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[Locked] Infinite Tech Preview – Social Arena

OP snickerdoodle

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Full radar is awful. It is so restricting for everyone to have eyes on the back of their heads. It encourages camping, it eliminates some 'wow!' plays. It is especially bad on strongholds. Please return to ability radar for all modes.

Matches felt imbalanced. Some matches were close, but many were steamrolls one way or the other. Maybe this was intentional for the social mode, but having closer games would be beneficial I believe.

Time to kill feels a little bit too fast. I believe in the 'dance' and that any encounter should be able to be turned around, but with such a fast TTK there is sometimes no time to respond to incoming fire.

Melee range is a little too short. Last flight it was a little too long, we've almost found the middle ground! BXB is bad.

The repulsor feels great!
I like how 'difficult' it is to aim, against popular opinion. However, some sensitivities felt objectively worse than others, and a little too slow in general. Should be viable across the board.
The BR feels great!
No lo eh jugado pero se ve bastante bien !No puedo esperar más¡
First of all I want to start off and say I have never had this much fun playing Halo with all of my friends in such a long time. I absolutely love this game and I cannot wait for launch and pour hours and hours into it. With that being said there are a few things I personally think could use some work:

1. The radar is far too short in my opinion, I find myself not using it unfortunately due to the nature of the Intel it gives me ends up feeling too late to change the situation or help in any way.

2. The physics and the AOE effects of both the rocket launcher and the gravity hammer both feel very inconsistent at best, with the physics feeling none existent entirely. I would love to see some more physics added to both the impact of the hammer and the explosion of the rocket launcher, as far as area of effect I understand that’s a balancing issue however personally I would like there to be more as it is a “power weapon” after all and sometimes it just doesn’t feel so.
I really love the game and very excited for launch! great work guys, here some stuff i'd like to see changed/fixed:

1st Flight:

