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[Locked] Infinite Tech Preview – Bot Arena

OP snickerdoodle

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Welcome to the second Halo Infinite technical preview! As you participate, we would love to get your thoughts on specific areas and have threads dedicated to each one right here on Waypoint.

This thread is focused on collecting input on Bot Arena. To provide your thoughts on other aspects of the flight, please use the dedicated threads for each key area:
For bugs or technical issues, please utilize the Halo Insider Support site’s knowledge base and submit tickets as necessary. To reiterate, if you encounter a bug, please submit a ticket via the Halo Insider Support page.

Thank you for participating in this Halo Infinite technical preview, we hope you have fun and please share your thoughts with us below!
Yes the threads are locked, no you can't post yet.

The threads will open as the areas open up for the tech preview!
Can I first just say what an amazing addition bot area is, it is a perfect way to test weapons, maps and accuracy. Like many other parts of this preview, you have really outdone yourself and has built on the halo experience we all know and love.

The ability to edit the bots, while the game was ongoing, is an excellent feature and makes trying out new things super fluid. The UI was responsive and clear, I believe this will help many new players and veterans to polish how they play without any controllers being broken. However, when I did try and change some setting while I was in the death animation, all weapon slots stitched to ‘none’. I presume this is because I had died and is deliberate. The bots were able to use the active camo ability, repulsor and shield. But to my knowledge I didn’t see any of them use the grapple.

I think a few more options in the settings could be a great addition, like being able to change the health and shield amounts to make it a bit more challenging or similar to a swat or action sack game mode could work. maybe even the ability to edit the bots load out would also be a good tweak.

I found one spot on live fire, just in the middle entrance of the tunnel, where bots would get stuck and vibrate in place. I have only encountered this twice so far; it is something that wasn’t too unexpected, and it didn’t impact the game as that bot died at some point and got reset.

But if I’m honest, its super fun, pretty problem free and it feels like halo. Which is something I think everyone can get behind.
Good to see the bot difficulty increased. It's much more of a challenge now, but, I have noticed on spartan difficulty and maybe other difficulties that their aim with non precision weapons are a touch too accurate at long range, in my opinion.

Also, tested 1v1 and I have noticed that the bot sometimes gets stuck at spawn points. Possibly waiting for team intel on where to go? And did not gravitate to challenge power ups, power weapons. Notably on spartan difficulty.

Another thing is that where 1 player is playing with a roster of bots it would be good to have a mode for solo queue style matches where the enemy team bots do not share intel except for in game functions, as when playing with team bots you obviously can't exactly "call out" to the team bots, etc. which I think gives the enemy bot team an unfair advantage.

Thanks for giving many of us a chance to play the game early and the ability to provide some input.
Gotta add I love the fact bots are finally being added a much needed addition to bring halo into more modern times in ome areas

I really feel the game is going in a bad direction with the no player identity in starts

I really miss weapon load outs even if it was just a 2-3 weapon choice, feels so awful after a while hopefully they have a mode with them in it, id love for there to be that flexability to match making of load outs or no load outs one of my favorite things in MCC since both are fun but both have their own

issues.radar should increase a bit

game play felt unrewarding a lot of the time (might of be due to some movement issues i had with pc version tho)

the assault riflle doesnt feel like an assault rifle anymore the same gun thats been so familiar in so many games, so just worsens the starting with neutral weapons feeling even more

how long are wait time for flight test
So, this is all I got for now.

-Xbox Series X (September Public Dashboard OS);
-Controller Elite Series v2;
-Language: Italian; Country: Italy;
-LG OLED B7 55" (using Calibrated HDR Game mode);
-Lucid Sound LS35X with DTS: Headphone X enabled.

Halo Infinite settings changes from default:
-FOV 90.

