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How to bring back custom games community?


A lot of my friends from Xbox were from Halo 3 customs, but since Reach no one plays customs anymore.

What ways do you guys think Infinite can bring back the custom games community?

I think havjng Forge on release is a huge deal, and we need a very easy way for us to download maps and game types. I remember Bungie back in the day would update a favorites list of custom games as well if I remember correctly I would love for 343i to post their favorite custom game types as well (Bring back double XP weekends do please lol). I’ve seen forum members request a matchmaking system, maybe for approved game types? I don’t know all I know is I would like for custom games to come back.
Halo 5's customs browser was a good idea in theory, however it ended up being filled with "assassinations" and childish "clan" nonsense. Maybe if spawning AI in Forge becomes possible in Halo Infinite, there will be more possibilities for fun custom games which could make the customs browser worth spending time in.
One word: UI.

H5 interface is not build for sharing content effectively. I'm certain that if the browser would have been more practical, we would have got a better selection already. A list with more infos about the game, mode, ping, playerbase... with a preview on the side over huge tiles alone would have helped a lot!

Secondly they should introduce a playlist with custom creation modes and maps. I always expect it, but we never get it!

Also make shared content more prominent during matchmaking, especially on the gamercard. While we wait for the game to start if we could browse the other gamers profiles, it would be a huge incentive to share more stuff!

In any case, the UI must be build around it to make it work! If the sharing of custom content doesn't work well or if people have a hard time playing them, there can't be an established creators community in first place.
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