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[Locked] Halo Infinite Suggestions

OP ArcticDamage

Introduction: Many of us agree that What we most want is the best out of forge. like Objects, more scripts, more features, etc. But what most of us in the Forge community would demand to receive is Scriptable AI, Water Effects, Scripted Objects, including More Features (Animation Objects). I might explain How easy it could be done if they ever thought about it.

Water features: Just like in H5 that some objects are able to change the material is really theme usable. Id say that for any Big block size like the preference size one should be able to change the material to water. They can also do that by putting it in cromas ( might've misspelled it). Add textures that can be used for walls that water falls off. (can reduce physical loading/Less Loading)

Scriptable AI: scriptable AI should have their own Spawn Point separate from Us spartans and allow them to be edited in many w says. Of course, we all want them to be spawned at a certain time so it won't crash the game (if all spawn at the same time). We want certain types of behavior of the individual AI to follow. Follow, Defend, Attack, Move, Secure, Take, Drive, etc. We want them to be able to Say certain lines so we get the idea for the audience/player to understand what is going on instead of a tag floating in the head. This could help with a lot of custom matches or help populate the game...

Scripted objects: People often like scripted objects like moving doors or other things that give a flow of the game, but imagine something that is easy to make by just spawning it in, We need more exclusive animation objects because the ones that were given were not so useful. Most of us don't understand the use of the object or what to make it off from.

Moving Textures: Textures are great in H5, but we need more than that. We need the object to move so it can give a feeling of the player without using scripts of the object to cause it to move (this should reduce player script)

Must Need to return: We love vehicles in the game, some games have a lot, some have a few. We want infinite to have all vehicles in the genre (first person shooter games, not HW1 or HW2) This should make the game more Usable for different possibilities. And god help us, Let us change the color of the vehicle, We don't need different vehicles type of the same one. If infinite is still able to handle big things (engine) then suggest big vehicles like the pelican etc. trust me we all like passing the limit as long its playable. Bring back all the guns in the genre (If you think it is not fair then don't include it in multiplayer modes). People don't care if it doesn't make sense of its return but it will explain its self if it's not in the campaign (don't see it in the campaign then it isn't lore towards it). Weapon wielding should return, and there is no reason why I should explain (create art with destruction). I loved H4 Auto turret, When I first saw it I thought that this could change gameplay and it would be fun to create your defense in multiplayer. since there are no marines in multiplayer. When I bought H5 I didn't see it and wondered why. Game developers don't question if this would be good and it questions me why they haven't. If microtransactions are still in Halo infinite then why not use it to buy troops to bring into battle so as other things, PLEASE DO NOT USE IT FOR LOOT BOXES FOR ARMOR. There is no reason I should say that unless you have done it again.H5 Remember Reach pack was absolutely dumb, People always tell me that it had to change the look because of lore reasons or matchmaking reasons. I love the default helmet in Reach and now it looks ugly in H5. That's the reason why I went for the good looking Scout helmet because they reworked the design of it because they realized it looks ugly. Bring challenges to give you extra points (Not experience). Have Daily, Weekly, monthly, and yearly challenges.


Have a better clan system That is made for Xbox. Something like Discord but more usable. Have more than 16 player fireteam. Have a system to add bounties towards people you don't like. Like Assassinations, But make it available only in Matches. (Don't have it to be able to gain if in custom games, forge.)Play with more/less optionTry having a third Spartan color option... or have material texture color (like Chrome. Rusted metal, Beaten metal.)Allow the texture of the Visor to change like Cracked visor, Bullet holes, Support Matchmaking even moreWhen selected in a match, Show their spartan look as H4 did. Have more animations for the intro scene. Because it lost the value look. I liked the one were the players clapped each other hands or the 1V1 type in the Beta. Make things difficult to get so players stay in the game longer. If you think that the engine cant handles all of this then put separate games like separate Forge for those who don't know how to forge but know how to play the multiplayer...Don't give a due date of the game until it is A month away from finished allow free DLC update won't make the game 60 dollars. Make it worth more so you don't have to make Paid DLC or other things.


