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Ideas for a Return of Invasion

OP Dark Rush z28

As a big fan of Invasion in Reach, I would personally love to see it return but modified for the times, with newer mechanics and more accommodating to modern players. As such, I have some ideas for doing just that.

  1. All objectives should be outdoors. Breakpoint is the best example of what I mean. None of the map objectives, whether it's capturing the starting areas, delivering the bomb or stealing the core, are indoors. Indoor environments, like capturing the navigation core on Boneyard, make doing the basic task of moving an object from one side of the map to another, way more difficult than it needs to be. Indoor environments allow for camping, limited vehicle support, and generally divide the gameplay into distinct and separate battles; one indoors and one outside, rather than one cohesive and chaotic experience. True, an attacking team with great teamwork can always defeat a less organized defending team, but a game shouldn't be based on the hopeful premise that a team will always be both skilled and copacetic. Seeing as many players just hop in, or are loners, like myself, they don't get to chat with friends and allies and win many of the matches they're in. Heck, sometimes the many friends you make are just not online and you just want to play some Halo. I believe teamwork should be the defining difference between a winning and losing team but not the only means to win. A few good players on a generally dysfunctional team should at least have the opportunity to try to win rather than take a shutout due to campers and limited lines of sight for combat, not to mention being completely exposed while delivering the core.
  2. All objectives should be available (in order) whether or not you complete the previous one. This sounds entirely counter-intuitive, I know, but hear me out. Nothing is less satisfying for the attacking team and boring for the defending team when the attackers get "skunked". It means the rounds are shorter, players don't get access to the better weapons and vehicles, and it probably is the reason why I find it harder to get a match for Invasion than most other game modes I play. People probably don't like playing a very one-sided match of Slayer with no power weapons and poor spawns. To combat this, I propose that even if the attacking team fails to capture or perform the objective for a certain phase of the mission, they still can proceed to the next, just without a point for it. Ultimately, what defines "winning" and "losing" in Invasion is having a point for each of the objectives. If both teams complete the whole thing, the points are 3 to 3, meaning both win. If both teams don't capture any of the objectives, the points are 0 to 0, and both lose, but still get to play a full round of Invasion with all the map has to offer. I argue that 343 should allow the game to continue to the more interesting sections with the power weapons and vehicles, just without the winning point allotted. For instance, if the attackers get the first objective, fail the second but get the third, they will still ultimately lose if the other team captures all three objectives. Only difference is, the game won't end for them on the second objective, denying what usually consists of the Elites getting to use the Wraith and Banshee, and denying the Spartans the Falcon and Scorpion. Winning still counts as winning, but everyone still gets to have fun.
  3. (Warzone Mechanic) Add AI Marines and ODST's to back up the Spartans and AI Grunts and Jackals to back up the Elites. (Heroic difficulty, but naturally low health) Now, don't tell me this wouldn't spice things up. When your fellow Spartans are too busy to jump into the Hog as your driver or gunner, have a marine take over that job. When you decide to take on a UNSC battalion as an Elite, have some Jackals with Beam Rifles and Needlers to back you up. The point is, they wouldn't be taking the vehicles for you (no Banshee stealing, for instance) or capturing objectives, but rather would help supplement the battle to make it feel larger and more dynamic. I feel it would aid the idea of an actual "Invasion".
These are the only ideas I have for now. Feel free to add to it. I think these changes and additions would make Invasion more friendly for newer and casual players, while also making the game feel more grand and larger than life.
I’d love to see a return of invasion, or at least a similar one sided attack/defence mode. That said I don’t know if I agree with your points, but I’m no game designer so I won’t argue them. I hope 343 would be able to pull it off though.
I would like to see invasion maps vary what you play as. This idea does require more playable species and being able to save sets of armour and have much more armour available like reach elite armour and storm armour, or for Brutes having covenant power armour and banished armour. Example one map is spartan v elites. Another is elites v Brutes. Elites v elites etc.

Warzone invasion
first round is based on the idea that the invaders are scouts. Small scale to start, maybe a few weak AI like marines and grunts with weak weapons.

After the first zone is captured (or bomb placement) the real invasion begins. The map opens up. Dropships start coming in and vehicles spawn. New weapons become available. Stronger AI appear. Final round is the same
I'd just be happy to see Invasion return. How it was in Reach was fun but I think it could do with more diverse objectives. For instance: add a VIP element to it, meaning the last round revolves around a VIP AI character that you need to free and escort to extraction.

I've also been thinking about something else: Invasion SWAT. Basically what you think it is: no shields, headshots only mixed with Invasion.
Weapons: BR, Pistol and Silenced SMG (ODST)
Smaller maps, catered to 4x4 action in 3 rounds. Stage 1 would be courtyards and outer walls surrounding it, multiple possible entry points. Stage 2 would be inside a main building, either trying to move up or push further inwards. Stage 3 would be similar but leading up to either an extraction by Pelican or making it back out the way you came in.
Force Attacking Team into black team colors (or even ODST/SPI armor for all I care) and defending team into something different.

