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[Locked] Infinite Tech Preview – PC Specific Feedback

OP snickerdoodle

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A good amount of bugs I've experienced and in terms of performance of the game have already been talked about I assume but there's one in particular I guess I wanna mention, if it hasn't already.

Custom mapping for an Xbox controller, specifically when resetting to defaults, will crash the whole game for me. Another question I have when it comes to custom mapping on a controller is about the zoom level. In previous Halo games, there was only ever one button that you needed to zoom in and zoom even further but in Infinite it's separated into two different commands.

Why is that? Cause I certainly prefer just having one button to do all of that. I've always been used to zooming in by clicking right stick and cant do that anymore with zoom and zoom level being separate from each other.

Trying to custom map zoom level left me with an empty, unmappable command as clicking down on left stick is used for sprint already. I've haven't tried custom mapping it again in the past few days but maybe not being able to have left stick click work for both sprint and zooming after trying to edit zoom in level is also a bug since it's set that way by default?

I hope this gets fixed by launch.
The Spartan bots are a good step up from the ODST's, they are more environmentally aware and engage in more strategic combat. I do notice that they are still all 4 pushing mid map at the beginning instead of splitting up for power weapons/powerups and that they give up the high ground too easy (rush to be on the same level as their target).

Their grenade placement is magnificent and in acceptable situations try to pin grenades behind you as real players would. Finally, the bots fail to survey the area as they move around, seemingly moving to a specific location without observing the center of the map as they transition to a new area/position.

I wonder how they operate in objective game types..
I'm stuck at the three loading dots screen now. Haven't had that happen since the first couple hours of the flight launch.

Overall, PC performance has been a little below expectation, every for a first flight. I have faith they will continue to optimize until launch though.

Other than that, the game is so fun!
hey 343 i just wanted to let you know the game looks great and the ui is a lil buggy but i know your trying your hardest i just wanted to say your doing great so far the bots are actually really good im using a gtx 1660 super 6gb with 16gb ddr3 1600hz and an i 7 4790k liquid cooled at 1920x1080 pushing about 70 to 60 fps solid depends on condions of envrionment i would say no matter the settings i put it sill seems like the game is a bit unoptomized for the current state. i will say i love playing it non the less and thank you guys so much for choosing me to help test your game out! also one major issue i have found throught this forum is the fact that your settings are reset upon launch i have personnaly been affected by this issue so pls fix thx
When I join running games, the audio seems to muffled itself. I have experienced this 3 times now.
  1. I accidently rebound walk forward and now when I try to rebound it back it's an immediate crash. Restoring defaults doesn't work. (A problem I just ran into on the 1st of August.)
  2. 5120*1440 resolution is way too zoomed in on the intro to matches basically cutting off a third of the vertical screen space as well as most menus except for all settings menus. (Works really well during gameplay from my experience.)
  3. Some match disconnects, audio being muffled, and all settings being reset on relaunch sometimes.
  4. The game doesn't running smoothly on any graphic settings(It's a tech preview so not entirely surprising). Hopefully the game will support FSR and DLSS on launch.
  5. Not sure about the guns having recoil but would play more flights to see if I can get used to it. I believe most Halo players wouldn't like it either but could be wrong.
  6. Please don't buff pistol to the Halo 5 one leave it as is with maybe a magazine bump. (This really killed Halo 5 in the end for me.)
  7. Also these bots are pretty good with nades and are generally a threat, so great job on that one. I'm looking forward to playing the campaign on legendary to see if it will translate to the AI there.
I got 30-40 fps everything low at 1080p. updated the drivers at 21.7.2 Sometimes the screen got freeze and have to close it with task manager, other times when i join a match where it started i dont have good audio, sounds very bad like almost no audio, in maps like livefire and Baazar got sometimes 20fps
My specs
RX 590 Sapphire
Ryzen 5 2600
B450 Tomahawk
16GB RAM GDDR4 3200 MHZ Corsair
Mobiuz ex2510 144hz
I just had a weird thing happen during a match. A team mate and i were waiting on the sniper to spawn and we both picked it up. When i looked he had one and i had one and they were both useable. Not sure if this happens on every version but it happened on the PC version.
Keybiding ° left to 1 crashes the entire Build.
Other than frame rates / buggy sprint animations and my main complaints are.

