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Story :

I agree with most of the other posts. Been halo fan since day 1 but haven't read the books or audio podcasts etc.. so story got way too complicated for me in Halo 4 n 5. Many important story points were not covered in the games. Who is blue team and where were they during halo 1-3 ? how come Cortana came back alive after halo 4 ? etc..
So please, keep story simple and don't rely on that most fans will have read the books , extended lore etc.. maybe add a few DLC flashback missions, à la ODST, to cover some of those plotpoints etc.. or à la spartan ops.

Gameplay :

What we all love about halo games is big , open ended, vehicular , coop missions. Halo 3 , the Ark mission is the perfect example. Please, less corridor type missions and more open-ended with vehicles, air vehicles, and add the ablility to call in extra support, à la REQ system but in campaign : vehicles, special weapons, airstrikes, npc ODST troops etc..
- Looks like infinity is going the open world route, that would be awesome to be able to play certain missions in different orders and ways that can affect outcome in later missions. ex: the more marines you save, the more will help you later. or the more armories you find and liberate, the more weapons and vehicles you can call in for the later battles . The more covenant you help, the more will help you and being able to use / call- in their weaponry.
- Give the master chief the ability to hijack and use a SCARAB !!! ( like in halo wars 2 ) while your coop buddy defends the inside of the scarab with the turrets to prevent hijacking or boarding by the enemy etc..
- Being able to use customized weapons in campaign, à la REQ system of halo 5. This will add replayability. replaying missing missions with other starting weapons or improved unlocked weapons.
- more vehicle and weapons variety. Seems its almost the same weapons from game to game . Add more variety of handguns, shotguns, rifles to use in the campaign etc..
- give specific special ability to your AI buddies . Camouflage, sniping, hijacking vehicles, shooting down land / air vehicles , cover fire .

Multiplayer :

I am not a big fan of multiplayer in general but plz plz plz, bring back 4 player couch multiplayer. With the power of xbox one x, there's not more excuses. This is what made halo different from all the other games. 4 player couch LAN parties !!!
But halo 5 multiplayer is very fun and varied.
Ight I'm not gonna include stuff that's already confirmed (like split-screen) but here we go

(in no particular order)
-classic gameplay but more similar to Halo CE or 2 in terms of movement speed
-as many playlists as Halo 5 has right now at launch
-Forge at launch
-if there are req packs leave customization out of it, look at Reach for customization
-free DLC
-not changing the maps every 5 seconds
-all ranked playlists available in social as well
-open level design (not open world)
-keep the current weapon sandbox and gun play
-Use the classic 1-50 ranking system
-don't include the Flood (so when Chief killed them all in Halo 3 it means something)
-classic firefight
-duel wielding (only in campaign and social playlists)
-playable Elites and maybe other races like Brutes or Prometheans
-find some new way to innovate without changing the gameplay formula (I know Favyn has a video about this)
-make the Prometheans more fun to fight (or don't include them at all)
-don't make every BTB map community-made
-make the story more like an adventure like the first few games than a military mission like Halo 5
-voting or veto system for matchmaking
-since there will be splitscreen I would prefer 4 player over 2 player
-remember that Halo multiplayer was always supposed to be a party game and not an e-sport. That's how everyone likes it.
-expand more on what Bungie was doing rather than making it a different game.

I think that's it, if I think of anything else I'll edit this.
Classic mechanics return,save the franchise.
  • Usually I'm the type that would say go ahead and keep sprint but now I'm liking the idea of removing sprint, boosting the speed to what it was in halo ce and then keeping clamber
What made you change your mind? There’s a reason one speed felt slow on the older Halos. Don’t you remember having to walk across those giant maps and levels in campaign at that god awfully slow, walking pace whenever no vehicles or gravity lifts were available?
I remember it being slow in halo 2 and 3, not halo ce. Halo ce was fast
It's not slow , it's perfect pacing...halo 5 running across the map your not immersed in the universe.