Remember, most of these things are already known to many 343i developers but if we keep asking it or at least say "reach armor or riot' then they should really notice how important it is to us. This is your game 343i make it last for another 10 years as Reach did. The game is only important by the community's trust and it will be earned back once this game is released game system is important to the fans, Not the graphics-ArcticDamage
Honestly a really well-thought-out and reasoned list. I don't agree with absolutely every suggestion personally but you've done a great job explaining
  • I do like Water features in a game as it brings out more of the strategic/tactical determination but doing proper water features other than texture and out of bounds is very difficult to do. Anyone that played the classic planetside would know of how water greatly supported one faction (aka the Vanavy) but not the others. Not to say they didn't have vehicles that could go over water (deliver and faction variants) but the VS simply had more. I mean I guess the over vehicles can float along the surface while the UNSC sinks to the bottom. Then there is also weapon functions. Under water there were only a few weapons that could enter it (mass driver sniper) and less that work under water (knives). There was also the timer (air and vehicle status) to keep players from hiding under water). The point is once you put that mechanic in the complexity is quadrupled for what would might be considered a less important of a feature. It is better to have good water mechanics than have it where planetside 2 where it is literally a film aesthetic as I have a picture of a mag rider sitting in a lake with the water directly above it.
  • Well again this is what I was thinking of adding in AI spawns to forge mostly for making custom campaign levels. Sure scriptable AI is good and it would make the game immersion much better. As for spawns well I was thinking of a mode where pelican/phantom drop zones are the spawns and AI as well as respawnign players respawn inside the drop ships. That way spawn campaign is reduced as the drop ship weapons would try to clear a LZ, but not completely out of the question as drop ships can be shot down, the AI NPCs and the vehicles will get destroyed in the crash, but the player avatars would be fine, they just have to scrounge for weapons real quick and fight out of the crash site.
  • Again something we need in forge, maybe not objects exactly but triggers could work. I can see a trigger attached to an object that will spawn/despawn a energy door or a grave lift.
  • I am not exactly sure what you mean about that. It sounds more like a background thing. Textures are important but they can also be a resource hog. Keep it simple is one of the best policies.
Well the rest is more than just bullet points but whole paragraphs so a simple paragraph response to each will suffice. Sure some of the vehicles and weapons from the past game should make a return such as the Specter and the Needle Rifle. I don't see why we don't have a hornet other than the wasp is the replacement. Much like I wondered why we didn't get the Hornet or the Specter in Reach as I thought they were different enough from falcons and Revenants where they didn't step on each others toes much like the DMR and BR. As for the sentry turret armor ability that was what I consider one of the weirder ones. I mean sure a bubble shield from nowhere doesn't make more sense but being that an energy field is easy to make than replicating a drone from what I guess was loose spare parts. If Promethean Knights become playable I can see that being an ability exclusive to them, but for spartans I would prefer something else. At least something that is a little more potent, (they were underwhelming in H4 as well).

Maybe I should break this into a bullet point
  • Clan & Social Systems The 100 player limit has always been frustrating. Perhaps there should be a way for clans to team up a little more frequently like an alliance or something. The grudge/vendetta system could be interesting but likely would be exploited by those seeing it as a way to boost their characters with a simple smurf account. Also 16 players is more of a squad not a fireteam, but it would be nice to be able to compartmentalize the clans and also have an attachment-detachment system to make organization better and easier, but again that runs the risk of over-complication for no other reason that complication itself. These are not military units or other form of business which requires an extensive hierarchy to manage things like budget and salaries. These are just a group of a bunch of buddies that want to have fun playing a game.
  • Customizable Aesthetics Again I made a post in another thread of what I would like to see for customization as a few other suggestions (playable Brutes, Flood, Knights). I mean you could have damaged armor, visors are not exactly a thing I would suggest (although I do wish there was a campaign skull to give you the last stand visor cracking effect in campaign levels). I didn't think H4 had the spartan look, H2 and Reach did better, but H3 had good weathering effects even if I prefer the more polished brand new look from the other games.
  • Marketing and business model Yeah the game could do without Req Packs (just like all Halo games). I don't think cut-scenes are a necessity for value because a lot of the graphics can simply be rendered in game. H2 was known for having lots of cinematic at the time yet they had to cut quite a bit. You should take a look at some of the cut out scenes and concepts from H2, it is quite a big list. I don't know if the game needs to be broken up, forge was likely not because the engine couldn't handle it (it clearly can) but because it wasn't finished when the rest of the game was out. Forge could be sent out to more of its editor roots instead of a creator but I am sure if players had to chose between a map creator and a map editor they would chose the creator tool. Dates are important as it gives everyone a time frame of when to expect a new game so they can make ready any free time and budget they need but finish the game is the most important and if it has to be delayed then communicate that with the community. As for DLC I don't mind paying for DLC for a game that has been out for a year and needs the content to stretch it out longer (I think the Infinite Business model is made for this) but as for free DLC well if Infinite is the Halo to end all Halos (I already made a rather controversial post on that topic) then the business model is prime for paid DLC to continue the product's lifespan for years to come.
Well in conclusion what are we talking about here, You say that 343 already knows this but then I ask who in 343 does? Not all 343 employees are the ones that worked on H4 (let alone ex Bungie employees that left during the split). Heck even the Bugnie today is far different from the Bungie that made Halo reach as it has had some dramatic shifts under Activision's umbrella. Sure learn the lessons from the past but not jsut the past couple of games but all the games and understand what made them good and what made people cried on the forums. Also they should do what the forums tell them to do (most developers already know this), but listen and realize what is causing the grevience or requests on the forums.
I wasn't a huge fan of the new Cortana design, but the design that I believe fit Cortana the most, was the Cortana in Halo 2 anniversary, the voice just worked better.
Guys please take this leap and make a (vulture) flyable. Excellent as a exploration vehicle. Upgradeble?
The limits for clans always annoy large friend groups, and that is what these games are for: friend groups. Its always been UNSC vs. Covenant, Ancient Humans vs. Forerunners, Forerunners vs. Flood, UNSC vs. Flood, UNSC and Swords of Sanghelios vs. Promethean Army, and now UNSC and Swords of Sanghelios vs. Created. This large war story is weird with only 100 soldiers per clan. Raise the limit for the real treat: large warfare. Cycling or even long-term game modes designed for two armies to attack each other would lend itself to the feel of Halo Infinite. But DO NOT make the mode so large it is unplayable.

