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If you could bring back a weapon and vehicle...

OP SerinVeya

If you had a magic ticket that bound 343 to make sure one weapon and one vehicle was guaranteed to be in Infinite at launch, what would you pick?

Personally, I'd go for the Grenade Launcher and the Spectre.

In the case of the Grenade Launcher, I just tend to love Thumper-style grenade launchers in general. It was easily my favorite weapon in Reach, and I was overjoyed to see it return in 5, even better than before. And having been playing Destiny 2 on and off these past few years, thumpers are just legitimately an amazingly fun time. Be great to have it in Infinite for sure.

As for the Spectre... honestly, I dunno. In the immortal words of Marge Simpson:
"I just think they're neat!"
Admittedly, I was extremely torn and almost chose the Mantis. I ADORE the Mantis, but I feel like the Mantis is something I'd be okay with waiting for as a post-launch addition. But with BTB 2.0, it'd be nice to have an alternative to the Warthog. And the Prowler just never really did it for me.

What about y'all? I'm legitimately curious. I'll also say that Halo Wars vehicles are allowed, so if you wanna get experimental (any other Cobra fans?), by all means!
I'm not sure which weapon I'd pick if I'm being honest. I want to go with something that stands out in Infinite's sandbox, but most weapons I'd default to have something that could easily fill the same role. The Grenade Launcher was a good pick, maybe something like the Brute Shot or Plasma Launcher could be good ones as well?

As for vehicles, easily the Falcon. UNSC vehicles are at their best when they bring people together. And the Falcon is the only aircraft that actually accomplished that for more than just memeing flag caps on Avalanche.
Spectre and DMR. Easy. But no bloom, dammit.
Probably not a fan favourite weapon, but one I'm fond of is the missile pod.

Vehicle it has to be the Elephant. There was something just so simplistic and enjoyable about Sandtrap when the Elephants were crashed together in the middle of the map.
Halo 3 Brute shot (with the Halo 2 melee bonus) or a viable Spiker.

Vehicles, the Falcon and its variants. Make it tankier and let it carry obj's like the new ground vehicle.
Halo 3 Brute shot (with the Halo 2 melee bonus) or a viable Spiker.
With how insanely cool the Banished Spiker looks in Halo Wars 2, not only do I hope we have it to use in Infinite, but like... Yeah. One good Spiker would be great. Finding out that the Reach Spiker does plasma damage, thanks to Ruby's Rebalanced, was the most confusing puzzle piece I'd ever been handed in my life. Like yeah, glad to finally figure out why a weapon that theoretically should've been stronger than it was in Halo 3 since dual wielding was gone became worse than a single wielded one in Halo 3. But how the hell did that happen?
Needler Rifle and the Revenant.
The remote detonator and the elephant. Say what you will, I found that little murder weapon entertaining in 4. And that big elephant vehicle is really cool.
I'd like to see the flamethrower brought back. It was so much fun to catch guys coming up the lift on Construct and setting the whole room ablaze. For a vehicle I'd like to see the Revenant back. Ripping around on a mini Wraith was so much fun.
I’d like to see the rail gun return. For the vehicles I’m just hoping for variants like in H5 (oni, Hannibal, sword etc. No banshee ultra’s though xD)
Spectre and CE Magnum or AR, I say AR because that thing thumped and it was really fun dumping 60 rounds into sword elites charging at you.