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[Locked] Infinite Tech Preview – PC Specific Feedback

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I was playing the new pvp arena, it was extremely laggy. Not long after I tried playing it again but the whole pvp arena seems to be gone??
I'd love to see longest kill streak added to the end of game menu! I keep missing a running riot by a couple kills.
  • Weapon diversity is easily the best thing about Halo: Infinite, I want to use every gun, and every gun feels effective.
  • The inner reticle of the MK50 needs to be a little (3-5 yards extra range) bit bigger just to balance out gameplay, there are some instances where the spacing of the map and the range of the gun don't feel natural. We do not need the CE pistol that can shoot across map or even the Halo 5 pistol to be the all-in-one gun, but a little extra butter on the sidekick would really equalize the sandbox.
  • The radar should return to previous Halo's where you get a reading unless the enemy is crouching, too many times a guy is just allowed to mosey on up behind you and it feels cheesy as both the winner and loser in this scenario.
  • Melee range feels great, I feel as if I am lunging too my opponent and not pulled in by the blackhole that is my enemy's hit box.
  • The speed of gameplay is fantastic, the only time I find myself sprinting is to escape death, and otherwise I would rather not sprint and be able to immediately exchange fire should I come across my opponent. Nor do I ever feel as if I need to sprint to a location, it is an option, but not an option that will make or break the match.
  • Halo: Infinite is fun. Regardless of whether I am winning or losing the match, I enjoy my time playing, and the gameplay feels both rewarding and skill based. At no point in time did I blame the map or feel glitched, everything about combat felt super smooth and justifiable.
Just my two cents. How did everyone else feel about our short multiplayer window?
While using the Logitech GHUB virtual surround feature that Logitech headsets have with the "7.1 Dolby Surround" setting enabled, audio doesn't get adapted to virtual surround and stays in Stereo. When using this virtual surround setting enabled, shots behind you are completely silent and you can't tell when people are shooting you from behind, nor when grenades land behind you. In fact nearly all sound is broken entirely when using this setting. Your spartan chatter is extremely muffled and quiet, sounds are distorted frequently. This frequently happens in nearly all 1st party Microsoft titles. It's happened in Forza Horizon 4, it's happened in Dead Rising 4, It's happened in Gears of War 5. This isn't a standard problem that happens in any other games except Microsoft titles.

Radar needs to go back to what it was originally with walking making you visible. This setting has made Active Camo way too powerful. This setting should have honestly stuck with the HCS settings and shouldn't be brought over to any of the regular modes.

Like above Active Camo is too strong with this radar setting.

The crazy screen shake when sprinting needs to be fixed. It's almost like you're vibrating sometimes.

Rubber banding and being almost "tethered" to some spots needs fixed.

The performance is absolutely abysmal and needs heavy optimization and I do legitimately mean abysmal. An i5 8400, 32gb ram and a GTX 1070 shouldn't be stuttering this badly and only getting 60 fps on minimum settings and 50 fps on maximum settings.

Sometimes firing the Skewer has some shots disappearing entirely without making any visual animation or sound that it fired at all while still consuming ammo. Some other times it fires in a second or two delay instead of immediately.

Sprint speed needs increased slightly. As it stands it's entirely pointless to sprint anywhere unless you are trying to slide jump.

AI buddy selection is sometimes buggy when disconnecting from the server at times of selection. It'll cause you to not be able to change your AI. It'll show it's something else that you select but it's actually a different one entirely that doesn't update at all. EX.... it'll show you have CIRC selected but it's actually Butler. This can only be fixed by closing the game and relaunching it.

Bots always run as four at the very beginning of the match in very predictable spots. They will always run through yard into top mid as 4 at the beginning of Livefire map as an example. This makes for very predictable and easy overkills.

Sometimes when closing the game down and relaunching it, it entirely wipes your settings and you have to redo them all over again.

Sometimes rarely people will spawn somewhere else randomly at the beginning of the match. I've seen this maybe 4 times. It has no actual pattern of where it places you, it's entirely random.