  • I think Powerups (Overshield/Camou) should have it's own spot, it's annoying to drop equipment to active powerups and take it the equipment back again, or something like a keybind to active it now and doesn't go to your inventory and you keep the equipment.
  • Melee is glitchy and a bit too magnetic against enemies (its annoying when you sprint and double melee somone easily cause aim lock and magnetic.
  • I'm okay with shooting hit marker on social, but grenades hit markers should be off even on social, you throw & take lot of nades in halo & most of them are random/predictions throws. personally I prefer it's off so we do don't use it as info.
  • please bring back friendly fire on social and btb, lot of fun I had in previous halo series because of friendly fire, like when your teammate jump on you from no where and you splatter him and a lot of other fun moments. I know it can be toxic and bring toxicity but I think its more fun than toxic, also with the new bots we can boot the player and a bot can fill right in!
  • each weapon should have its own option to hold or toggle to aim (some weapons I prefer hold like the sidekick, other I prefer toggle like BR) + crosshair settings with colors and sizes for each weapon
  • needler is kinda op please nerf + fix it sounds, you get damaged and die without noticing
  • gravity hammer should have more effect to it, more gravity, like the melee, when you melee someone and he flies away (ragdoll)
    • Open shooting range, that you can explore and move around similar to other games (apex, overwatch, valorant)
    • I should be able to select weapons in the academy, I don't wanna quit to menu and pick, like all weapons should be displayed in a wall or a pop up menu and I can pick
    • more options to weapons and bots like unlimited ammo (no reload) bots shoot at me (to practice when someone shoot me while i'm zooming)
    • damage numbers and health bar on bots (to see how much damage I do with this weapon and stuff)
    • more training games like in aim labs game (strafe training - nades training - tracking training - flick training - sniper training - movement training like a parkour or something)
    • in weapons drill if you're trying to get a high score there should be a quick restart option that I can bind to a key.
    • leaderboard
    • medals wall : in the academy I think it would be cool if there's like a medal wall or a trophies cabinet for medals you got. and all halo infinite medals to see and read the info on how to do them with a little video/preview
    • in the academy would be cool if there's a tips and tricks from halo infinite pros
    • add a 1v1 small arena or octagon to play against a bot to warm up and practice my aim (with options of difficulty and my weapons and bot weapons)
      • crosshair settings with colors and sizes for each weapon
      • each weapon should have its own option to hold or toggle to aim (some weapons I prefer hold like the sidekick, other I prefer toggle like BR)
      • option to hold or press to pick up weapons
      • there's no zoom out keybind
      • outlines, can we have the options to turn off enemy outlines + adjustment to make it thinner or thicker. I prefer having my team outlines on and turn off enemy outlines, looks more appealing and better imo.
      • option to turn off armor customization and option to turn on Red vs Blue
      • bigger medals, + I like the new designs but I prefer old colors like in 2,3,reach + please bring back Hail Marry, Extermination and Yonk medals
      • bottom right in the weapon icon and bullets number should have a clip icon like halo ce, 2 and 3 (easier to have a quick look and see how many bullets left than number)
      • more HUD adjustments (change the positions of the kill feed, score, radar etc)
      • not a fan of in game background, I prefer like a digital art with moving stuff in it (like reach and mcc), something like halo ring and the ring is moving
      • I prefer my name to be on the top right along side my friends / squad with my emblem/nameplate (like reach and mcc)
      • the battle pass and news box are too big, and both would look better on the bottom right
      • when you go on multiplayer, having a second page when you press/go right (like reach) that shows your squad and friends list and you can scroll down to see their info and armor and customization would be sick, and that page could have the in game background (the one where you guys chilling next to each other)
      • in armor hall, the way customization (coatings, helmets, etc..) is presented (the big squares next to each other) not a fan of that, its too big and it hides your character, I think a list on the left size with the options (coatings, helmets, etc..) under each other with a small icons would look better. even when you go inside (coatings, helmets, etc..) each one should be presented different depends on it, armor coatings for example, the square with the colors inside them are too big, I don't think anyone cares about the square itself, we wanna see how the spartan look in this color, its too big and hides half of your spartan, so coating on left and spartan on the right would look better I think, current way kinda reminds me of Forza. (basically everything should be smaller and we get to see it on the spartan itself as a preview) something like this but better and smaller
      • when you start the search, joining a game, respawning. I miss the beep (countdown) sounds, please bring it back
      • when I kill myself / suicide the announcer doesn't say Suicide.
      • Halo has one of the best soundtracks of all time, would be cool to have a little music player that have the best soundtracks in the series, and have buttons in menu to skip, forward, pause music. (similar to Rocket League)
    2nd flight:
    pretty much as the same as above plus:
  • please turn on grenades knock back and friendly fire
  • player collision is part of the fun, idk it seems off without it. specially when grenades can hit your team and you can't.
  • instead of cycling the BR and COMMANDO, can we have more on the map? like 2 BR and 2 COMMANDO, its really fun playing with these guns and I don't like that there's only 2 of them and I have to fight everyone for them or wait for them to respond
  • skewer should not be in the same cycling for the sniper, we all love halo sniper. keep that thing all the time
  • power weapons like the sniper and skewer have very little ammo, I'd like too see more ammo for it. I get that its very powerful but maybe keep low ammo for ranked playlist, in social let the players enjoy the weapons more.
  • flag physic is fun, can see lot of fun with it on custom games. but I think we need an option to turn on/off flag physics. with flag physics on you can a flag from point A to B very fast with the grapple and stuff, in my opinion it kills the fun of the game mode. its really fun trying to recover the flag and have 2 or 3 fight for it. but with these physics i don't think I can respawn and the flag is already delivered
  • in training mode can we have a bottomless clip and no cool down option? so I don't have to reload and use the hook without having to wait for cool down
  • add a keybind option to weapon 1 and weapon 2
that's all I have for now, sorry for the long essay lol. I really love and enjoy the game and I can't wait for next weekend and launch. thanks for the great work guys <3
One major thing that needs a fix: the Gravity Hammer is lacking physics when hitting players. They should go flying, instead of simply just collapsing in place. Not sure if it’s a bug or not yet implemented, but it’s very off-putting when you smash players with a giant hammer and they just “fall over”. It’s not satisfying at all.
So here are my thoughts. Battle pass being the only form of xp? Will there be playlist ranks like in Halo3?

footsteps are very quiet. Not sure if that’s intended or not.
great feel to the game though. Hoping to have time tested modes such as swat and shotty snipes in Full release.
will post more.
In the main menu of the infinite beta, you can click a thumb stick down and it’ll tell you about the ranking system. Seems like the doo doo system from H5
Unfortunately, there is no priority on the server the game prioritises when searching. The last 5 games I have been in have 200 ping. This is from finding a match after only 4/5 seconds of searching for a game. This is not making the game enjoyable and I want to be able to have a fair opinion after the Insider ends. I would much prefer to search for 2 minutes to get a local/stable connection.

My connection is perfectly fine and I get great ping on any other game right now as I type this. Yesterday I was 50/50 on getting a good ping game on Insider.

In MCC, you can set the regions you want to search for a game in so you are guaranteed to be below a certain ping from your selection.

I hope this is implemented in the final product.
Its pretty jarring going back to other shooters after playing halo cause sensitivity options are so extremely slow,

It may, or may not be a bug, I don't know if it's intended, but the aiming on controller feels really tough, and is too slow. I've seen recommended controller configurations to "fix" the problem but it's still not enough.

