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After watching halo legends on Netflix the other day, I was blew away of the animations and story telling in each part of the film. When Infinite release, I hope we get a sequel to halo legends, it’s such a masterpiece that bungie would always be remembered of but then again bungie isn’t the one who is making infinite.. sad. I hope 343 do really well on Infinite and doesn’t mess up the story ... 🤞
I would love more Halo Legends but to be honest I'd like a big linear story rather than each episode be it's own short story.

By the way I believe 343i produced/directed Halo Legends, I don't think Bungie had anything to do with it, it just came out while they were still the ones making the games.
I've had an idea for a Halo Legends sequel brewing in my head for a while now and I finally feel like sharing it. The sequel would be composed of eight short stories scattered across the Haloverse. Here are brief synopses for each one (along with some random Halo Legends pics). Enjoy.

1. The Good Grunt (working title): On a human colony besieged by The Covenant, a lone veteran Grunt stumbles upon the still-open entrance of a bunker filled with desperate survivors. For reasons all his own the grunt chooses not to report his finding and instead seals & barricades the entrance. Now years after the war's end, that same unggoy has found his way back to that glassed world both to reflect on the atrocities he committed in service of the Covenant as well as to see if those same humans ever managed to survive. Now the question is, will he succeed and if he does, will he find atonement, judgment, or both?

2. Ghosts of Reach: It is the year 2589. Decades have passed since the fall of Reach and while the scars of war have finally healed, not all is well. One of the recent arrivals is a young boy suffering from nightmares of horrific monsters constantly attacking him, forcing him to stay awake or experience the horror all over again. His parents are at a loss as the nightmares continue to get worse over time, affecting both his mental and physical conditions. Little do they realize that the nightmares are the result of a classmate of the boy using new experimental technology to torment him for her own petty reasons. All hope seems lost until he finds & fixes a mysterious old helmet, the last remnant of a fallen warrior who was instrumental in the Covenant's downfall. Now the night terrors have something to fear...

3. Secured Fortunes: On a human colony reminiscent of Feudal Japan, terror has gripped the populace; a "demon" has been attacking villages all over the area and kidnapping any girls it can find, including a close friend of the local governor's daughter. But alas both the Governor & the local UNSC forces brush it off as nonsense and are more concerned with the Covenant corvette heading straight for them piloted by what appear to be Kig-Yar pirates. But these are neither Covenant nor pirates, but a wandering equivalent to a private security firm headed by a pragmatic & professional Skirmisher who simply wants to both refuel his ship and get some new business now that the war's over. When the Governor's daughter & her guard hire them to find her friend & slay the demon, the Kig-Yar & their clients find more than they bargained for as dark secrets are revealed.

4. Tragedy at [CLASSIFIED]: It was supposed to be a glorious occasion. Humanity had made first contact with an intelligent alien race completely unaffiliated with the Covenant. Everything was planned out, every scenario planned for. Every scenario except the legion of xenophobic soldiers determined to "protect" their way of life from the alien "menace". This is the story of the tragedy that followed.

5. The Cabal: Still piloting the Shadow of Intent and towing the wrecked Spear of Light, Rtas 'Vadum (Half-Jaw) & his crew are getting weary. Having found little in the form of a trail leading to the San'Shyuum flotilla said to be out in space, they are near their wits end when they stumble upon a massive sphere that pulls both ships in. As it turns out, the sphere is the capitol vessel of The Cabal, a collective of races (based on those from the cancelled Halo Titan MMO) that had combined their resources to forge an empire of their own before being forcefully co-opted by the larger Covenant. Now Half-Jaw must determine what there plans are for him, his crew, & his ships now that the Covenant is broken. Are the Cabal's motive laced with sinister intent? Or do they genuinely wish to help both him and the Arbiter?

6. ECHO-419: Sergeant Avery Johnson, Captain Jacob Keyes, Cortana, Master Chief John-117. These names have become legends across the galaxy but one name has been lost to the wind. Now for the first time, witness the rise of one Carol Rawley, best known to the Pillar of Autumn crew as Foehammer, as she makes a name for herself in the early years of the war.

7.Nightmares & Entropy: The UNSC Red Horse has fallen. Despite destroying the ONI prison ship the Mona Lisa, the Flood have spread throughout the vessel thanks to infection forms that had stowed away on both a stolen pelican & two escape pods. Only some desperate acts of sabotage have kept the infection from using the Red Horse's own escape pods & aircraft from spreading to the stars and stranding the ship & its infested crew in slipspace. So now the question is: what do the Flood do when they have nowhere to go and are... well... bored?

8. Mother's Rosario (working title): On the shield world known as Requiem, between the events of Halo 4 & Spartan Ops, an army of Promethean Knights is being forged. But something is off with one of the new units. A glitch in its memory systems has got it looking for... it knows not what. As it wanders around the beautiful scenery of the Didact's world, flashes of memories it can't comprehend flow into its matrix: a large city in a desert, scenes of white... curtains? bedsheets maybe? And arms cradling... something... precious. It's this precious something that the new Knight is now determined to find, even if doesn't know what it is, where it is, or why it's so important.