Spawns need adjusted. Some spawns are in line of sight to other players in certain spots of the maps. Specifically on LiveFire if you are on top mid you can see bottom yard spawns. If you are top mid garage side, you can see bottom tower spawns too.
This test flight has exceeded my expectations for the game. I found that there were very few game breaking bugs beyond the occasional crash which is to expected in experimental software. There is one major bug where the score UI is reset from its key bind and when you set a new key bind for it, it will instantly crash the game. There were a few visual customization bugs which I sent tickets for but overall the whole experience was very good. Settings just needed to be adjusted a little for good FPS. I think 343's development team have done a great job creating a experience that at its core feels like Halo. Incorporating a lot of the mechanics from newer releases while still maintaining the gameplay from the original trilogy. I am really excited where they take their ideas and with the game development going forward.

- The Bot AI was very good. I mean I played around 18 hours on that alone.
- The sound design... Amazing.. The elk in the background on Live Fire, so good!
- Weapon design was sound, requiring different strategies for different weapons and areas.
- The customization options, while limited in preview have massive potential.
- The combat for 4v4 is just fast paced adrenaline rush. From start to finish.
- The PvP is really good, most fun I've had since Halo 3 Slayer

- The map design/layouts were questionable to me. I enjoyed them but I felt they could be better than they are now.
- Power weapons spawning immediately is interesting, it encourages an early fight but can easily put one team to a disadvantage.

- Drop-wall spawns are a bit low. There are times I feel that having those would help pace the combat better.
- The grapple length is too short in my opinion, I feel if it was extended it would be a better equipment overall.
- Bots often don't use power weapons and use drop shields way too late.
- Bots always have a designated route they start with.
- Some of the weapon balancing needs to be tweaked.

Overall, the development team has done a great job! Playing this flight test has rekindled a lot of the memories and love I had for Halo 3 and Reach back in the day. For a technical preview, I am extremely happy with the results and look forward to what comes out in future flights! Hoping the best for the development team!
This is not a huge PC issue as more general feed back. Issues I ran into, key binding for push to talk or the score board crashed my game. At times I'd purchase something form the store and the game registered it was available to me but would not give me the option to equip it from the correct menu, or it would but would not actually equip (color scheme). Though I could favorite it

Hey so the bot games were good. The 4v4 was something else. I personally am not a fan of the new radar system. It just seems so easy for people to ghost and hold power weapons. I went into a few matches where the other team got a hold of multiple power weapons and decided to never sprint. By the time you realized where they were you were dead. You could attribute that to being bad or whatever you want but it essentially turns the matches in to a very 1 sided game. This is especially true regarding the using up of a power weapon seems to control frequency of its respawn allowing those who have been hoarding to easily reobtain it. In prior halos at least the other team didn't have the advantage of surprise regarding position and moving freely, while holding power weapons but now its much more difficult to fight back.

This brings me to my other point. Weapon balancing, I don't know if its just me but I feel a lot of us have noticed the pistol is now the favorite weapon for any type of fight. Its precision and weak but has a very fast fire rate. You can spam it so much that you could actually hold your own against someone with a BR and especially someone using a commando. I have even had encounters where you can beat a assault rifle if you shoot fast enough and bloom allows you to hit enough shots. If the goal was to make it this good okay, I can accept that its going to be my primary going forward but I just wanted to voice my concern.

Being unable to sprint with the grav hammer kinda sucks makes it feel like more of a liability then a power weapon. As a mentioned above I feel the commando is not in a good place. It doesn't feel like it hits hard enough or I feel I waste a mag either due to my inaccuracy with it or its damage, I never actually am able to kill someone with 1 clip. I also noticed some bugs with melee. I would hit someone and the melee would not register. I don't know if its cause the game didn't register i was punching a enemy but my fist hit their butt and no damage was done. This has only happened a hand full of time considering I have melee'd a lot of time without issue.

Also being able to toggle a blood and/or a censorship feature would be nice during launch for those who want or don't want to deal with lack of blood or a filter that seems to be very aggressive in what it censors. Plus making it more apparent if someone has a downed shield or not. The outlining seems to make it rather difficult to notice the trailing effect that already exists, making it hard to tell from a visual stance if someone still has shield or not. Also will team body collision be in full release? As it stands now its kinda hard to get use to being able to phase through teammates but my bullets will hit them and my grenades' will bounce of them. This just doesn't feel consistent to me and I personally would prefer it if you went all or nothing. I don't like someone walking through me and all my rounds hitting them in the back or when we are in the middle of a fire fight and I chuck a grenade only for it to hit the teammate and bounce right back at me. Personally i would prefer body collision to come back.

