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just more attention at xp rank system design and the rank system for ranked playlists .
Halo need a jump in forge like Halo 5 did.
I want a new strategy FireFight mode with.
1. Multiple enemy types like the flood or covenant
2. Unique maps made for FireFight not WZ rehashes
3. Multiple classes and species with there own unique abilities to play as. (Spartans or ODSTs would be an example of different classes with their abilities being equipment specific to there characters, such as ODSTs have jetpacks and Spartans have bubble shields. Different species would be elites with active camo or a huragok the floating tentacles from Halo 3 ODST which can give over shields to other characters)
4. Custom loadouts but each weapon has a roll to play such as plasma pistols are only good for taking down shields or H2A BR is good for unshielded enemies, certain power weapons like sniper or shotgun can be equipped but have ammo spawn less frequently
5. Consumables such as bio-foam to get health back
Basically I want mass effect 3's multiplayer but for halo.
Honestly, we need bigger maps and a lot more flying vehicles, especially pelicans and phantoms. banshees and wasps are sooo slow, and we wanna take our whole team to the enemy base in a pelican. Take battlefield 4 for example, the jets zoom past the players on the ground, making it harder for both the jet and ground player to kill each other, making a dogfight even more badass. that is what we need. Fast paced flying vehicles, at least the pelicans and phantoms if not more. We could also use the longsword jets too. Halo 5 was a disaster, in fact it was almost a big disadvantage to be in any vehicle. it was so easy for anyone to destroy a vehicle. The vehicles are suppose to be strong, especially air vehicles. I hope my request is seen and inspires more flying vehicles with more capabilities and bigger maps to meet the request.

Pvp Ai callout option so I can solo que and not be at a disadvantage.

Kind Regards,
How about a season pass with great, original maps.
I would honestly like a secondary campaign like what Halo 4 did with Spartan Ops. That was fun (just please reduce Sarah Palmer to a background character like in Halo 5 because she was so annoying in Halo 4 and Halo Escalation).
They need to add playable sangheili to both multiplayer and campaign; also, they could do a campaign about the swords where you play as a sangheili. that could be really cool.
I wish for a high skill game with low TTKs and decreased bullet magnetism.
I know this will never happen, but my #1 is Third Person Option. I always feel like we have this dope looking armor but we never see it in combat.

My #2 is Mk IV M.J.O.L.N.I.R. Been obsessed ever since I played halo wars.

My #3 is Drivable combat ready pelican

And my #4 is Reach custimization

AND my final wish is for dual wielding but instead of doubling damage, when you dual wield your individual weapon damage drops to 75% or something and you get a lot of extra kick.

(just kiddin, my REAL #1 is for the noob spartan IV's to be thrown into the airlock and forgotten.) >:)
Everything from past Halo games including some stuff from Halo Wars, All weapons from past Halo's, All Vehicles from Past Halo's, Drive-able Pelican, Shadow, Scarb, and Shadow...
Map editor should have a place-able terrain like Crysis editor or Farcry - with dig, dig tool, raise tool and more... Forge also have way more vegetation and alien plant life too..
More movement options and trigger zoning.
Forge also needs more pre-built object that has a budget of just one also. It is nice all the stuff you can build in Halo 5 but i like some prebuilt stuff too other then looking for created by players pre built items.

The forge should be a jump upgrade like Halo 5 forge was, One big jump making halo playable and enjoyable with forge for many years to come with the power of the new xbox series X.

Also halo should have (Battlefield) size maps like the game battlefield for large scale battles maybe 24 vs. 24 I think that will make it so great having nice community games like that.

Also every game mode in past halo''s and a insane customization options for custom games and settings to make anything you like pretty much in a Forge map to support the games, Even race and all of them things, Jugernaught, and all the past game modes and more.

ALSO CRAZY THOUGHT maybe a true vehicle editor and weapon editor with list of options.
Forge-able A.I. would be a game changer. To make things feasible, let us construct custom encounters in already existing campaign environments. I could do this over and over again.
The Halo: Reach Grenade Launcher. Make it feel just like it does in Reach, but with alterations only as necessary to fit it in with the Halo Infinite weapon sandbox. The added it to Halo 5, so I'm sure they could add it to Infinite.

Go crazy with PVE options. Forgeable AI on absolutely huge maps, and scripting, so players can make their own encounters. Even down to the level of being able to alter the "personality" of each AI Spawn. For example: You could place multiple Grunt spawns, and you could alter the "personality" of each of those Grunts. Basic, Grenade Happy, Scaredy-Cat, Aggressive etc. Make it so you can choose what weapons they spawn with. How many waves of enemies spawn after a player arrives. Dropship Spawns with Phantoms/Spirits. Scripted events that require the player to kill a certain number of enemies, or survive for a period of time, before they are allowed to progress. It could allow for "Infinite" single player possibilities. The game is basically set at this point, so the fundamentals are either in or not, but I really would like to see this in a Halo game one day.
The forge community has shown they can do great things for multiplayer, so it would be very interesting to see what they can do for PVE.
Here are my wishlist for Halo Infinite:

1) Master Chief become the main character again.

2) Bring back Chips Dubbo, Sergeant Stacker and ODST Troopers.

3) Classic weapons from Halo Reach, Halo Combat Evolved, Halo 2 and Halo 3 coming back in Halo Infinite.

4) Have some open world gameplay in Halo Infinite.

5) Arbiter coming back in Halo Infinite.

6) The Flood coming back in Halo Infinite.

7) Cortana redeeming herself and teaming up with Master Chief again.

8) Have an epic final battle in Halo Infinite.
Got some things I'll just toss in a list. If 343 ever reads it maybe it'll give them some ideas. Most things I cover we know are coming back, but I wanted to add how I think they should be done.

