  • It is a Thursday
I am now thinking the likely dates are:
November 4th, 2021
November 9th, 2021
November 11th, 2001

I doubt it will launch after Combat Evolved's anniversary. I also doubt it will launch in the back half of November.

Any thoughts, opinions, ideas, or contradictions you all want to share?

I was an idiot and forgot to link Bonnie Ross' Tweet. XD. All I had was <bonnie ross tweet>. Ah well... It's fixed.
Btw its May now not April.
Btw its May now not April.
I know. I release these updates at the end of the month after the Inside Infinite Blog post comes out. But I am 3 days late this time. Next month will be my last update before we get an official release date.
I still think that the upcoming Halo Infinite will be coming out on November 2021 especially if 343 Industries wants to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Halo Franchise.
I am now thinking the likely dates are:
November 4th, 2021
November 9th, 2021
November 11th, 2001
So 343i beat us to the time machine huh...
"Human is dead, mismatch"
I’m suspecting it’ll be Nov 9, as it’s a Tuesday and falls into the Fall timeframe and a good time to release it shortly before the Christmas shopping season.
It will be November for sure heading into the holiday season where they will make the most profit.
Well at first, I mostly was suspecting a release in November 2021 and expecting a release for November 15th but now you also made me wonder about November 11th.
But if think most of the fans already suspect or expect a release for November anyway so only one way to know (god I hate to wait but patience is a reward sometimes).
November 11th makes sense. Drop it on the anniversary of MCC. Have it ready for the weekend. Then everyone's already hands on and excited for the CE Anniversary celebration on the 15th!

Plus, that puts it on a Stat Holiday and I can work my week off around it a lot easier.
Wow. Actual and decent responses this month. Nice! Agreed with most of you so far. I do also want to mention I will make my final decision at the end of May. I will be making my choice for what I believe Halo: Infinite's release date will be on May 31st. I also am hoping Xbox E3 will have its announcement date coming soon. I want to start a thread with a countdown theme. But I don't want to start until Xbox announces its E3 dates.

Grammar issues

Also, I actually have just now made my final decision (5/4/2021) But will post it on the 31st. I looked at Halo: Ininfite's initial supposed release date which was the 10th of November. So, I can use this to deduce the likeliest date this year.