The sensitivity options are just too slow even at max settings with low deadzones and all the other options to help remedy the issue; on top of having hardly any Aim-assist it makes it clear that controller performance is simply nowhere near as good as mouse and keyboard, as these settings discourage those to actually play with a controller.

I submitted a ticket about it as it may have possibly been a bug, and I know the aim assist controversy is already a debate on its own, but Controller is in a desperate of position when it comes to movement, and even a humungous aim assist buff as a remedy, it wont solve this issue, aiming simply doesnt feel good at all on console, and its completely outclassed by MnK at this state.

With this in mind I propose another Aim assist buff for consistency, on top of a major re-work of the sensitivity settings so it can at least be on par with MnK. as consistency in experience is the #1 thing, especially if this game will be a long term live service game, its important that switching platforms/or input devices is a seamless switch that isn't detrimental in any way as both experiences should yield roughly the same results overall in gunplay and feel consistency.
A lot of changes from the 1st flight, some for the better and some for worse but I'll try and summarise the key issues I have and just to say, the game is absolutely fantastic. Coming from competing in CSGO for 6 years and wanting to transition to Infinite I'm already pleasantly excited but there is work to do.

- Sniper feels so much more responsive and tactile from the first flight however I'm sure you're aware from many videos I've seen that the reticle (when unscoped) is just not accurate and clearly has clipping issues.

- Pistol needs some sort of tuning because it's just too powerful for what is essentially a sidearm. You're getting slightly worringly close to the Halo 5 pistol which I'm sure you know would be disastrous. Whether it's a fire rate nerf or straight off damage nerf it should not be faster to kill with than a BR or Commando at close range, just makes 0 sense.

- AR is in a good place, leave it as is!

- BR is in an amazing place so please leave as is!

- Clearly hit-reg issues with the commando especially unscoped. I've had it myself and many many videos also back this up that there is just obvious hit-reg issues with this gun.

- Power Weapons are awesome so no changes needed.

I'll also add and this might be my CSGO bias and a feature for the future but crosshairs, custom or changeable crosshairs would be amazing. The BR & Pistol crosshairs are not particularly helpful and some people would appreciate having cross or dot style crosshairs. It's been a feature in CSGO for years now and from a ranked point of view for the competitive minded player, we want these sort of features.

My biggest problem with Infinite at the moment and maybe it'll be different in the Ranked modes, but I cant believe I'm seeing many players saying the TTK is too low. It's TOO HIGH :D Honestly it feels like when you've broken a shield that you've only done around 50% of the job compared to previous Halo games and maybe I'm the minority coming from the world of CSGO but I think it needs lowering by a bit.

Maps - Live Fire is awesome, a simple back to basics arena map, glad it was kept in from the first flight. Recharge you can tell is a very good map, but the spawning is attrocious on Slayer and needs looking at. Bazaar is a very good map also and it really shines in CTF mode. Behemoth is gorgeous, probably too big for 4v4 modes but eh it's a preview I know why you did it so all good.

Modes - The only thing I think needs raising on modes is Strongholds, that mode is absolutely terrible and as long as it's staying in Social then that's fine because if that's a ranked mode I'm uninstalling Infinite. A Domination type mode just doesnt belong in close quarters Halo. On Live-Fire you can get from A to C in about 7 seconds so how is capturing points to earn points to win even a remote indicator of skill? I know you've taken inspiration from COD but that mode is awful and I leave the game when it comes up in the Preview because I found it unplayable and not fun.

Powers - Grapple is awesome but the Repulsor, seriously is a fun tool for camping idiots. Does it Repulse projectiles and bullets, or is also a ranged gravity hammer? Please make up your mind because getting knocked off by some camping idiot on Recharge by the Grav Hammer Spawn using the repulsor isnt a show of skill, it just feels like an exploit and it's so stupid.

And finally please dont give into the Controller players complaining about Aim Assist, if you want this game and competitive ecosystem to thrive across both input methods you have to make sacrifices so please keep it balanced because I feel like it's in a good state as a MNK player when playing against both inputs, compared to MCC where it was unplayable because you had the aim assist dialled up to max for controller players and as a MNK player it was pointless playing any MCC.
So far I feel like I've been fighting my controlls and the terrible aim-mechanics more than any enemy team. If this is how it plays at launch, I don't think I'll stick around. Guns just feel bad to use for me.

Strongholds is still a really boring gamemode, and I absolutely hate playing it.

I still think the implementation of "coatings" (armor-skins) is a full on four steps backwards in the costumization department. It genuinely -Yoinking!- sucks, and it's absolutely something I'm not at all happy about.