1. AIM ASSISTS IS TOO CRAZY. I was rank 40-60 many times on H5 And I’m a diehard h2 player. I go back and forth on all these from pc to Controller. But on infinite the difference from controller to PC is just dumb unfair. Controller average player is like pro level PC for aim due to how hard aim assist and magnetism works… I firmly believe this will make competitive Atleast for the PC players almost worthless.

2. Melee doesn’t have the same “ oomph “ it always has had previously. Before it felt like you were truly the mass of a man a Spartan is when smacking things. As on this game it feels like a grunt melee.

3. certain guns are AMAZING like the BR. But other guns feel lacking in the visual / feel regard like the needles doesn’t feel like your just destroying someone with impales and such exploding. The needles look and feel as if your shooting a nail gun instead..

4. Game Crashing when you change the voice chat button in settings consistently.

5. aim sense on PC just seems “ off “ when in zoom….

other than those things I think the game seems great! I do hope graphics get a little better and more optimized for PC. As running a 2080 super I get 70-80 frames which is pretty terrible for a game of this cal… all of this I’ll still buy the game regardless but for the love of god

I played the flight on PC and did not really encounter any issues other than the matchmaking issues that were already mentioned however if I got put into a game after it had already started my audio would be muffled but it would go back to normal after the match as well I did crash a couple of times after Saturdays steam update came out, It was still manageable and very fun I appreciate the opportunity to play the flight thank you so much, you guys are great!
Plays okay for a tech preview. I assume pre-beta so some things are expected. With that said here is what I noticed. I will say what's good at the end, but the focus is negative so things can be improved upon.

1: Running an i9 and RTX 2080 the FPS could be better for sure. At some point I had around 100FPS, but during Saturday, there was a 5 GB update and it could only get around 80.

2: There is an issue where it does not keep all my settings; had to setup my key bindings, FOV and sensitivities every time I took a break (exited the game, and then came back).

3: The AI can be ridiculous with laser aim. Also, they don't seem to know you're there because of radar, they turn in an instant when there is the possibility of line of sight between you and them. I came around a corner and they were walking away from me but instantly turned around. This is not the way.

4: Dead players' grenades look like they are going to explode so it causes some confusion.

5: When sprinting, the screen shake seems too jittery. It's smooth while normally walking and jumping. Moving the screen shake slider zero seemed to do nothing for this.

6: Zoom, and this is my opinion, is hardly useful to me. First, calling it zoom isn't necessary anymore. It's ADS. Every other shooter is ADS. Every other shooter also doesn't kick you out of aiming down sight when you get hit. It absolutely throws aim off, please let us stay ADS. Take away that weird blurry filter on the pistol's zoom The skewer's zoom is all sorts of awful; dark red and blurry with vignette black borders.

7: The time to kill seems way long compared to previous Halo games. Maybe it was just me. With all weapons but was noticeable with the gravity hammer. Seems to now take up to two swings to kill.

8: An extension of time to kill is the melee. I know there was a known bug with melee not registering but I can't imagine it happening that often. 3 times on a bot and most of the time they laser me before the 3rd.

9: More on time to kill. Where is the normal shotgun? The heatwave and bullfrog took too many shots.

10: Assigning things in the customization is weird. To have to select the color to bring up another box to click the checkbox isn't intuitive.

11: The inclusion of battle pass confuses me. Do you really need to follow suit with all the other free to play people? Fortnite, Warzone/COD, Apex Legends, Rocket League, Valorant, etc. I know you're doing Halo Infinite Multiplayer as Free to Play, but we have to buy battle pass to get good stuff to customize? Remember Halo 2 and 3? Still good customization and those things weren't behind a paywall. There were challenges and not much was added to the games after release. I don't remember anyone complaining that they couldn't pay for a glittery assault rifle with pink tracers or purple zebra camo helmet. Halo doesn't need it. We don't need it. You can let CoD keep that stuff because if it causes issue there (problems with certain effects causing your vision to be obscured way more than if the enemy was shooting at with a normal weapon), then it can cause issues in Halo. I don't know what battle pass has or what you have planned, but if it's along the same lines, then that's a problem.