Round 1: Attacking (ODST/SWAT) team comes in by Falcon or Troop Warthog. Can decide on multiple entry points. Objective is to break into the main building of the complex. It probably would take a short while for them to arrive, allowing the Defending team to take their positions (watch towers, maybe a single turret?)
Round 2: Attacking team needs to perform a task to advance to round 3. Meaning either: A: King of the Hill type control over an area for a certain time, B: Planting a bomb, C: Getting [X] kills. Defending team needs to prevent all this of course.
Round 3: Attacking team needs to either; A: Escort VIP AI, B: Plant bomb, C: Destroy data core.

The result would be fast paced, a bit more tactical than regular Invasion. Think Rainbow Six/The Raid/Dredd in terms of inspiration/feeling.
All great ideas imo.

personally if any of you played titan fall ... invasion with similar mechanics seems pretty cool to me . Instead of calling for a titan, you could call for ordinance drops where a pelican flies over and drops the requested supply.

Like warzone , except integrated ai to deliver vehicles and weapons. And with objectives oriented like invasion.
I like the idea of Warzone Invasion, meaning a big scale combat with AI support, objectives to unlock vehicles/defences and ordinance dropships. I also love the idea of having different factions! Banished vs UNSC, SoS VS Cortana's covenan, mmaybe even a three factions warfare!

However, classic 6v6 Invasion without any AI, three phases and assimetrical gameplay is also a lot fun and a lot more skill based as well. It's a formula true to Halo basically! It would be sad to lose it just to follow trends once again. The less Halo feels like Titanfall, Cod or R6 the better frankly!

Also it should be a social playmode. Invasion in the competitive playlist is a bad joke imho and the main reason why the population there is fading away. Reach in general is among the less competitive Halos out there, so putting invasion among arena game types doesn't make any sense to me.
A mix between Invasion and Warzone would be nice man. I'm not even joking.
The problem I see with all objectives being outdoors is almost the same reason why you do not want any of them indoors. A skilled person with a Banshee or Wasp can just as easily camp the destination. They could just hang back by thier homebade and wait to hear the bomb being planted and zoom on over blast it and go back to homebase again.

Having a mix of both indoor outdoor is best in my opinion. Either way Invasion needs to return!!
I totally agree with removing indoor objectives. Definitely encourages camping and slows the game down. Breakpoint is almost completely outdoors, and the game flows a lot better.
Unfortunately I don't see Invasion returning but if it did. Keep it the way it is but on a much larger scale. Think Rush from Battlefield, BFBC2/BF3 not the new doodoo.

32v32 at a minimum with drop in drop out. Personally I'd love 64v64 but I think that could become too much.
3-4 sets of com stations with the core delivery or like in the video linked above, destroy a faction item (Scarab, Mammoth etc.)

Pretty much I want to feel like were about to go to war with each other. Not a "wargames simulation" An actual large scale war. Thats what I would love Invasion to be.
A mix between Invasion and Warzone would be nice man. I'm not even joking.
It wouodn' t be bad, problems are reqs...
Kazhuira wrote:
A mix between Invasion and Warzone would be nice man. I'm not even joking.
It wouodn' t be bad, problems are reqs...
There are no REQs in Invasion, so problem solved! :)

But seriously now, I'm not a fan of loadouts, however in Invasion modes (even in Warzone Invasion) it kinda needs to be there. FIXED loadouts. Loadouts that you can't personalise that is. REQs would (imho once more) ruin the whole experience and become a balancing hell fest!
It would also practically force 343 to add playable elites.
I think it would be cool to have an invasion playlist, with the classic version of invasion, as well as some new versions. Here are some ideas off the top of my head:

1. Normal invasion: basically what Reach had.
2. Invasion large: invasion with more players, more vehicles, and bigger maps.
3. Land grab: a version of invasion in which opposing teams fight to push the other team out of the sectors of the map. Each map will be divided into 6 sectors, and the match starts between sectors 3 and 4. When one team is pushed to their last sector, it turns into a btb match. Either team can be pushed back or push forward.
4. Air assault invasion: the players get into their team’s respective air vehicle and take to the sky to battle for supremacy. Throughout the match, certain players will be designated as VIPs. The team to destroy the most VIPs wins.
5. Invasion War: the players have to battle for control of a massive map, using weapons and vehicles of all kinds. This mode uses AI like marines, ODSTs, grunts, jackals, and more. The players must partake in an all-out battle that features zones to be captured, VIP mini bosses to be killed (Hunters, AI spartan squads, etc.), and various flags and cores to be taken. The winning conditions are: being the first team to complete 25 objectives, completing the most objectives by the end of the timer, or having the entire enemy team quit (victory by default). Dropships fly in periodically to drop off AI allies, heavy weapons, or large vehicles.

I have more ideas, but I figure that you’ve been reading this post for long enough. If asked to elaborate on certain ideas, or say more ideas, I’d be happy to oblige.
It would also practically force 343 to add playable elites.
Invasion is my favorite game mode and would love for it to return. However I don’t think I’d enjoy these changes.