I also wanted to mention the drop walls are not really good in any regard in the game. It appears a single round or two will down a panel and the time it takes to drop one and it to active feels to long. Maybe making it a single drop and increasing its damage absorption would make it more useable? That or adding a regen effect to the panels slightly decrease overall damage down to you by absorbing a stray bullet here and there.
Definitely a positive impression from the weapon drills; the various behaviors targets/bots use across the three trials make for a pretty fun experience whether you're trying one of the new weapons or just want to stay sharp with some of the classics. It would definitely be nice to see some more information on each weapon, from how they function, to some of the more in-depth tricks; this would be a great tool for newer players to learn what methods to practice from the get-go, rather than floundering around online wondering what they're doing wrong. Another nice toggleable option to have would be turning on shield and health bars for the bots/targets along with damage-counter pop-ups. Experienced players will always appreciate more information to better optimize their aim, performance, etc. while practicing and newer players would greatly benefit from having the idea of damage to shield versus damage to body (an idea somewhat unique to Halo) really hammered into their brains with damage number pop-ups being color-coded according to whether they are indicating shield or health-loss.

In-terms of actual match gameplay, the the bots put on a great performance, with no noticeable awkward behavior whatsoever. From my limited match-time thus far, they've definitely done a great job of simulating a normal player-behavior to ensure that bot-matches feel like normal, online matches rather than just target-practice on a multiplayer-map. I've seen mention of this already, but wanted to give a firm second to the complaints of screen-shake on sprint. I actually stopped earlier than I'd planned to because my eyes were very uncomfortable dealing with the constant jarring motion; this occurring even with screen-shake set to zero in the options menu. In general, everything gameplay-related is very smooth and while the screen-shake is in crucial need of a fix, its removal would leave the product in a great state.

UI-wise, the experience was mixed. Menu layouts are reasonable for the most part, but customization is a somewhat confusing experience with the significant number of smaller categories the experience has been broken-up into. While the various armor pieces being broken down into smaller categories is understandable in order to increase what can be sold, I was somewhat shocked by just how badly color customization has been neutered to piece-out under the F2P banner. Not only is the process of editing colors less intuitive, but the options/tools given seem significantly less powerful, with much more of an emphasis being on needing to purchase specific color combos rather than simply being able to edit them ourselves, as I would expect from a Halo title.

The biggest issue I noticed is that the store is selling "boosters" and "challenge swaps". After my experience running through all of the weapon-drills, I was surprised by just how positive a feeling I had toward Infinite, despite the extremely scummy "have it both ways" scheme MS is trying with a full-priced half-a-game that is only "completed" with an MTX-ridden F2P system; I was actually getting somewhat excited about giving it a shot, but there was no faster way to shoot-down that feeling than emphasizing the most abhorrent aspects of the F2P environment. Monetizing through cosmetics is one thing, but implementing a scheme that's sole purpose is to make a profit through charging to circumvent the game's system(s) is absolutely abhorrent. The decision to remove expiration dates from the battle pass seemed to be a sign that Infinite wouldn't be hinging its monetization on anti-consumer practices, but the decision to sell these boosters and challenge swaps communicates exactly the opposite. This kind of product makes a profit only if there is enough time-consuming and/or generally unpleasant grinding to incentivize players to purchase it and this fact in-turn incentivizes the developer/publisher to ensure there is something in their system onerous enough to warrant paying real money to skip. This isn't a matter of ensuring through a statement that it won't be abused, because its very existence already ensures the abuse. There are often examples given by companies to attempt to excuse this anti-consumer practice in which there is specified an "individual A" who "has less time" or "is busy at work" etc. and thus wants to purchase such a "time-saver," but the fact is that everyone is individual A; we all want to progress in the most efficient way possible and none of us want to suffer through a system in which a "time-saver" holds any sort of value. This practice is anti-consumer and just wrong on so many levels; Infinite is clearly being monetized in so many ways as-is, from colors, to armor, to vehicle-skins, etc. and while this has clearly come at the cost of the base, free customization options, they at very least profit by adding cool/exciting cosmetic content to the game; these "convenience" items on the other hand, do the exact opposite by adding nothing of value, instead relying on there being an artificially created inconvenience in the game that it can so kindly remove, for a price.