1. This is an idea that has never been seen before, but I think would be really cool. Having a customizable HUD would be awesome even if it was something just as simple as having a colour change option.

2. I would very much like for Sgt Stacker and Chips Dubbo make a return. I think this is extremely necessary. Especially if missions like rescueing soldiers and stuff are gonna exist. I mostly believe they will because this was pointed out with some of the labled locations on the Halo Infinite map screen.

3. This kind of ties in with the first one, but along with soldiers we need to have our ODSTs come back. Even if canon wise a lot of them became Spartans, we need our homeboys back.

4. Contoversial, but I think the way I'll describe this many people would be okey with it. I'd like to see a refined Smart Scope. Full screen zooming like in the origional games. No true Aim Down Sights though. Canon wise and realistically speaking, aiming down sights wearing a full helmet is extremely uncomftorable and difficult. Especially when you're weaing armour on you chest and arms. Along with this though I'd like to have that small zoom in effect for weapons without scopes.

5. If this is a platform that'll continue the story of Chief for 10 years I think having side missions or different smaller campaigns featuring other characters would be awesome. This would be the better way of Handling it compared to how Halo 5 did it. I think Locke should be given a final chance at the spotlight using this concept because I blame the hate for his character on bad writing.

6. I think at some point in the lifespan of the game all weapons should be included in some way shape or form. Especially the classic weapons. The classic weapons of the franchise are what scream and define Halo and they need to be here. Loved the new guns we saw and I think the biggest reason people didn't like them were because they were replacements. Many people say that weapon variety in Halo 5 was one of their favourite parts and I feel this should stay. Love having a Kriss Vector styled rifle being added. It may be Halo, but not every gun has to be Bullpup.

7. As many people have said here. The Arbiter should make some kind of return and at least fight alongside Chief once or twice. Going back to my 4th point, having an Arbiter side story would be really cool.

8. I know we're getting old armour customization back, even better than before if rumours are true. However, I think it should be done like this. I would like armour unlocking to be done like Halo 4 if theres no credit system like Reach. There needs to be plenty of free customization in the base game unlocked via leveling, achievements, and commendations. Also, I love how know one is questioning why the Mark VII Armour from Mega Construx has a red right forearm, right shoulder, and helmet while the rest of the armour is grey. Could this be hinting at individual armour piece customization for colouring?

9. I'd like weapon skins come back. I've seen very little complaints on this addition to Halo and would love to see it return. The Halo Nerf AR might soft confirm this as it says it'll release with a code for an in game item. Would love to have a Nerf AR skin. Nerf did the colouring so much better than BoomCo on the AR in my opinion.

10. Going back to classic routes I think that a Warthog run should be included in the campaign somewhere. Would love to see that return in some way, shape, or form.

11. Firefight, definatley firefight. Warzone would be fine too, but it lacked the single player aspect which also removed editing wave settings and so on. Firefight or Warzone should be there in some form.

12. Campaign, Multiplayer, Forge, and Theater. These modes are stapples of Halo. They all should be in the game. Preferably at launch, but I'll live with it if some need another month or two.

13. The custom browser should return for maps, game types, screenshots, and clips. I think this is a must and would love to have it back in Infinite.

14. Mostly the Falcon, but I'll put it this way because this would be so much better. Every faction should have a vehicle equivelent to the UNSC. For example, from Halo 5 the UNSC had the Wasp, the Covenant had the Banshee, and the Prometeans had the Phaton. Would love this concept done with the Warthog and the other vehicles. Oh and the troop Warthog. People have been asking for this just as much as a flyable Pelican. Loved the addition of the Scout Warthog though.

15. Another controversial one, but I loved the intro and outro animations for multiplayer. Was extremely disappointed they removed the cool animations from the Beta though. Though it was stupid they kept the intros and outros while all your spartans do is just stand there now. Would be neat if the animation was customizable.

16. Customizable assasanations. Would love to have this back. Very fun and enjoyable addition.

17. Announcer voices or player characters voices. Would enjoy having both of these back. One for game announcements and another for player callouts.

18. Customizable stances. Another addition I feel should come back.

19. A proper gamer card which shows some base stats along with you player armour in game lobbies. Reach and Halo 4 had this and it was really cool. Halo 5 had it technically, but everything was hidden. Only real place you could see your customization options was in the post game report. They should follow either Reach or Halo 4 for this.

20. Microtransactions. With it's return I think it needs to be done properly and I'd like to see it done kind of like this. As stated in my 8th point, the base game needs a decent chucnk of free customization no matter what. That aside I'd love to see skins and armours purchasable if we're getting microtransactions back. Nothing should be random and we should get exactly what we are paying for. This is the proper way to do it. No loot boxes or REQs.
1. Return of the Flood
2. Arbiter and Rtas ‘Vadum
3. Playable Elites with the same amount of armor customization as Spartans
4. Customs Browser
5. Crossplay (Not forced)
6. ODST-like Firefight
7. AI in Forge
8. Unlock Armor by leveling up instead of unlocking it in a Battle Pass, if Halo Infinite gets a Battle Pass
9. Invasion
10. A mix of classic and modern playlists for multiplayer
The ability to set different sensitivity for different weapon classes would be awesome
for example
Sniper class weapons
Mid range weapons (pistol dmr br etc)
close range weapons
I am better with sniper on 8-10 sens but need 3-4 sens for pistol
The ability to set different sensitivity for different weapon classes would be awesome
for example
Sniper class weapons
Mid range weapons (pistol dmr br etc)
close range weapons
I am better with sniper on 8-10 sens but need 3-4 sens for pistol
I really thought I was the only one who had that problem lol
Cool skins, no loadouts, and an awesome campaign.
Cool skins, no loadouts, and an awesome campaign.
and redemption for The Sangheili
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