Plus there where vehicles,grav lifts,teleporters to improve speed hence you don't need sprint or abilities in halo.
Wouldn't mind seeing some of these Skulls in Infinite:
1. Marathon Skull - Increases player movement speed to twice as fast
2. Luna Skull - Decreases player gravity to 50%, allowing higher, floatier jumps
3. Swamp Skull - Decreases player movement to twice as slow / half as fast
4. Alpha Skull - prevents health from recharging (resets per level), increases wait time for shield recharge
5. BOB Skull - Resets checkpoint upon death of any allied Marines in level
•Classic Gameplay and Music
•Reach levels of Customization
•Reach ranking system with credits
•Return of Invasion, Dominion, and Warzone (without Reqs)
•H2A Covenant (Campaign)
•Return of all old vehicles like Falcon, Chopper, Elephant, etc...
•Vehicles that's fly when damaged (Halo 3 and CE)
•Warthog Run
•Scouthog that holds more than 2 people
•Reach UI
•Halo 2 BR (Halo 5 version)
•Halo 5 weapon variants
•Return of Fan Favorite Maps
•Playable Elites
•Dual wielding
•Loads of Gamemodes (At launch)
•No rotational Playlists
•Halo 5 action sack
•Forgeable AI
•Reach infection
•New game mode with +50 players
•Both Warzone Firefight and Classic Firefight
•No microtransactions (if implemented only weapon skins and announcer voices)
•Return of Classic characters (Arby, Half Jaw)
•Old emblems
•Blood and Flood
•Halo 3 equipment
•Reach File Browser with chained/Linked gamemode and map
Forge World 2.0
No barriers
No squad mechanic (BRING BACK MARINES)
4 player split-screen (Arby 2nd player and other iconic Characters as 3rd and 4th)
Flinch needs to -Yoink-
1. Great campaign for both solo and co-op players and arbiter as player 2.

2. Invasion to return

3. A classic feeling btb mode with weapons and vehicles on the map, and equal starts.

4. A great Halo Reach-styled infection.

5. A forge that improves on Halo 5's

6. Memorable maps (like last resort, spire, blood gulch, etc...)

7. Good maps with vehicles (mongoose, warthog, ghost) outside of btb styled game modes.

8. Banished to replace the covenant.

9. Flood to return.

10. Cortana to have the logic plague.
I've posted this before but just so it's here as well:

1. Server selection defaulted to local server (and able to change server in settings if required if you want to play with an overseas friend).
2. Consolidated playlists for smaller regions, aka one main ranked and one main social playlist (BTB, see below) + a few rotationals.
3. Classic gameplay (thruster is ok) with a slightly slower TTK and more deliberate engagements, less twitchy by a whisker.
4. Better matchmaker (ranking is good now with TS2) that can balance wait times and skill parameters to what the population of the server is. Parties vs Parties.
5. A campaign focused on Chief with no AI squad. When you die you die. Locke a side character but never have to play as him.
6. BTB with dev created maps as the main social mode.
7. No Warzone, instead all Warzone and REQs are in a new and improved Firefight PvE mode where difficulty isn't simply scaled by flat enemy health and damage but rather AI skill/ numbers.
8. Space-based maps with zero gravity sections, ship to ship battles.
9. Vehicle physics that feel heavy and realistic.
10. Curated community custom game content / a better custom game browser
11. Some progression and customisation tied to achievements, less ridiculous armours, no armours that are just models with different splashes of paint.
12. Ability to earn in game currency and use it to buy exactly what you want, but also able to spend real money on the stuff not unlockable by achievements.
13. MUCH improved weapon FX over H5.
14. Forge and BtB and offline LAN and split screen support at launch
15 New gametypes we haven't thought of! But gametyptes that slot into a weekly rotational playlist and don't need a whole bloody hopper.
16. Oddball and fan favourite gametypes available at launch.
17. BR as starting weapon, four shot kill, a sandbox as balanced as H5's.
18. Fan favourite maps such as Guardian, Lockout, The Pitt and Blood Gulch at launch.
19. A custom game browser that has both automated Tournaments (with prizes!) and automated Scrims and clan vs clan match options (that can affect rank!!)
20. Bot spartans for custom games for those times you have no internet and want to have an arena-like experience.
1. No spartan charge
2. If you are in a ranked match and someone who you are not in a party with leaves, it should not count against you if you lose.
3. New unlock systems:
• to unlock variants of armor and skins for weapons, you should have to use them and level them up then spend credits (assuming they return) to buy them. (Yes I know it sounds like black ops 2 but I think it works)
• Once you unlock the variant, you should be able to use some sort of drop down menu to select the variant or skin from the customization menu instead of having 4 different variants take up space in the menu. It takes forever to find what I want in the armor and helmet section in H5.
• Bring back Reach credit system and customization
• ^plz
1) Plots from Halo 4 (Example: The Librarians plan)
2) Proper Solo campaign
3) More Lore on the Prometheans
4) Better Promethean enemies
5) No tracking weapons from AI enemies
6) Either kill or redeem Cortana (Though I feel this one may be wishful thinking)
7) Focus on the Master Chief
8) A Halo: ODST style campaign for future DLC