Please make the right decision and don't do this to your community; there's a great product here that's currently at risk of going down a very bad path. The Halo community will always genuinely want to support you and your products, so why exploit us with these tactics?

Apologies for the somewhat negative-sounding tone of this feedback; this is just a very serious issue that urgently needs to be addressed.
On M&K the mouse input lag is very very noticeable to the point in which it very hard to track or flick shoot targets.

As the game gets more optimizaiton and the FPS counter finally gets above 144 the mouse latency will decrease and give a better feel.

Additionally, there is no fullscreen option for the display mode. We're forced to run the game in borderless window which doesn't do us any favors for the mouse input lag. Hopefully there will be a full screen option in a later flight or at launch.
Not sure if this is PC specific or not, but the game audio sometimes drops to a very low volume. It's fine one match, then almost inaudible the next.

Doesn't impact all game sounds, the AI talking is still normal volume, but weapon sounds, footsteps, etc are much quieter.

Relaunching fixes.
Please put server region select into Halo Infinite in the same capacity as Halo MCC
I am really disliking Mouse Magnetism currently. I do not like how it feels in the slightest so I prefer to play with it off, which I assumed would be fine. Then I started to realize while playing PVP that by having it off it puts you at a disadvantage so I was forced to turn it back on and play with something I seriously dont like to remain at top or near top of scoreboard because it give an inherent advantage over it being off.

What I would like to see by the time the game comes out is for it to either be removed or for players to only be matched with other players with it disabled. KBM/Mouse vs controller aim assist is fine, but then adding another layer of Mouse without aim assist vs mouse with aim assist is just a non-needed annoying feature. There definitely needs to be a separated queue for it being on and off or for it to be removed.

Comfortability shouldn't equal being at a disadvantage or gaining advantage ever in a competitive game in my opinion.
Overall the Tech Preview was a great experience and felt like Halo. As you have stated this is an older build, and shows with the optimization. You have acknowledged the issues with AMD cards, but I just wanted to remind 343i :)
Bots surprised me very much. The difficulty between the easiest and ODST was apparent, although I think the difference between ODST and Spartan is not much. Considering the name of the setting, I would not think it bad to increase the performance of the bots on Spartan.
I had a couple issues with the game crashing upon trying to rebind some keyboard/mouse settings.
I did not get to play much as I was busy, but I really look forward to this installment of Halo and for the upcoming flights.
Let me start by saying WOW and thank you this was amazing and was immensely fun and I can not wait for the game to come out. Below is the notes that i took while putting in over 48 hours of actual play time (minus the time where there was frame skipping issues on pc) some listed are bugs and others are things i would like to see implamented

over scroll fix - after talking about this to some friends i would like to see an option of a timer such as .5 sec delay so if i accidentally scroll down 2 times instead of just the one after running out of ammo in my ar and having the opponent shield cracked when i try to change to the pistol to finish the fight off I end up back with a unloaded ar and losing the fight and also maybe just the option since there will only be 2 weapons, down scroll be one slot down and up scroll be one slot up regaurdless of times the scroll wheel clicks

would like a more prevalent easier to notice shield notifications of when I am one shot vs being hit by one bullet

key binds and mouse button mapping shows opposite mouse buttons ie: i put melee on mouse 4 (front mouse button) it would show it was assigned to mouse 5 (back mouse button)

When someone would leave the party it would say they had joined

When putting settings on low in graphic settings the game seemed to look as if i was putting it on ultra and when putting it on ultra looked like I had put it on low

all audio settings for team disabled had me and team in discord and could hear another mans audio louder than mine in game and mic

audio in discord seemed to be choppy and sometimes cut out all together but the moment the game would crash or we would exit the discord lobby and call (we tried both) would become crystal clear

f10 to mute game volume

rare- occasional double grenade on throwing grenade and swapping weapon almost simultaneously

graphical issues trying to change settings while games over or loading in or out

Fov setting and other keybind settings not sticking (10+ times of having to correct of the course of 12 hour gaming session - did not close game, just in between matches

When sliding/teabagging i could see player model bottom half and would block reticle in some cases

occasionally a grenade would go off underneath me while I was in the air and the explosion would some how auto place me on the ground.

there was a countdown timer noise at the begining of game it was not syned to actual start time of the game but made me panic while eating my snacks and throw -Yoink- everywhere :)

PC Specs-
Ryzen 7 3800x
ROG STIX 1080 ti
32g 3600mhz Coarsair vengence ram
x570 prime asus mother board

Thank you again for the chance and I look very much forward to the next flights.


