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How Microtransactions must work like in Infinite

OP Slickini

There's 1 game in particular that I believe handles the microtransactions very well; Call of Duty Modern Warfare. The game has a battle pass system that is very friendly and simple, allowing players to earn items and points, thus retaining a good portion of the player base. It's fantastic because not only the battle passes provide great items, you can also spend your earned points to buy the next battle passe or buy something from the store.

For Halo, customization is an intrinsic part of the experience. It would be irritating for many fans to see all armors behind a pay wall considering the multiplayer is free and all new future content will be free.

So here I think is how microtransactions and battlepasses should work in Infinite:

For those who pay full price they get:
  • Campaign
  • Forge (No confirmation yet)
  • FREE BATTLEPASSES but still need to play to unlocks items and can still earn points to buy stuff from the store to skip challenges or grind
For Free Players:
  • They should pay 10 bucks for a Battlepass, but they can also earn points while grinding to be able to buy the next battle pass for free
  • Armors from the store are NOT unlockable via challenges or grind.