I know that this is the longest rant, but it's a very sore spot for me. For some reason a portion of the gamer population feels that if it's a popular game and it has a bunch of cool collectibles, they want them! Not bad by itself, but some feel they don't want to do the work themselves, so let's just download a little aimbot or wall hack program to help me run through this. I'd rather pay extra for the multiplayer to not have a battle pass. But neither would be necessary based on past Halo experiences not needing that. I really hope that focus would not be on cosmetics after the game release, but more on map releases, and balancing.

The good: The game is simpler and paired down. And I love it. Less is more. This is actually hard to explain, but it's good to the point that I'm very excited. I can't wait to see improvements to how it plays on PC or if it can play the exact same with mouse and keyboard on both PC and Xbox, then I can play on my series x if my pc can't really handle it at release.

Edits after original post:
12: Trying to reassign push to talk crashed the game no matter what.

13: I like the marking system, but please let us mark after we die. On a team of randoms, most people don't care to look for dead players' skulls/x's. Marking would just be an extra nicety.

14: As I've been playing non bot matches now, the grenades are still an issue. Previous Halos have always been too grenade heavy and when you have each player able to start with 2 and pick up another set on the field, then it becomes a grenade throwing match more than shooter.
I ended up duplicating a sniper, then it began to glitch and then crashing the game
Viewmodel will sometimes glitch at random
The game is fun.

I'm sure I'm echoing most people here but I think the most important thing for 343 to work on from now until launch is the FPS and general optimization of the game. I don't want to play a game that runs at 60 fps in 2021 - no matter how good that game is (if it's a shooter). Actual native fullscreen needs to be added as well.
  • Sprinting on PC gives the impression of frames dropping. Motion is smooth while aiming and walking but as soon as I start sprinting, the camera movement skips frames up and down instead of moving up and down smoothly.
  • When playing on Xbox Series S my character was unable to walk to the right, it could move to all other directions except for the right, Restarting the game, changing controller did not work. I played various matches and experienced the same issue.
Operating System: Windows 11 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 22000) (22000.co_release.210604-1628)
Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-Core Processor (16 CPUs), ~3.8GHz
Memory: 32768MB RAM
DirectX Database Version: 1.2.2
Card name: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080
Current Mode: 3440 x 1440 (32 bit) (144Hz)
HDR Support: Supported
Please include option to not play versus controllers.
Halo Infinite crashes every time I change a key bind.
PC set up:
Ryzen 9 3900X OC to 4.2ghz
32gb RAM at 3600MHz (4x8gb)
MSI AMD Radeon 6800XT OC to 2400 MHz cClk, 2150MHz mClk
1920x1080 display at 75hz
Game is downloaded to an nvme SSD

**Game runs from 40-75fps, fluctuating depending on onscreen actions (Except for in Bazaar, looking at one side of the map drops to about 30fps)
Settings are mostly medium with only Textures at high+
***Major artifacting: random blue and purple visual corruptions pop in and out while playing and sitting at menu
****Impossible to finish a match as the game crashes my graphics drivers (Have tried it on both 21.6.1 and 21.7.1, both have same results) [Have also played with CPU and GPU not OC'd]
FOV constantly resets after each match
Load times are long

Everything Gameplay wise feels fine, but these issues effectively make it unplayable.
Should also add that the crashing and artifacting only started after the 6gb update.
For anyone on PC try running low setting, mid shaders with it scaled down to 1080P from 1440P, will give you a huge fps boost. Game runs between 98-115 fps with 100 FOV.

5600X @ 4.7ghz allcore
4000hz CL16 16gb Ram
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