I also streamed every second of me playing minus the stuttering day if you care to look into that or see general reactions with me and the people that played
The tech test has been a blast. I've played on Xbox Series x and PC. I have also been gaming hardcore for probably 25 years. I think that the aim assist on controller might need a slight buff. It feels off compared to any FPS I've played on controller. I've noticed that joining games in progress the audio bugs out. Bullets and footsteps get very muffled.
Running at 3090 GPU and a 3700 CPU I am averaging 40-60 fps at 3440x1440

On ultrawide the reticles on screen don't scale to the ultrawide fov.

The test preview got more stable for me in game as the days went on but I was consistly getting into matches and not able to move to my right side using my gamepad. Every other direction worked for me.

The main menu UI needs some rework. It doesn't feel intuitive at all and some things are hard to see or could be made simpler.

We should be able to disable dropping weapons or allowed to switch dpad controls so I can switch grenades on the opposite side. Maybe there is an option but I couldn't find it in the configuration.


The aiming feels off. Deadzone doesn't feel like it's working how it should. It's very hard to make micro adjustments when aming and doesn't feel as fluid as MCC or even Halo 5. I feel like that really needs fixed.


Audio was inconsistent in game. Subtitles pooping up but I don't hear any voices. Also some games I come into have distorted or missing audio effects. I think certian weapons when I am shooting or explosions, grapple hook sounds.

When looking down at my body my torso seems to be missing, I hope that isn't a design choice.

It would be helpful to have more details on video settings and what they do. Some have details on the right side but still offer no explanation on what it actually does for someone who doesn't know all the game dev lingo.

When the game releases I hope there is an actual full screen setting (not fullscreen borderless) and a better way to choose the frame rate we want to select.

Overall you guys have something special here, I just hope you listen to the community on these issues and other requests to make the game player friendly. We have waited a long time for this game to come out. Thank you for everything.
Here's some quick bulletpoints I jotted down while playing the game! It's a mix of suggestions and bugs.

-Option to adjust how many battle pass levels to purchase at once.
-Weird issue where you have to view a skin/mod socket first before you can equip them using the designated keybind.
-Equipping armor coats sometimes appears to equip the coat, even though the coat is not actually equipped and no equip sound is played.
-When changing values by typing in the settings, highlight the numbers so we don't need to manually delete the values to input our new ones.
-Firing range.
-Exclusive fullscreen option.
-Sniper reload needs reworking. It really lacks that OMMF and satisfaction when pulling the mag out and slamming it in. I would love to see it be similar to the Halo 3 sniper reload because that one just feels insanely good. The sniper reload also takes up most of the right side of the screen. I'm worried that most of the weapons are too large on the right side of the screen.
-In the drill menu, you should be able to hover over each gun to see the descriptions of the guns, because in order to see them, you have to click on the gun first which brings up the difficulty options.
-Would love to see a cool little loading screen like Halo 4's, rather than just those three dots at the top left. Maybe digital displays of the weapons and vehicles with a small info box with them?
-Double tap ping to ping enemy location.
-Joining in-progress matches causes very muffled audio for almost everything except dialogue.
-When you have toggle ADS on, holding the ADS button you can zoom out by letting go out ADS button, similar to how it is on MCC. This could be it's own option. I really liked being able to zoom in and out quickly at one time and being able to toggle ads to hardscope at another.
-Swap icons for mouse buttons 4 and 5, because I'm pretty sure they're reversed.
-Little indicator for when active camo is about to go down.
-Trying to bring up esc menu during match intro causes it to flicker.
-Killcam and end-of-game highlight.
-I really don't like the pulse carbine and I think most people don't really like it's tracking. I think the gun would be a lot more enjoyable to use if the projectiles were faster with zero tracking, making you lead your shots while also letting you know for sure where the projectiles will go.
-The entire AI team seems to like to rush the same areas at the start of each match on every map. For example, on live fire, the enemy team always rushes the left side of the map.
-Broken armor effects persists into the results screen with the spartans.
-Spartan prostheses changes sometimes do not register.
-Armor icons sometimes become small and moved to the top left of the boxes.
-ETA for matchmaking does not work.
-Would love to see spartans appear in the main menu right next to your spartan while you load the match.
-Purchased battle pass still shows "Buy battle pass" at the bottom left.
-Some of the main menu music is a bit "in your face." I think more soothing and calm songs would be much better. Speaking of main menu music, I would LOVE for a Never Forget remake for the main menu!!
-Armor coating changes sometimes do not save.
-Mission progress bar is sometimes very inaccurate. e.g. a mission that involves getting a bulldog kill only fills partially even if the mission requirement is literally only one kill (but the mission still counts as completed).
-A spartan grappling when spectating in 3rd person is very stuttery and glitchy.
-Leaderboard gets unbinded and when you bind it and use it, it crashes the game. This did not happen on day 1 of the tech preview.
-In the new beta Halo Channel app, some of the emblems give you an entirely different one.
-Red reticle range on plasma pistol needs to be toned down. For a tracking shot that takes down a full shield, it deserves less range.
-I think the pulse carbine should get a rework. To me, it's wildly inconsistent and difficult to use (in a bad way) because of the projectile tracking. I'm just one guy, but I think increasing projectile speed and entirely removing the projectile tracking would make the gun much more fun to use.

