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Halo Infinite XGS Press Kit 2020

OP snickerdoodle

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What version should i use for my xbox one?
These look awesome! Can’t wait to see what you guys have been working on tomorrow! Very hyped!
Chiefs back, can’t wait!
Realmente grandioso
Tomorrow is THE day. We're excited for you to see what we've been working hard on. To tide you over, here's the amazing Halo Infinite box art you can look forward to seeing on shelves later this year.

Enjoy with love, from us, to you! 💚

Box Art:
  • Halo Infinite, 3724x1862 (Extended Horizontal)
  • Halo Infinite, 2128x1197 (Horizontal)
  • Halo Infinite, 1995x3724 (Extended Vertical)
  • Halo Infinite, 1464x1862 (Vertical)
  • Halo Infinite, 1862x1862 (Square)
  • Halo Infinite, 2048x1536 (Horizontal)
  • Halo Infinite, 2560x1440 (Extended Horizontal)
  • Halo Infinite, 1920x1080 (Horizontal)
  • Halo Infinite, 960x540 (Horizontal)
  • Halo Infinite, 1080x1920 (Vertical, Mobile)
  • Halo Infinite, 2048x2048 (Tablet)
Social Banners:
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • 1920x1080 (Horizontal)
  • 1080x1920 (Vertical)
You can check out the E3 2019 press kit here:
  • E3 2019 Press Kit
A beauty is it not?
I am very excited about this image. It's like going back to more than 10 years ago with the release of Halo 3.

I sincerely hope that tomorrow the entire Halo community will feel united and excited about what is shown at the Xbox event.
I really like how they go back to the basics that started this hole thing which was Halo Combat Evolved, to the box art, to the mystery and them saying we will just be thrown into a war in the beginning not really knowing whats going on just like halo ce.
Glory to Mankind
is the multiplayer mod confirmed to be free?
This is cool
MY BODY IS REEEADY also thanks for the wallpapers!
Lyk2 wrote:
I love the callback to the original Halo's Boxart, and everything that is more or less "hidden" in it, like the "Grappling Hook" which i can imagine will come in handy for assassinations. Or the crashed Wasp, which seems to make it's way into Singleplayer, the possible Brute in Chiefs Visor, Or Echo 216 "Brohammer"s Pelican.
A screenshot surfaced a while back of a supposed early build showing off a grapple hook button prompt i’m not sure if i am allowed to link it though.
InfiniteKA wrote:
What version should i use for my xbox one?
Basic widescreen version from my experience (Xbox One S) the Xbox one doesn’t seem to like to scale 4K or anything above 1080p nicely when using wallpapers
I said it about the last keyart, I'll say it again. Looks hella nice! Hyped for tomorrow!

Gotta wonder though whats that on chief's wrist 🤔
Looks like a grappling hook... Gotta love the ruturn to Halo CE!!
So exciting!!! I can’t wait. I grew up on Halo 💕
Chief's armor redesign looks so good, and reminds me of Halo Legends, which nostalgically hits in all the right places.
Can't wait I'm super excited !
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