1) Invasion
2) Big team battles
3) Spartan Ops type missions
4) Even better Forge mode (Hard to beat H5's)
- Maybe be able to add AI enemies & Allies and create MASSIVE battles! (I can dream :p)
5) Unlock system from Halo: Reach (Pay to earn Credits and use those to buy Armour pieces)
6) No pay to win microtransaction (Won't hold my breath)
5) Maps in space
As I once heared in a ViDoc, if I'm not having fun for 5 minutes during the game, I'm not gonna play it anymore. So I'm gonna say what makes a game fun for me, taking examples mostly from Halo games. I'm gonna keep out skulls and cheat codes, I'll focus on core gameplay stuff.

  • One of the funniest things in Halo, for me, were explosions: when stuff like a piece of warthog goes flying across the map after an explosion killing somebody, that's one of the most hilarious things that could happpen in a game. So lots of explosions and flying stuff.
  • Being overpowered, be it witha power weapon, a powerup o mostly with a vehicle gives me the false senso of security that I'm not gonna die easily, and to me not dying is equal to not being frustrated, that's close enough to fun. Make it so that one overpowered thing is always on the map, everytime, but of course the majority of people on the map should NOT be overpowered, only one or two players.
  • AI making dumb mistakes is very funny too, like when an elit jumps off the map to evade a granade. Now, I'm not sudgestiong to make stupid AI, on the contrari, the smarter the AI is the better, but creating the conditions for the AI to fail in dumb ways sometime is ok.
  • Split screen Co-op with a friend is always fun, but people at 343i already got this message.
  • Some people have fun exploring, so a few secret passages could be good, but explorer already have fun every Halo by finding ways to escape the maps. So there's really nothing to suggest here, Halo already does well here. Just keeps adding interesting secret places and paths to find.
  • Funny lines from NPCs, allies and enemies. Not the flood tho, I'd rather the flood to be a very scary enemy, like scary as an horror movie. Grunts and marines should say a lot more funny stuff an jokes. Brutes sound very stupid too, there's a huge opportunity there to make them say (and maybe even do) something really stupid.
  • This one is a deep one. A scientific study found out that we laugh or smile when we learn. So surpising players teaching new mechanics, or telling something they don't expect, can be actually fun. Keep surpisies coming through the game. Past Halo games already do a nice job with that, but it can be better.
I'm sure there are a lot more, but these are the few things that make Halo games fun to me that I can think of at the moment. Other than being fun I also wish Halo to be more realistic if possible. So I'm gonna give just one or two things I wish to see in Halo Infinite to make it more realistic and bring it up to date.

  • Interactive environment. I'm talking about being able to destroy realisticaly a lot of the environment, but not only that. I'd like grass, plants, trees, sand, snow, wather, fire and smoke to interact with explosions, or vehicles passing by, or objects moving.
  • A lot more particles, at least in the campaign. Lots of smoke, debrees, sparks.
I wish a lot more things in Halo Infinite, but I'll only list a few more I feel are very important: the Flood, forgiable AI, some very interesting characters in the story, at least one excellent boss battle, real maps for BTB, all the classic social playlists from the start, and lastly I wish 343i to listen carefully to pro players for the multiplayer.
1. Playable elites WITH a return to their classic, halo 2 anniversary designs, as well as a full range of customization options for them. (not sure about brutes)
2. Dual wielding. I don't care about balancing issues, I want to be able to hold 2 smgs/pistols and feel like a bad -Yoink- again. also dual swords.
3. Firefight
4. Flood returns as a monument to all our sins.
5. Removal of armor abilities with the exception of maybe sprint. would also settle for movement speed being increased if sprint doesn't return.
6. To replace armor abilities, reintroduce equipment from halo 3.
7. Music that actually sounds like it belongs in halo, along with more emphasis on calling back to the soundtracks of previous games.
8. Arbiter being much more prominent, with him being the 2nd player in co-op
9. even more options in forge, including AI
10. bring back all the unique weapon and vehicle varients from 5, as well as adding new ones like more classic weapons, and integrate them as power weapons on maps or as options in forge
11. Brutes, buggers, and engineers back as enemies/allies.
12. brute weapons like the spiker and bruteshot return
13. bring back vehicles from halo 2, 3, and reach like the spectre, mammoth, hornet, and falcon.
14. diversify the Forerunner's color palette from only being blue or orange to something much less repetitive.
15. more diverse and unique promethean weapons that aren't just copies of existing weapons with a forerunner effect thrown on them.
16. trash the storm rifle and bring back the og plasma rifle.
1. Playable Sangheili (Elites) in multiplayer in every gametype in both custom games and matchmaking like in Halo 3 without restriction (meaning, not Reach style). Canonically this would make sense now since they are working together against various common enemies (it already made sense in Halo 5). In some cases, according to various sources, Sangheili were invited to train with Spartan IV's in wargames. There is no reason not to add them at this point. I could literally care less if the hitbox is a bit bigger than a Spartan, I can deal with it. We already did in Halo 3. If restrictions are necessary for things like ranked, then simply enforce player models for those modes. Bungie achieved this in Reach, and only ranked players actually cared. Social matchmaking, unrestricted.

