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I have some concerns...


In total it will be a 6 year year wait for infinite. I get they wanna sell stuff, but any new halo release will sell. Especially as long as it has been. If it is cross platform, that means it can play on the current console.
So my concerns:
1. Are we waiting for an already finished game to boost profit?
2. Are the graphics lesser so it can play on old consoles ?
3. Judging by chief's armor, are they gonna go with the cartoony look from h4?
4. Will they actually take a que from og bungie to make the game fun again? ( vid master type stuff, special armors, ect )
5. Will they fix the ranking system based on skill and not grinding? ( kinda like the original trilogy, with some fixes )
6. Could we ever see a community like h3 again?
7. Will they bring back proximity voice? ( they should )
8. Will they bring back pre game lobby voice ( they should )
9. Will they bring back the ability to stay in lobbies and rematch a team? ( they should )
10. Will they bring back the in game sub menus for easy freinding/messaging ? ( they should )
11. Will they bring back new dlc maps or will we be stuck with few maps only to see forge maps in future builds like now ? ( which sucks, especially russet )
12. Will 343 gives us something to hold us over for the next year and a half? Besides a grind for a lousy emblem for Infinite that displays you had more time to play than most people? ( no job, responsibilities, ect )...maybe an armor or flaming helmet.....something that takes skil/team work l, not grinding.
I am sure you all have many questions.
Five years. Halo 5: Guardians came out in 2015.

Also wouldn't say the new art style looks like Halo 4. More like CE, in the latest trailer.

Will the community be like it was in 2007? Probably not. Nostalgia makes it seem greater than it was, so it'll be incredibly unlikely for it to reach the image we have of what the community was like in 2007.

Agree with the rest though. We'll probably have to wait until next year for those details.
Most of these could have and should have been answered this E3 in lieu of the lack of gameplay...
1. There's no way it's already finished and they're just waiting 1.5 years to release it. It took them a long time to build the engine and you can't build a game without an engine. If they were just using the same old engine as usual then I'm sure it would either be out already or at least come out this year

2. The XB1 will definitely hold it back just as consoles in general hold PC back.

3. I've seen people saying the trailer looked "cartoony/plastic", I personally don't see this at all. At most the colours are on the vibrant side but I wouldn't go that far to say it looks cartoony.

4. I mean it's not like they intentionally tried to make any of their games not fun haha. I'm sure their target is to make a fun game, whether they pull it off is another question.

6. If the game is great I'm sure we could but it'll be extra hard given how much competition there is now.

11. Man I hope so. Though I'm sure slipspace forge will look a lot better than previous games and if that's the case I wouldn't mind forge maps at all. Hell I don't mind them now, would just rather have developer maps.

12. They'll probably just focus on MCC until Infinite I'd imagine. Maybe they'll even port H5 to PC.
1. No. You'd rather have money now than money 15 months from now. If the game was finished, it would boost profits by selling now (by "now", I do mean with a proper marketing campaign, etc.)

4. They try every game. The goal isn't to make a not fun game. Sometimes those efforts fail. People forget, but Reach was horribly received because Bungie threw in all sorts of armor mechanics and randomization with blooming of weapon reticles that went against "classic" Halo. Reach, not Halo 4, was the beginning of the end of the peak of Halo.

5. Why not encourage grinding? It rewards those who play the game more. The goal is to get people to play the game more. If you don't have the skill to be a diamond because you're Gold 1 or something, no amount of grinding will get you there. I kind of like the system as it is set up, though I just miss numbers simply for comparison's sake. I got a 50 in Halo 3, but what does that compare to in Halo 5? Is that Champion? Because I've never been that high (though I typically just get placed and stop playing ranked, haha).

6. That's the goal, but it depends on how well the new Xbox sells compared to the PS5. One reason Halo 3 was so dominant is because the Xbox was so dominant. Putting Halo Infinite on PC and letting you play through your phone via Project xCloud will help artificially boost the amount of devices Halo Infinite is on. They're certainly putting their eggs in the Halo basket. My guess is even if we don't see the same level of community Halo 3 had, which will partially be because there's so many AAA FPS games now compared to then, fragmenting the population who would otherwise be on Halo, we will see the best community of 343's time with Halo.

