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[Locked] Infinite Tech Preview – Bot Slayer

OP snickerdoodle

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Welcome to the eagerly awaited Halo Infinite technical preview! We are looking for feedback on specific areas and have threads dedicated to each one right here on Waypoint.

This thread is focused on collecting feedback on Bot Slayer. To provide feedback on other aspects of the flight, please use the dedicated threads for each key feedback area:
For bugs or technical issues, please utilize the Halo Insider Support site’s knowledge base and submit tickets as necessary. To reiterate, if you encounter a bug, please submit a ticket via the Halo Insider Support page.

Thank you for participating in this Halo Infinite technical preview, we hope you have fun and please share your thoughts with us below!
Firstly, even with the most up to date versions of AMD's drivers, the game will not exceed 40 fps even on low graphic settings.
Secondly, I played an entire match where all my audio felt like it was 20 feet away from me.
The whole audio glitch happened to me only when I had joined a game in progress. All audio excluding spartan chatter was muffled/significantly quieter.
The cinematic glitch happens alot, and sometimes when you die, your Spartan has this strange body effect where it will have these holographic white wave of bubbles all over your body, and you would be see through while T posing on the floor dead Lol
I'm unsure if this is intentional or not, but when grenades drop off a dead body, they seem as if they're already triggered/thrown due to their glow.
I got a invitation but it's not working.
Bot Slayer bugs encountered:
-Bots consistently will go left lane on game start. Have not yet seen them employ another tactic.
-Spike grenades can sometimes have clipping issues and wont stick to enemies
-Can die in intro cutscene of matches
-Controller inputs stop responding along side horrible fps stutters
Bug where multiple Spartans can pick up a power weapon at the same time. I have also had the game crash when this happens.
Slide feels pretty useless. Its slower than normal movement, creates a somewhat larger hitbox for spraying weapons to hit, and doesn't travel far enough. While base movement and sprint speed are well balanced, the slide itself is not something I would consider apart of that toolkit. Either buff it or remove it.
Quite a lot of games I have noticed that the bots all pathfind to the middle and end up in a clump of 3. Also sometimes 2 boys pathfind to the small hole passage on the map which gets them stuck
Bots seem to break sometimes when activating Camo. Had one pop it once and then just stand still
One issue I'm having is Weekly slaying challenge (kill 50 enemy Spartans) not tracking my progress correctly Got two matches in a row with about 20 kills each but it only shows that I killed 26.
Not a lot of bot-specific feedback in this thread lol

Here are my current thoughts on them:

When I saw the bots were ranked "recruit" I fully expected them to be punching bags. To my surprise, they're incredibly competent foes. I'm kind of scared to see how they behave at higher skill levels.

Weird thing I noticed: if a bot is shooting at you and you stand still they seem to get confused for a second and not really know what to do. I paused a few times to adjust my settings while playing, and a few times the bot just walked away from me instead of killing me.
Not sure if I am the only one but the bots on the enemy team seem to favor their grenades too much. I could be in a situation where they could melee but instead fall back and drop a grenade for the kill/damage.
Bug where multiple Spartans can pick up a power weapon at the same time. I have also had the game crash when this happens.
I have video of this happening, me and a guy both picked up the big spike launcher thing (can't remember name sorry lol) then we just looked at each other like wtf and the game crashed about 3 seconds later.
1) Jump height seems a bit too low. A slight increase would be great.
2) Hitmarkers are too distracting IMO. Would love a toggle.
3) I’m having trouble getting a good idea how much ammo I have at a glance. This leads to me reloading when I don’t really need to. Can there be an option to bring back the classic ammo counter design with bullets instead of numbers? It’s a lot easier getting a read on my rounds that way. This was a change that never needed to happen. The old system is more effective.
4) I can’t see how damaged an enemy player is. The shield flare effect is difficult to make out with the outline system, as they are the same color.
5) I phase through teammates. Is this intentional? If so, that’s a really disappointing change. A common Halo activity is stacking on player heads. This change seems really unnecessary.
6) Is there a way you guys could bring back Red vs Blue as an option? It’s easier reading who the enemy is that way.
7) Who the heck is Butler? Is there a way to change that voice to Jeff’s? Or maybe turn it off? (As an option. This is really minor.)
My little nitpicks:

1. Bots really seem to like going to the left lane of Live Fire. (The open-ish area to the front of the battlerifle spawn in the initial building) Have had all 4 of them laser me with their pistols at the start of the game while trying to get the Battle rifle.

2. Marine Bots also seem to never use power weapons, because I still have never seen them carry anything other than an odd pulse carbine and needler every now and then.

3. The deployable shield imo shouldn’t come with 2 uses. 1 should be enough. In my opinion, a slight buff to the shield strength might be warranted if it was reduced to 1 though.

