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IDEA: A new Game Mode

OP DioKiller98

Hi guys, i'm thinking a new game mode on Halo Infinite...Sorry for my bad english, i will try to take myself understood (PLEASE DONT KILL ME)
  1. Having great maps, with weapons place randomly.
  2. Minimum size of team: 2 Players (2-4), Max player Lobby >32.
  3. The Shield recharges while health no or only half. NO radar, NO infinite sprint (will be like Run on Reach, with a cooldown) and Thruster/Groundpound.
  4. The Players spawn randomly in at a point A, and must arrive at a point B before a fixed time (15-20 minutes), completing at least 1 of 3 optional "mission" or "target". The optional mission can be: (For example) Recovery Information (so, every team which has this mission can do that) or destroy covenant core or kill npc (the first team get the reward while the other one nope).
  5. Every player has the same weapon at the beginning of the match, with only half a clip.
  6. There are randomly terminals around the maps, which allow to player to select 1 power-up (Like Armor Mods on Warzone: Upgraded Shield, Grenade Expert, Reflex Enhancer, Patrol Case, Speed Booster and Increased Strength) but if he complete all 3 optional mission has 3 possible power-up.
  7. If the player arrive at the point B (having complete at least 1 optional mission), he will be rewarded with "points". These points must to be used to upgrade weapons/armor (Like Req Cards), but for the armor there is 5 level of upgrade.
  8. Every mod (Armor or weapon) can be selected before the start of the match (MAX 3 for match) but activated on the terminals quoted before.
  9. If the player DIE, he LOST EVERY MODS selected at the beginning (so he must to buy it again) but if his team complete the game, both get "points".
On this game you can complete the match without killing no one, so you can decide if playing stealth or like rambo on fire. It's different to a battle royale because not necessarily there is only 1 survivor.
The purpose of the game....idk, maybe complete the commendation and get xp or exclusive armor...
It's only an idea.. If you have any questions, just ask me.
Sorry again for my bad english
Nah chief, i’m Good
Sounds a little interesting but I'm not sure Halo is the right game for a mode like that.

A 15-20 minute time for each round sounds like it would be a VERY long game mode. For perspective, each round of warzone firefight is 5 minutes for a total of 20 minutes of round time if you went to the last second. Two rounds at 15 minutes is already ten minutes over that. For me, that's just too long of a game and I could see a lot of people quitting in the middle.

Halo multiplayer is also traditionally fast paced, as in little time goes between action. Unless the mode is just filled with enemies going from point A to point B, It would just be a lot of walking to get to a location to fight for a minute or so while you complete an objective. This is more acceptable in campaign because the game is building a narrative and story, this isn't so true in multiplayer and I think people would get bored.

Anyways, these are just my thoughts on it, feel free to refute them if I'm not understanding you right.
Battle Royale lol.

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