Whichever human decided to use in-game purchases for large games ruined the experience for many players. Even without talking about the pay to win games, it literally sucks to have to buy a chance to get your favorite items. REQ packs do not provide the experience many new and older players want. Dice's Battlefront II (2017) was a great example of this because of how quickly it drowned. The game lost all traction and never really gained it back. It became a much better game, albeit with balancing issues out the wazoo. Focus on coordination at launch, and do not use real money ever. At any time.

DLC should only be paid for if it is buying campaign and multiplayer features, it has to have both. I wouldn't mind the Destiny style so long as it is spread out over a long time, not paying for new content every 6 months. Adding legacy weapons via DLC would be fine, just like adding new weapons or variants would be fine. The ability to work with vehicles that are already in the game, such as vultures, would be a cool DLC feature. A vehicles galore DLC would be great. Unlike the top post, either balance or don't include OP weapons. Keeping them out of all multiplayer would make everyone angry. SSBU has a great item selection system, so something like that would be great for Forge.
In the unlikely event the Flood do not return I'd still like them as forgeable AI.
Please add options to invert both X and Y on the aim. All Halos only have the Y option.
I hope there will be an early-ish mission of the Chief and Half-Jaw teaming up on something as he is a legendary character of course and it'll be an homage to the Arbiter's debut mission in H2. So basically interesting missions and characters for fun interactions. And the microtransactions have got to be strictly multiplayer F2P stuff of course. As well as making the classic and newly improved gamemodes equal for all, like especially if I pay for this game. F2P Battle royale season pass or whatever type of stuff makes sense

Chief is a master gunslinger, no doubt. I hope he will be able to relinquish the time to allow us prepare himself some more before deployment. I saw some diverse looking guns in that gameplay video... Maybe some sort of concise yet expansive gun customizing system to improve mission efficacy? I know he switches weapons around often mid-battles but I'm sure he can tell what shoots the best and is the most ergonomic in terms of neutralizing and how the well the scope works out for him, etc.

Absolutely there should be a feature where we hopefully fly pelicans or phantoms in which the passengers may interact to themselves on board, especially phantoms (walking around in the ship and the like with the squad. Seat positions for large accelerations and the like. Imagine getting hit by something while standing around). I mean these are huge vessels!
Thrusters need to be in infinite.
I would like to see all the previous games armor abilities and equipment available in forge and custom games (except for duplicates).
Infinite has two buttons mapped in the game, as shown in the trailer, so you can have two equipment/ability slots.
Make it so you can tweak the equipment/abilities for single or multiple use, and even the duration/drain. This would be great for recreating the minigames and puzzle maps of older halo games.
My biggest suggestion for Infinite is an overall to the Game Settings. This is something that has always been extremely lackluster in Halo. Hopefully, with this coming to PC we will get plenty of things we can change and adjust to our liking. Something really nice though would be a proper accesability menu. Button Mapping being one of the things in it. I have never agreed with mapping being a console thing because it becomes an issue once you start switching between multiple games. The Elite Controls only even allow two setups. If you're a true gamer who moves all over the place with games, then console button mapping can become pretty pointless. I've always believed this should be a developer thing. Fallout would be the best example and it's had full mapping since 3 and Vegas.

A fun accessibility feature that would be neat is HUD customization. Doom would be the best example for this. It'd be nice to move things around for example since I've heard many people in the community state how they don't like the weapon and equipment being in the bottom right of Infinite's HUD. Another neat thing would be being able to change your HUD colour. This would not only be a neat personalization option, but it would has help expand the audience to players who are colourblind.
Feel free to use any of the existing wish list threads, thanks :)