Thanks a lot 343i for inviting me to the flight! It was a ton of fun and I'm very excited to see the full release.
I want to be constructive here, I really do, I was a diehard Halo fan and even competed in live events back in the day'. The current Halo Infinite experience on PC with Keyboard and Mouse has so many problems I don't even know where to start. Aiming feels "floaty", graphics look same/worse as Halo reach on MCC, though we get 1/2 or worse FPS. Movement gives the effect of dropped frames, worse with jumping/vaulting and sprinting. It just feels awful to play. Like im trying to walk through mud while trying to aim with splinted wrists.

I really wanted to be as specific as possible and constructive, because I do want it to be better because I want to play a great Halo game so much, but it's unplayable from what I've come to expect with PC shooters. Every other title, even cross play ones on similar systems like Gears 5/CoD for example, play way better on PC.

Please Halo, please improve. How well this game feels and does with PC players will make or break it. Otherwise in my opinion, this game will have a tiny player base with controller/console play only and be doomed to 4 and 5's fate.

I hate being negative about a franchise I adore, but in its current state I won't play it F2P or not...
Sorry you had a bad experience with the framerate. I did too! Just know that the tech preview is an old build (iirc) and optimizations have been made since then!
While im seeing alot of complaints with AMD cards, hopefully i can provide some more unique feedback in saying my Strix 3080 at 3440x1400p rocks a solid 50fps. dont think its card specific as much as optimization maybe?
Tonight jumping into matches we would have half our party get in and half of our lobby still in the lobby, So it was filling games with part of our squad but not the rest of us.
This is a long one folks, so get your popcorn.

TL;DR: This flight for Halo Infinite MP was fun, but its very rough around the edges. If multiplayer will be twice as good as it is now when it launches, this could be the comeback that Halo needed. Bugs need to be ironed out, things need to be tweaked or changed altogether, and improvement is needed all around. Lets hope single player is good.

-The original halo theme is a welcome homage to the games that have came before it and its a breath of fresh air from the average soundtrack from both halo 4 and 5
-Newer tracks are reminiscent of the No Man's Sky trailer? Not a bad thing, but could've had a better direction with the newer tracks
-Academy weapon drills needs more music. Hearing the same track in the last few seconds gets mind-numbing, same goes for the instructor's voice lines.
Overall, the music is nostalgic, but serviceable at best

