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OP saifa117

SooOOo... I was thinking, what could 343 pull off that would be a total game changer. They say this halo is supposed to be a spiritual reboot. That gets me thinking. How will they capture the wonder aspect of halo? Better graphics are nice, but something tells me we could be getting a very big suprise.

Microsoft has talked about their x-cloud, and I suspect they have a trick up their sleeve to sell it with an old concept that hasnt worked well yet... but that can change really soon.

VR or virtual reality has its severe limitations in the graphics part , because usually the devices playing it are a headset, or a phone.... which have very limited graphical capabilities. However. . . with x-cloud, you should be able to play halo in a VR experience because there is virtually no limit to the graphical capability there.

I know what you are thinking... that is a terrible idea, cuz latency, and microsoft wont be able to then sell their new xbox with halo.
HOWEVER... you forgot a very niche thing microsoft has said about x-cloud. . .
X- cloud will allow you to stream games.... from you own xbox !
What does this mean? It means VR with low latency is possible.
What does this mean for halo? Well it means... in the least... that halo can have an explore mode... where you can explore the enviroment in a way never seen before.

What are your thoughts on this?
Edit: Also... it means you can have the vr experience without an internet connection
I don't think VR is on the level just yet where Microsoft would take the risk of implementing it into a mainline Halo game.

I would imagine that there would be VR spinoff Halo to test the waters first on the next gen.
If they incorporate just half of the kind of stuff found on Installation 07 that was put in Halo: Primordium, I think the community will be pleasantly surprised.
Problem is there isn't VR for xbox yet. Recently it was announced that MS, Valve, and HP are now working on a next gen VR set but that will probably take a couple years I'd assume if they're not starting now. Infinite will also be on PC but I don't know, I can't see them making VR only for PC, who knows though.
I think that VR would be a good way to port Fireteam Raven over to console.
MysticKami wrote:
I think that VR would be a good way to port Fireteam Raven over to console.
That's actually a really good idea.
The idea of "environments you can explore" is what made CE so special to me. It's something that hasn´t been recaptured afterwards. I was expecting more levels like silent cartographer, 343 GS and Halo, or maybe even craizier stuff like diving deep into massive oceanic caves, flying for km in dark canyons and mountains, getting absolutely lost in forerunner structures that you can never fully finish discovering, getting entire covenant ships to explore, things like those you can do in custom edition maps like coldsnap, extinction or hugeas.
I don't really think VR is something that should be risked for Infinite.
Infinite is a continuation of Halo 5 so it means it's gonna be a mainline Halo game, they also said it's gonna be releasing on the PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One so that pretty much means no. I will not be VR.
Microsoft have been reasonably consistent in their message. They don't see VR as an important cog for consoles going forward.

Nothing in their XSX reveal so far points to VR being available.

However, they do appear to be helping HP develop their new VR set.