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Halo Infinite Skulls (Scoring and Non-Scoring)

OP shinigami 7 T

So, u/Bruh_alt721 on the original r/Halo post encouraged me to make this list after the ideas I listed for Halo Infinite Skulls on his post.
What skulls would you come up with for Infinite? If they are too OP, list as non-scoring.
  • (SCORING) Rip and Tear: No weapons equipped, only melee with increased damage.
  • (NON-SCORING) Menace: Grapple Shot range is increased greatly, speed acceleration increased, no cool down.
  • (SCORING) Bomb Swap: You throw suicide grunts and Brutes throw fusion coils.
  • (SCORING) Hail Mary: All enemies can throw suicide grunts, including other grunts.
  • (SCORING) CQC: The difficulty machete becomes a tertiary weapon, melee damage increased.
  • (SCORING) Foreign Exchange: UNSC weapons fire plasma, Covenant weapons fire hardlight, and Promethean weapons fire bullets.
  • (NON-SCORING) Broken Karma: Upon death, your equipment, grenades, and weapons are randomized.
  • (SCORING) Defect: All weapons randomly become jammed/dysfunctional after some use.
  • (BOTH) Hero Helper: A random hero will accompany you on your mission. (Jerome, Johnson, Buck, member of Noble Team/Blue Team, etc.) Two options: Immortal & Mortal; Mortal incurs a heavy detraction from your score when the Hero dies, Immortal turns the Hero invincible and this skull Non-Scoring.
  • (NON-SCORING) Civil: All AI including enemies are friendly/neutral until attacked.
  • (NON-SCORING) Hover: You are able to ride/hold onto sentinels.
  • (SCORING) UCON (Under Cover Of Night): Permanent night time set for the mission. Enemy awareness decreased, but do much higher damage when alerted. Stealth/Assassination kills worth double.
  • (SCORING) Classic: Sprint, Clamber, and Slide are disabled, traded for faster base speed for a classic experience. (Campaign gameplay will adjust accordingly.)
  • (SCORING) Combat Evolved: Current Shield and Health system switched to Combat Evolved's Shield and Health Bar system. (Health Packs placed throughout according to difficulty.)
  • (NON-SCORING) Lunge: Energy swords have an insanely increased range; scope to aim for enemies further away. (Speed exponentially picks up as more distance is traveled.)
  • (SCORING) Who Am I?: Master Chief is replaced with your Spartan.
Reincarnation: A small percent chance of grunts coming back to life as suicide grunts
(Grunts respawn within a few feet so the player has to react quickly to get away from the grunt)

Disfunction: a random function fails
(Except for looking and walking, players may randomly lose the ability to jump, melee, reload, shoot, or anything else. The more useful it is the rarer it is itll lose functionality)

Misfire: Fellow allies will randomly shoot near you
(Would work against you if you're hiding from enemies, or if your near them and they have rocket launcher...)

Worst throw of all time (WTAT): There may be the worst throws, of all time.
(Allies simply throw badly and may throw near your or at a wall directly at you, away from the enemy... so on)

Near Sighted: Scoping is no longer available

Confused: when driving a vehicle, forward and reverse are switched, looking left and right are switched.

Accelerated: Projectiles are accelerated.
(Includes rockets, normal plasma, hard light, wraith motors and etc)

Fast Ball: Grenades are thrown harder.
(Separate from Accelerated, Grenades travel faster and have less of an arch when thrown from the enemy to the player and vice-versa)

Upgrades: Enemies learned to be more effective
(All guns are upgraded; plasma pistols are replaced with plasma rifles, Carbines are replaced with beam rifles, brute shots are replaced with fuel rods, etc to all enemy factions)

Heretic: Elites learned how to use Human weapons
(Elites use human guns)

And lastly Mascot: Its nice to represent with spirit!
(Craig big head mode, credit to SPV3)