Weapons + Equipment:
-Overall feel of weapons feel good. Very impactful and sound design when shooting with most weapons is good
-Sound design when reloading some of the weapons is a little disappointing, more specifically the human weapons (Battle rifle, Assault Rifle, Sidekick, Commando, etc.). When I hear a beastly gun shoot like the Commando I expect it to sound like heavy metal being thrown around when reloading, not plastic toy guns being cocked. A nerf gun sounds more beastly to reload than the Vk78 Commando
-The new Gravity hammer is an interesting new take to it. It definitely has more range than the older iterations, and the blue "gravity wave" effect looks cool. Maybe add a few new particle effects to make it look cooler?
-Grenades sound and look cool, and having the old spikes is great, although there's no blast marks after grenades explode. Intentional? Damage and functionality seems to be well balanced.
-Pulse carbine is an interesting new addition, but seems to be a bit finnicky, at least on pc. Sometimes the projectiles lock on, sometimes it doesn't. Guess its more for console players than anything. Some tuning might be needed, whether its for the projectile speed or lock-on range, let it be a bit easier for PC players to use or else it'll be branded as useless.
-Charged plasma pistol shots are sometimes unreliable and misses its mark.
-Drop Wall should have one charge instead of 2. Someone can literally turtle with that thing and absorb nades like its nothing.
-Tracking Sensor/Dart I think should only reveal the outline of players instead of an outline and a giant obvious nameplate. A well placed dart can be a bit too strong at the moment.
-Grappleshot is super fun. Lots of clips can be made from that.
Overall, the weapons and equipment feel good to play with, but needs tweaking in certain areas.

-Graphics are impressive, especially on medium to low settings, surprisingly. Although there's this pixilation effect that shows up on certain weapons.
-Spartan designs are simplistic, yet visually pleasing. Prosthetics seem a bit simple, but hopefully there's more variety coming
-Weapon designs are very reminiscent of older Halos, especially the Assault Rifle and the Battle rifle. The design of the new weapons are good too and fits the time and theme of this particular Halo.
Overall, visuals are a step above Halo 5s, and looks truly next-gen.

-A bit limited at the moment, but it indeed was a tech preview, so there's bound to be more options. But what was left for us was serviceable at best, nothing too fancy
-Lots of potential with weapon and vehicle paint jobs, but again, what was left for us was servicable
Overall, customization is promising. Cant wait to get my hands on that samurai armor set

-Footsteps are very discernable, and I can pinpoint where people are accurately
-Voice lines for Spartans are...disappointing. The VOs sold their lines as best they could but ultimately the Spartans sound like regular, generic people and not highly trained super soldiers
-AI voice lines are funny, especially Lumu with her blunt spouts of information.
-Jeff Steitzer kills it yet again.
Overall audio is good on the ears

-Live Fire is simple, but lacks any worthwhile features. Only one piece of equipment spawns, which is disappointing, but overall flow is good.
-Recharge has good verticality, and is a good map for the grav hammer. Good flanking routes and good sightlines.
-Bazaar is very reminiscent of New Mombasa, and it might very well take place there. Great map for the grapple hook. The little vent in the back near the rocket spawn is a nice little sneaky route.
Overall, maps are fun new additions to the halo family, hopefully the others are just as good.

-When fighting the bots, I've encountered no latency issues whatsoever but during arena slayer, that's when the latency issues hit. Melee doesn't register sometimes, getting shot around corners, glitching out when clambering over certain objects and ledges. Definitely some work needs to be done in that area.

Bugs I've encountered:
-While looking down in first person, you're just a pair of floating legs not connected to anything. Also, when moving around your footprints sometimes don't line up correctly, even putting footprints between your legs when you stop moving. May not be a bug but its just something that irked me.
-Power weapons have a split second delay when firing. Whether this is intentional or a bug, it throws off my muscle memory, especially with the sniper.
-I received the "Boom Block" accolade when an enemy bot put down his own drop wall and blocked his own grenade instead of me putting down my own wall
-Audio sometimes being lowered after joining a game late where only grunts from Spartans, your ai's voice, and the announcer can be heard. Everything else is near silent.
-The post game screen sometimes show Spartans out of place and facing different directions and in different unintentional poses
-When sliding, your legs sometimes come into view blocking your vision
-Physics in this game is insane, yet hilarious, especially when meleeing someone. Whether this is a bug or not, its funny to see someone get launched by a simple punch.

There may be some things that hopefully someone else pointed out but overall my experience with this flight has been positive. I encountered nothing that was game-breaking or glaringly wrong, but some work is needed obviously. Can't wait for the beta to see some improvement!
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