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I can't freaking wait
Me too!
lol yeah I must admit to being just a little bit looking forward to todays showing. Potentially this could be monumentally good
Should be a special day for all of us! :D
same spartan same
"There are those who said this day would never come. What are they to say now?"
Same here mate, same here. I'm also extremely nervous becuase I don't want 343 to mess this up :(.
I really hope we get a beta today! My hype level is like 11/10 atm but my nervousness is also quite high. I really hope it goes well!
I'm at work when the stream starts. But I'm home not until 2AM. If I watch then, I won't be able to sleep from excitement. 🤪
I've been getting goosebumps all day long! Can't wait