  • Main Menu: as soon as Flight 2 is started, there is a flash transition to the main menu, then instantly on the new loading screen and then again on the main menu. It's a bit annoying to see at every start;
  • Main Menu: there are some reflections' flickering on left and right side of the floor, right below the parked Pelican;
  • Main Menu: when entering/exiting Settings submenu there is a "green flicker/flash" on screen for a brief moment, similar to a signal error;
  • Main Menu: Spartans/Weapons/Vehicles models in the showroom are a bit too much aliased, edges should be smoother;
  • Main Menu: disabling Running/Speed "lines" effect has no effect when applied from Main Menu. It applies in-game correctly (enabling/disabling it again), but the effect will appear again on new matches (even if the settings remains disabled in the Settings menu). It won't stick;
  • In-Game Menu: when opening and navigating Settings Menu while in-game, there is a very annoying "flashing" of the entire screen in and out of the actual game, which could be a big issue for photosensitive and epileptic people out there;
  • Shooting Range: there is noticeable stutter during camera, player and bots movement. It's really bad and annoying but strange as this is non existent in actual game matches (Training Mode and Social Slayer);
  • In-Game: our Spartan HAS NO LEGS. When looking down only our shadow on the terrain is visible, along with our footprints on mud and other surfaces but without any leg model/animation like in previous Halo. That was weird!
  • In-Game: explosions' effects could be better, especially plasma explosions which still look like exploding ink. Frag granades explosions could have more smoke and depth. See Halo 2 Anniversary Campaign and Multiplayer for good explosions reference;
  • In-Game: I noticed some random light flickering on some of the Arena maps (both in Recharge and Bazaar).
  • Nothing to report here: both main menu and in-game music and all audio effects and design is just THE BEST I'VE EVER EXPERIENCED IN A GAME. Also everything worked as expected. A true standing ovation to the Music/Audio teams here. You Nailed it. Really!
  • Current system to switch Granades type in Training Mode is cumbersome (push Left D-Pad, then have a look on current available granades type and switch Up D-Pad for changing it or Left D-Pad again to keep those in use). I think that just pushing Left D-Pad to cycle between them would be much more easy/intuitive and functional, as it always been and as it seems it already is in Social Slayer 4vs4. Same direct cycling is highly preferrable also in Campaign;
  • In-Game: sometimes while playing there is a full freeze of around 10 seconds, then everything starts moving again. Very worrysome!
  • Main Menu: The detailed final Score table after a match is not sorting the best players accordingly. E.g. the best player of a team (best score + best K/D/A ratio + best aim etc.) is wrongly put as last of the squad, or randomly in the middle;
  • Main Menu: Spartan ID customization is greyed out / not accessible;
  • Store: Purchased items in the in-game Store cannot be equipped -> Xbox Live Error.
  • With my Series X set in Italian/Italy there is no English voiceover at all (no Personal AI dialogues, No Narrator, No Spartans chatter, nothing). Just Italian subtitles;
  • Most of texts are already translated in Italian while many others don't (e.g. Challanges and Challanges Description, Maps Descriptions etc.);
  • I really hope the final game WILL have Italian voiceover and audio too?
All in all, I'm really having a blast with Halo Infinite MP and I truly believe you all at 343i created something truly special which was strongly missed both by the gaming industry and mainly by all players around the globe.
I really can't wait to also fully dig in BTB 12vs12 next week (so to prepare a "Part 2" of this overall feedback post) and especially see what you've cooked Campaign wise.
In the meanwhile, keep it up with this outstanding work!
-Stuttering issues when going up and down ledges along with forward movement lag.
The bots were greatly improved the Spartan and ODST difficulty has been changed for the better IMO
After a few matches it won't let me play multiplayer or academy. Acts like it's stuck looking for a game in bot arena. I try to cancel search and nothing. I have to quit the game once I go back in it's fine.
Playing on series x.
I would like to see an increase in bot difficulty and more objective modes on different maps (for instance, CTF on maps other than Bazzar).
So far I have had a great experience with the Bot Arena. The game is a little choppy for me but that's on the entire game and I'm sure that will be worked out. The bots are very smart. I love the fact that you are able to up the difficulty as well. As far as true issues I have found one that has happened repeatedly for me. When a friendly bot goes for an armor upgrade it will stutter on top of it and never pick it up. It will fix whenever I pick it up. Of course I would rather pick it up than them but I think they should either not go for them, or just pick them up and use them if I am not there for it. Other than that, I will keep playing and see if anything else jumps out at me. Well done 343!
I would like to see an increase in bot difficulty and more objective modes on different maps (for instance, CTF on maps other than Bazzar).
Agreed. The bots are waaay too easy.
I found the issue as to why sometimes you spawn without a Sidekick :
When you switch to ODST/Spartan difficulty, the loadout wants to match with BR/AR starts. The bug occurs when you spawn with AR/Pistol anyway.
Upon dying, your AR is still detected as part of your loadout, but it does not spawn the BR onto you, and as such you end up with AR/Nothing.

This can be seen when you pull up Training settings and you have your Primary as AR and your Secondary as None.
I really liked that you can do some of the weekly challenges in Bot Arena. And liked the fact that you can’t do all your weekly challenges, otherwise they’d be too easy.

Others have mentioned the difficulty, it would be cool if you could matchmake bot arena at the different bot difficulties, as they are very easy now. I played a number of games and I never saw the bots get a single kill or a single objective point.
Bot arena only seemed to be recruit when i played should be a mix like odst and spartans in there!
Now this feedback is for not only the Bot Arena, but for Training Mode, custom matches featuring Bots, and maybe matchmaking too because it’s really about the Bots and the options for them. I’ve also shared this under the Training Mode feedback thread, but it might be more appropriate here so I’ll share it again.

The bots play like noobs in PvP on marine. This is a huge improvement over previous installments. Fun to play spectacular addition. Do note it was quite easy to just circle around an smack them up close. The Spartan an ODST bots are quick shoot more accurately an are very dangerous when team shooting. The Spartan bots freeze up on certain spots on the map an don't know how to camp. At this point I'd say One HW2 legendary Spartan Jerome in PvP is about as difficult as two Spartan bots teamed up. Im comparing them based on difficulty in PvP if you don't come prepared expect to get dropped.
Is Bot arena supposed to be available all weekend and not just during the specific matchmaking times? If I click “multiplayer” on the menu I get an infinite loading logo and never proceed to the menu to chose bot arena.
I like the new feature and found it as a good training practice for online matches with friends. This was a good way for weapon expiremintation and I still think the graphics are outstanding.
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