4. The pulse carbine should have a faster projectile speed and less or no tracking capabilities to make it more like the close-mid range shield stripper it is. (If the tracking is to be kept, please make it just a tiny bit stronger)

5. The map Live fire is a bit lacking in the equipment department, because so far I’ve only seen the deployable shield be used in it. Technically 2 if you count overshield.

6. Fallen frags from dead spartans look like live grenades because of the orange glow they give. It looks pretty confusing and can distract the player.

7. The AR’s ammo counter (the one on the actual gun) is kinda dim, it’s pretty hard to read.

8. Some of the spartan voices during combat aren’t that great to hear honestly, some of the voices sound kinda young, (like teenager young) and just don’t sound like supersoldiers.

9. Firearm sounds seem to be muffled a bit, they’re usually very hard to hear even with soundFX volume turned all the way up.

10. Needlers feel a bit too strong in (ro)bot hands, but that might just be me.

11. Please let us change the reticle and/or target radar color. I want to make the enemy team yellow for the classic shields but that also changes the “red” reticle and enemy icons on radar, which just feels weird.

12. While the skewer is infinitely satisfying to kill with, I think it would fit more in BtB or vehicle maps than standard 4v4 slayer maps.

13. Enemy bots (both odst and marine) rarely use powerups. I’ve only seen 1 odst use active camo, but nothing else.

14. The bots in recharge also really seem to like going in specific places. They always crowd in the tunnel to the right of the grav hammer spawn. Got lasered by their pistols, again.

15. The rocket launcher’s reload animation feels like it’s missing a few frames, it doesn’t seem as smooth as other reload animations.

16. The ravager feels kinda bad, but that might just be me.

17. Overshield should be displayed better, it’s kind hard to tell whether enemies have overshields or not.

18. Give us a medal or something for giving teammates weapons, I hardly see anyone do that, so a little incentive is probably needed.

19. Imo the threat sensor could use a buff to it’s range, a nerf to It’s cooldown or charge amount can be done to balance it out a little.

20. The needler should probably have some extra melee damage because you’re literally whacking them with dozens of sharp, explosive needles.

21. Imo, spartan bots aren't that big of an upgrade from the ODST bots, I still mostly win steaktaculars, with the bots having about less than half our score (to be fair though, that's more than what the odst bots usually had). I think spartan bots could use a general buff, and please make them seek and use power weapons often, because 90% of the time, they only use the default loadout.

22. I've been crashing/disconnecting a few times lately.

23. I think fast walking enemies should show up on the radar, because currently the motion tracker kinda blows.

Things I like:

1. The bots feel strangely human, to the point that i forgot they were bots and thought they were just some slightly bad players.

2. The bots take advantage of equipment like the shield well, and don’t just spam them randomly.

3. The marine bots are actually pretty smart, they take cover, run away from most unwinnable fights and rush you down when your shields are busted.

4. The Assault rifle is pretty good now, it kills pretty quickly, not too quickly however and has good range if you have good trigger discipline, which is everything i ever wanted for it.

5. The sidekick is great, not too powerful like the halo 5 and CE versions, but good enough to be a great starting weapon.

6. The commando is great! I love the firing sound and how powerful each shot feels and sounds.

7. Bazaar is a good map, I have a blast playing in it.

8. The grappleshot is hella fun to use, and rivals the titanfall grapple.

9. I absolutely adore how Jeff Steitzer says “No-Scope”

10. While the heatwave feels kinda weak, it’s very fun to use.

11. The AI companions are very nice, Circ is best girl and Butlr is hella classy and cool.

So far, halo infinite feels and plays great. Most of the bugs i have found aren’t that bad and the game runs pretty well for me. I’ve been having a blast playing it the past 2 days. I’ll probably add to this list some more as i play and discover more of the game.
LarvaTech wrote:
I'm unsure if this is intentional or not, but when grenades drop off a dead body, they seem as if they're already triggered/thrown due to their glow.
I can't tell you how many times I've jumped away from those things tonight thinking I was done for
Bots feel really uneven, at times I've seen bots group up and push out a 2 man team, at other times it's like a feeding frenzy where it's more like live fire shooting range. Don't really think it's about player skill. It honestly feels like sometimes the bots take it personal.
My feedback is centered of AI behavior in particular during the bot matches. Based on first impressions, when a power item on the map is active, I think that having most of the bot team group around that power item should be revised. Possibly only two in the bot squad to ensure the position, while the others try to initiate a counter flanking attacking players. There is also the frequent times where AI bots are stagnant for a few seconds after respawning, allowing too easy mind-numbing kills. I would like to see more variety in AI responses and strategy of playstyle for the bots, to allow all skill levels of players to be able to continuously learn various situations while intuitively learning map awareness.
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