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Halo Infinte PC beta selections

OP FrenziedDoor96

So I read the FAQ and this jumped out at me:

Will there be a beta?
Yes. The announcement on Halo Waypoint indicates they'll be doing testing flights, much like those happening with the revised Master Chief Collection. No further details are available on these, but it's probably safe to assume that the more you play their current games, the more likely you are to get into the Halo Infinite flighting program early on.
Im a Halo PC player, yes I can only play Halo ce and 2 and I still do! Ever since 2004, I don't want to get a console and play the other games just to be first in Beta, but looking at this assumption most PC players won't get in the Beta early on since I and a lot of others still play Halo games ALOT but I don't think they count as "current".

So I hope the Beta selection will factor in this problem for PC players.
What do you fellow Spartan's think?
I think it's too early to speculate on how betas will happen, beyond the info that's already been provided. While the Xbox Insider Program is exclusive to consoles, it doesn't mean that a traditional closed/open beta is not in the cards for PC. I would actually be surprised if PC didn't get a beta, but at the same time I'd expect a PC beta to come later than other tests (Destiny 2's PC beta happened 1 week before the console version launched).