2. Campaign with multiple plots going (much like Halo 2 and 5 though probably too late for this wish if the Campaign is already ironed out). This could be easily done between Locke, Master Chief, and the Arbiter doing three or more different things

3. Racing like in Halo 3 matchmaking! I had a lot of fun with this.

4. Reach levels of armor customization for both Spartans AND Sangheili (updates these days make it a simple process to add more over time).

5. Covenant Shadow vehicle as a troop transport for forge (it's like a smaller version of the Elephant! Elephant if it's not already planned as well. I have many ideas for these in forge mode!

6. Invasion

7. Flood Survival or Promethean Survival (much like horde mode in many other games).

8. If not flood survival, zombie survival much like Call of Duty Nazi Zombies. I think this would be a unique spin on Halo as a fun arcade gametype.

9. Spartan Ops that allow both Sangheili and Spartan joint operations. Canonically this would even make sense, as they did this in various missions after the fall of the Covenant already.

10. Flamethrower

11. Ability to have no weapons as a selectable option for a game mode.

12. Large scale BTB (12 - 20 player teams).

13. Spawnable A.I. for forge (and ways to create reoccurring spawns).

Future Ideas:
The game is more than likely very ironed out by now in development, but I would love to see modding capabilities for client side appearances (much like Left 4 Dead 2 does) for custom games. Since it is coming to PC, I don't see why this wouldn't be a feature down the line. Matchmaking, obviously no modding of any kind and a check should exist that will forcefully remove mods if they are applied.
what if in multiplayer you start with two helmets and one is halo CE helmet
Not too sure if anyone has said this already, but I really want:
  • Commendations
The commendations in Halo Reach were great, actual goals to work towards. You could work towards several at once (Headshots + Kills, etc) and there were lots of game type specific commendations. Each had 5 levels I think? 'Nothing', Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

You got decent rewards for completing each level too. Halo 4 had a good commendation system, this one had armour as the reward for higher levels.

I really liked the fact that you could work towards something that would have a decent reward, and some of the commendations where not easy. Some were hard because of the type of medal you had to get, and others because of the shear volume you had to achieve.

The commendations in Halo 5 were not good. I found myself completing most of them in only a few hours.

I like games where you can work towards something that is not just completing the campaign, or levelling up in multiplayer. This is the sort of thing that keep players coming back.

Please include decent commendations in Halo Infinite.
  • Usually I'm the type that would say go ahead and keep sprint but now I'm liking the idea of removing sprint, boosting the speed to what it was in halo ce and then keeping clamber
What made you change your mind? There’s a reason one speed felt slow on the older Halos. Don’t you remember having to walk across those giant maps and levels in campaign at that god awfully slow, walking pace whenever no vehicles or gravity lifts were available?
I think it should be removed as the maps would actually be made bigger to compensate for sprint and it slows down the game as you are unable to shoot while traversing the map.
A menu like halo 3 but without the blue filter so it shows off the hopefully amazing textures
These lists are quite long lol
i would love a daily "1000 xp" limits of credits and challenges like "kill 100 people in any playlist" for playing custom maps, like halo reach.
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