7. No, they shouldn't and no, they won't. This incentivizes players not to chat in competitive matches because the enemy will know you're near them and it gives too much info away.

8. I'm not a fan of this, either, because too many people play music or breath heavy into their mic for no reason and I can't mute them in the pre-game lobby, though I'm less-strongly opposed to bringing this one back.

9. I hope they bring this back, but it's not that big of a deal if they don't. So you have to go out and individually invite people rather than press X or whatever it was on Halo 3, it's an extra step, sure, but that burden isn't all that high. I have no idea how difficult this is to code, but if it's going to take 1,000 hours to put into the game, just focus on the actual game because our burden without it is nominal.

11. Halo 5 had DLC maps that were not forge-created I thought, so I'm not sure what you mean by bringing it "back". I also don't care who designs the maps, we are getting new maps regardless. Who's to say 343 has the best map designers? My favorite Halo 3 map was Onslaught and that was not a Bungie creation. I don't care where the new maps are coming from, I just care that they're the best new maps we can get. Giving all the tools to the community (like Halo 5 did) and letting people make their own stuff is fine as long as they're the best map creators, and they very well might be.

12. They're giving us Reach on MCC and porting the entire MCC to PC. What else do you want from them? That's a major undertaking for decades-old games they are doing for us.
1) I dont really believe anyone would just sit around with a finished product when usually the profit seeking methods are quite the opposite, as in far too many times the games are rushed to be sold fast. Time is money and to some, less development time seems like more profits per unit of time when, in my eyes, it's not that simple mathematics. Properly made products create popularity which can help sales in the future and even post-release.
But in any case, no one would be crazy enough to just sit around and wait with a finished product in hand, at least such a long period. At most a short period to get the release near some holiday, usually the christmas.

2)I believe the graphics on the next console will be better with perhaps the Xbox one release having even a held down graphics to promote the new console. This though doesn't mean the one version could be graphically extremely bad but rather maybe not just as optimal as it could look.

3) Depends, it could look a bit childish to widen the audience but I doubt finalized look will look as plasticky as shown in E3 2019. Likely it will be more detailed.

4) Yet another one that is situational, there could be such features if such aspects are seen as worth the time and resources to develop.

5) Hopefully there will be some changes to the ranking system but as with many other questions this is pretty much fully up to speculation at the moment.

6) In what way? The size could be possible, even if not likely. Otherwise I dont think exactly same moments are likely but it's up to the people themselves. Too many variations to say.

7)8)9)10) entirely up to speculation but I hope such aspects return.

11) Depends, the risk is just splitting the playerbase and it's up to the number of active playerbase whether such option could be even considered.

12) Yet another aspect of the game that is up the speculation. I just hope people have learned for their mistakes and dont take fanbase for granted, not all people buy whatever with a brand "Halo" stapled onto it.
I think you should chill out. Sure its been awhile, but we are moving into next gen again, and this is how it goes, how it always goes. There not rebuilding the old engine over again, we are getting a full on new engine, so things take time.

Next up is halo 5. Halo 5 was done poorly when it came to marketing, they showed to much and fans leaped to conclusions , no fault of there own but because its bad misdirection from build up hype media. So ofc the game releases and its different than people expected. So its obvious they dont want to do that again.
They are also going for a soft reboot, in a way cortana by winning in halo 5 lets them just reset everything in the galaxy.

Next up the new halo 6 trailer itsself. Well it actually gives away quite a lot if you take your time to think about it. For a start, 343i dont want to talk about the new character in the trailer, but said you will get o know him. So i think its prity obvious to me anyway that this guy is going to fly you around, and your be able to have more freedom to fly around different parts of Halo Zeta and land in pre made landing zones. He will stand in for Cortana being chiefs eyes in the sky ext.
The new armor is prity much right out of halo CE and makes sense for a soft reset as well.

A lot of the other questions you seem to have are all about mp and how those systems work. I tihnk all of that is way to early yet, we are still way off from release, there is going to be another E3 show b4 halo 6 comes out, so all that kinda stuff will probably be talked about next E3.
I dont really get why people were expecting more. They always do it like this, 2 E3s are teaser trailers and the year the games going to release they use that E3 for the gameplay reveal. this is nothing different or new.