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If you could have 1 og map to be remade, which one

OP Typhaon2393

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I would choose either Blood gulch or Valhalla. Edit: what I consider OG is a bungie made map
I don’t know if they’re considered OG or not but I’ve always loved Reflection and Countdown. Both maps provided open areas for mass combat but at the same time a plethora of areas where 1v1 encounters could begin and end before a teammate could arrive.
I would have Battle / Beaver Creek.

Just so much fun... especially with shotguns.

But, on the same token, we need to prepare ourselves for 're-imaginings' as opposed to 're-makes'. Infinite is unlikely to have the same weapon or movement sandbox than the OG game so everyone gets disappointed when their previous tactics no longer dominate.
If i had to choose one it would be a 4v4 map because it would get more playtime, however if I chose a BTB map it's either be Headlong, Sandtrap or Breakpoint.

For 4v4 it's a toss up between The Pit, Beaver Creek, Damnation, Zealot and Countdown. I'll choose The Pit, very versatile map that gets hype.

There's a lot of maps in Halo that could do with a re-imagining though. I always felt Reach was so close yet so far. Boardwalk, Powerhouse, Swordbase and Reflection all were close but needed some alterations to flow better. Even Condemned, though that would need a complete overhaul, like remove the middle and make it chillout-esque, the aesthetic was cool though. H3 had some great mid-sized maps that could be reworked like Highground, Longshore & ghost town. If Halo takes a leaf out of overwatch's book and uses territories like a phase then those maps could get a lot of use. H2 had some great BTB maps like Terminal and Waterworks etc.

I wouldn't like to see many remakes in the new game but i would like to see 343 using winning or promising layouts and using it as a springboard, because i don't see much promise in their maps imo. I liked Plaza, though the colour filter on it made it hard on the eyes.
Guardian. Such a fun map.
Blood Gulch, Valhalla or Narrows
MrRuSs3LL wrote:
Guardian. Such a fun map.
I agree, it brought a lot of memories.
Midhsip and it's derivatives are my favourite Halo multiplayer maps, I would love for there to be a Halo Infinite version.

There's not enough urban city maps.
I think Guardian from Halo 3 would be awesome.
Zanzibar/Last Resort
The Pit is by far one of my favorite maps.
I was going to go with a mainstream selection here, but those will be well covered. I’ll go with H4 Settler (not OG, but weirdly underrated).
I would say either Containment or Sandtrap. Both are huge maps done right, with plenty of weapons and vehicles, plus Sandtrap has Elephants.
Blood gulch with some RVB nostalgia added in
i would want Blood gulch. mainly because it was my favorite map and i have the most memory's on that map with friends.
Probably highlands for btb and high ground for 4v4
i think the definition of OG is vary unclear. i know a definition was given by OP but i think it's a strange definition and it could be better.
for example:
halo ce is the OG halo. every map there is OG and therefore any map in a follow up wasn't in the OG game and therefore isn't OG (wouldn't be my definition)
or OG could be a map which wasn't remade or reinterpreted, like for halo 2: coagulation isn't OG (blood gulch remake) but lockout is OG. i kind of like that definition more.

anyway: to me blood gulch should be remade, bc to me this is the defining halo map overall (of course just subjectively)
Valhalla. I was not happy with the Halo 5 version
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