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Halo Infinte: In Game Music

OP GloriousDart933

I'm gonna be honest: Halo has some of the best game music, and there is not a game (In my opinion) that has bad Halo music.

The main reason I want to make a post for this is so for all the Musical Halo Fans there isn't another Halo 5. The game has tons of amazing music in the campaign, but you don't hear nearly any of it in any other part of the game. I will definetly get upset at some level if this happens in Halo Infinite, but will still play the heck outta the game. I hope that Halo Infinte does something like Reach, where there is different music almost every time you are in the lobby. I know you are able to write decent game music, as you have done it before, and with the return of the classic music style I bet many other people will get excited for this.
Anyone agree/disagree with this?