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Halo MP Reveal Press Kit – Updated 6/14

OP snickerdoodle

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Can't wait to have the Full Game. It's coming soon!
Less of two months ✌️
Yeah guys I don't know if I can wait another 2 months.
True Alibi wrote:
Yeah guys I don't know if I can wait another 2 months.
Patience man
This week we weren't going to hear about Halo Infinite? ?
If the next thing is the launch of the game I hope they don't -Yoink- and take out the game in Spanish as well.

Esta semana no íbamos a recibir boticas sobre Halo Infinite??

Si la próxima cosa es el lanzamiento del juego espero que no la caguen y saquen el juego en castellano también.
Feedback for Flight 2

Weapon Aim
I would like to express that it has become quite difficult to land shots in this game with lack of aim assist and the system being precision based. I believe it should be reserved to competitive playlists and aim assist should be more common in social playlists because generally, in social playlists, people want to relax and not go competitive. However, we don't want it to be like Halo 4 or 5 where it's too easy to hit targets. I would appreciate it if the aiming system was more like Halo: Reach.

I do definitely see and hear some improvements in the sounds of the Plasma Pistol and Needler, and I am charmed by that. However, I have seen some fans on YouTube wanting the supercombine sound to be louder, glassy and powerful in general.

Now with the Rocket Launcher, there is still room to improve the sounds of the weapon. Realistically, the explosion of a rocket should sound louder and more powerful than the initial firing sequence.

Also, people are saying that the reloading sounds are weak and poor, and I think to appease them, the reload sounds should be louder and more metal-like. Now, for multiplayer voices.

I play with AI Lumu, and she does have some great one-liners. However, some people, including myself, would like to see an option to turn off all other voices so we can hear just the announcer. In addition to that, we've been made aware that the announcer (Jeff Steitzer) won't be in Big Team Battle, and I can be certain that a significant amount of fans are upset due to that matter. I would highly value if Big Team Battle was changed to include the announcer.

Now, onto vehicles. I'm certain that a considerable amount of fans were upset when at the first gameplay reveal, the Warthog did not sound like a V8, and instead sounded like a V6. I'm sure they have wanted that to change so the Warthog actually sounds powerful like the V8 it is, so I would give the sound more respect if you guys could make the change. For the Mongoose, I can describe it as sounding like an ATV or four-wheeler, and to be honest, it's a realistic sound because it is as small as a four-wheeler. However, I would like to hear a more powerful engine sound so players can feel the power when they drive. After all, it is designed to transport Spartans which weigh over a ton with speed, so I can assume the engine and fuel were engineered to do such actions. This goes the same with the Warthog. I'm sure the Warthog would not be able to transport super-soldiers without an engine that is significantly powerful. For the Scorpion, I really like the sound of hydraulics and mechanics while driving. It gives it a realistic feel. For the cannon, feedback for the rocket launcher can be applied here. The explosion should sound twice as powerful as the cannon's firing sequence.

Also, I would like to give a suggestion on improving sounds for Covenant weapons. I'm sure Halo fans don't want the "pew pew" sound, and instead want a powerful sound with high amounts of voltage, so I would like it if that change was made.

For explosions, I've noticed that they are not so powerful as one would expect, especially when firing rockets. They should be larger, fiery, gritty, and lethal.

In addition to grittiness, I'm sure a significant amount of Halo fans have wanted blood and gore being in the game since that was not particularly noticeable in Halo 5, and I can understand why. We should know that Halo is a first person shooter, not a child's game, and should be for more mature audiences. With that being said, I do recommend that you guys implement a system that represents gore and blood when players and enemies die.

For team based gamemodes, I've seen a sizeable number of people complaining about outlines in the game, and it would be much appreciated if you guys could do it like the previous Halo games and make it just Red VS Blue and forced colors on armor, nothing else. There's custom colors in Rumble Pit/Free for All, after all.

Playable Elites have been highly demanded by the Halo fans ever since Halo 4 did not have playable elites, and I can be certain that it will not be at launch. However, if possible, me and all the Halo fans would hold more respect if playable Elites could be added after launch. We have missed certain gametypes like Invasion from Halo: Reach, or even Firefight PvP.

Also, the fact that assassinations won't be in the game at launch did upset many fans, and it would be appreciated if that was changed in the near future after release.

Now, I will say that it was possible to delay the game so Forge and Co-op are in the game at launch, but it is better late than never.

Also, some fans are highly upset with the progression system being based on challenges instead of gameplay, so it would be appreciated if you guys could change that and make the progression system based on gameplay and performance for each match instead of challenges.

Here's a list of weapons and vehicles I would like to have brought back:
Grenade Launcher (Halo: Reach)
Combat Evolved Pistol
Binary Rifle (Halo 4)
Incineration Cannon (Halo 4)
Falcon (Halo: Reach)
Hornet (Halo 3)
Spartan Laser
Spiker (Brutes)
Plasma Rifle
Fuel Rod Gun

Final Statement
I'm sure all of this cannot be done before December 8th, which is why I suggest delaying it because after all, it is better to release a delayed and complete game rather than a rushed and incomplete game. However, if it is not possible to delay it due to Microsoft's restrictions, then all I ask is for you guys to improve as much as possible under the list of possible improvements I described, and please bring us a good campaign. The campaign is where the roots of Halo have grown, and I cannot express how much I want to see a better campaign than Halo 5. So please, take my advice and improve with these things. Try to appeal to the true Halo fans, and eventually, Halo might rise again. That is all I have to say for now. Thanks, and have a great night!

TF2 Demoman2290
Come on Dec 8th!!! counting down the days
espero con ansia halo infinite
yo esta gustando mucho el estilo de artes de halo infinite
I am really looking forward to playing Halo Infinite the day of its release with the advance purchase with this I would already have most of the collection of the saga with the exception of Halo Spartan Assault And Halo Spartan Strike along with Halo FireTeam Raven I have still thoroughly enjoyed each game in the series.
So are we going to be able to host LAN parties on console too?

If not, that's just dumb. Take away something we could do with 20 year old console tech and just give it to PC Master Race?

Console should get all the settings options too. I know during the most recent technical preview both PC and Console could turn a setting on to see their latency. But only PC could turn a setting on to see their frame rate. Why the difference? I should be able to see that on console too.
I can't wait for Halo Infinite! Halo has been my favorite video game since I was basically 2.
I can't wait for Halo Infinite! Halo has been my favorite video game since I was basically 2.
Less of two months 😎
awwwwww ye
I can't wait for Halo Infinite! Halo has been my favorite video game since I was basically 2.
Less of two months 😎
yup. can't wait
Less than 2 more months.
Less than two months 😏😏😏
Keep these coming! Love changing all my stuff to these beautiful pieces
I just wish it were out lol.
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