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How the Old Art Style does not need to be forced

OP Knee gro37110

As for everything, anything forced is just plain out bad. "OR" atleast feels weird and uncomfortable. They need to incorporate the old art style people want so much with the new; not in a way that would shove it in our faces. Bam suddenly MasterCheifs is wearing the Halo 3 armour! Or a new armour that looks ridiculously identical! That just feels weird man! If anything, no one was really complaining about MasterCheifs specific armour.

I know they are making a new art style or something. But honestly they need to explore things like how MC got the armour. Not shove it on our faces like H4 did with the sudden change. They need to atleast mention that there are new models of armour's and weapons rather than instant change in aesthetic. Makes the continuity feel even weirder!!!

Nothing needs to be forced.
well 343 said the armour we saw chief wear isn't even the final product and his final look is bad a*s i believe the word was but i agree they need to integrate it rather then halo 4 it and suddenly its all be the new style or at least it needs a good explanation. They really missed out with it in halo 4 like everything is the old art style and as the game goes on the music and art starts to change and Chief gets his halo 4 armour once he reaches the infinity.
I can suspend disbelief about armor due just to artistic liberties. You could tell me that from H1 to H5 Chief is canonically wearing the same armor and I wouldn't bat an eye. It's nice to be loose with the interpretation it means I require less explanation to changes.
I think that it is canon that Chiefs armour is a new set, not just an art style change. its likely better equipped for fighting the created and such.
I think the transition from the Halo 5 armor to the more simple Halo Infinite armor we've seen so far can be easily explained within the game, and there could be a great deal of logic behind it as well. Obviously, Cortana is fully aware of the ins and outs of Chief's armor in Halo 4 and 5, and he also has a giant crack in the visor, so him getting a new set of armor would be common sense from that standpoint. How to explain the simplicity of it? Well, we really can't say whether or not it's more or less detailed or simple than the Halo 4 and 5 armor. All it showed was a part of his leg, hand, and the helmet. Everything else is still unknown at this point. It could be the most advanced set of armor a spartan has ever had, it just looks more sleek and simple, unlike the super detailed and clunky spartans from Halo 4 and 5. Take for example E readers from the past to the present. Old ones actually looked more "advanced" and complicated because they had shiny keyboards and detailed borders and stuff, but then you look at one of the most advanced and highly functioning E reader of 2018 and it's design is so much less detailed and advanced looking than older E readers, yet it performs much better.

There's power in simplicity, and maybe that's a concept the UNCS will practice within the world of Halo Infinite.
They just realized the error of their ways and every mistake they made by trying to make Halo their own and have decided to reverse course by forgetting Halo 4 and 5 ever existed, therefor making a direct sequel to Halo 3.

Joy to the world.
I hope there is a lore reason for his old new armour but at the end of the day I'm also fine if they simply wanted to change art styles. Something tells me it's the latter because of how they stated this is Sparth's new art style, a mixture of what they believe are the best parts of all of Halo. Also the fact that it kind of seems like a soft reboot, I think it's just a general art style change.
The reason why Chief looks like he is wearing armor that is very similar to his halo 3 look is because of Gen 3. Gen 3 takes the looks and protection of Gen 1 while having the technology of Gen 2. So that why Chief looks like he is wearing his Gen 1 suit.

Btw the current Chief helmet we have seen so far for H:I really isn’t a hybrid. It looks more like a modded mark 6 helmet. Unless the final version is actually a hybrid of his h2/3 and h4/5 looks but if not then there isn’t a point of saying it’s a hybrid.
baaask wrote:
They just realized the error of their ways and every mistake they made by trying to make Halo their own and have decided to reverse course by forgetting Halo 4 and 5 ever existed, therefor making a direct sequel to Halo 3.

Joy to the world.
I hope your joking if not then your wrong about it being a direct sequel to halo 3
Easily explainable: a few years have passed, Spartan's have GEN3 MJOLNIR, Covenant have also changed their gear a little to be more updated, Promeatheans are arranged more to Cortana's liking.

Dismissing that, I'm very willing to suspend my disbelief to get rid of 343's art style.
As long as the armor looks nice, I don't really care where it came from. I've seen enough arbitrary artistic changes in Halo over the last few years, usually for the worse, that I could only be delighted by arbitrary artistic changes for the better.
The new art style was forced. If they force the old art style, good riddance. Lets take a piss in the faces of the people who pissed in ours.