P.S. I'm on Xbox Series X if that matters.
Johnie117 wrote:
  • Tiny yellow hitmarkers appear in the middle of the crosshair when friendlies deal damage? can I turn that off?
  • What if I could drop both weapons and go into fistfights/knifefights?
  • Make threatsensor work both ways (need more team neutral equipment)
  • No friendly player collision sucks, but friendlies do have collision with your grenades but not your body, not very intuitive
  • Got hijacked from warthog driver seat, super bugged, couldn’t move, rubberbanding, teleporting all over map and then died rip
The only yellow indicator in the middle of the crosshairs I'm familiar with is when you have a grappling hook picked up, it shows if you're in range to hook something or not.

You sure it wasn't this?
Hey you're right, must've been the grappleshot indicator!
Warthog feedback:

Warthog was too soft and floaty. Sound effects were not deep enough. Damage resistance was too low. This made the Warthog seem like a silly toy, not a fearsome fighting machine.

I thought it was supposed to be designed so that it would take damage to specific parts of the vehicle that would then make the vehicle handle differently when driving. But this was totally unnoticeable because the warthog wouldn't survive enough damage to be able to notice anything.

Warthog needs much higher damage resistance, especially with the grappleshot making it so much easier to hijack vehicles.

The balance was totally off compared to the Ghost. The ghost felt good (maybe a little too good), while the warthog felt like a glass cannon.. without the cannon.

I thought the Halo 2 anniversary warthog was the best one. Making it more like that would be a good start.
Unfortunately, there is no priority on the server the game prioritises when searching. The last 5 games I have been in have 200 ping. This is from finding a match after only 4/5 seconds of searching for a game. This is not making the game enjoyable and I want to be able to have a fair opinion after the Insider ends. I would much prefer to search for 2 minutes to get a local/stable connection.

My connection is perfectly fine and I get great ping on any other game right now as I type this. Yesterday I was 50/50 on getting a good ping game on Insider.

In MCC, you can set the regions you want to search for a game in so you are guaranteed to be below a certain ping from your selection.

I hope this is implemented in the final product.
The issue likely was caused by the amount of available population around your skill level at the time in which you were searching. Do remember that this is a Tech Preview with a limit number of available players. I assume Halo Infinite is also using TrueMatch, a computer learning matchmaking system, which already knows whether waiting an extra 5 minutes or so will net you a better match. If it doesn’t see anything better in the proverbial pipeline then it’ll give you the best available match as soon as it can.
In the main menu of the infinite beta, you can click a thumb stick down and it’ll tell you about the ranking system. Seems like the doo doo system from H5.
Post all the rank based adjustments (~2019?) Halo 5’s ranking system was vastly superior to any previous Halo title as well as pretty much any FPS title. It’s really not even close if you want ranks to accurately indicate actual player skill. And with Halo Infinite’s UX/UI being built from the ground up to deal with the remaining drawbacks that continue to exist in Halo 5’s system it should be the best one yet; although, it’d be great to have someone take over Josh Menke’s position as a community lead engagement figure. Being able to discuss these topics with a member of 343i was invaluable. It provided players an opportunity to better understand the inner workings and reasonings behind some of the most important systems, such as: the rankings, the skill assessor, the team picker, and the matchmaker.
Accidentally double posted.
Huge improvements from the first flight to the last — however, there are a few things that can be improved upon IMO.

AR: Feels too viable at most distances. Far too often can you win with an AR over a BR at range. The damage drop off or spread should be increased with distance keeping it useful up close.

Pulse Carbine: Needs a buff to fire rate & homing ability to make it more viable at stripping shields so that you can actually quick swap and headshot. Right now it feels like it’s a chore to use and gets outclassed by enemies using simple starting weapons. At this point this is my least favorite gun.

Heatwave: Needs a buff to damage and potentially tighten the spread. Should go from a 3 shot to kill to 2 shot so that it feels like a power weapon. Right now this gets outmatched by sidekick, AR, BR, and Bulldog.

Commando: Bullet spread should be reduced when auto firing but INCREASE recoil. This should increase the skill required to use the weapon while also mitigating the RNG from bullet spread/bloom.

Sidekick: Would like to see a reduction in bullet spread when rapidly firing and a slight reduction in fire rate.

Sniper rifle: bullet ricochet is currently not in the game like past iterations. Would like to see this added back.

Plasma pistol: is effectively useless right now with its current damage output, low homing ability, and slow fire rate. Not to mention it no longer EMPs vehicles, which is fine if the shock rifle is going to serve this role in the sandbox but then the PP needs a rework against players.

Repulsor: SUPER fun to use but it needs a slight nerf especially to vehicles. Possible solutions: There should be a longer cool down between uses, the knock back effect to vehicles should be decreased, or the range at which you are able to get a knock back on vehicles should be decreased (have to be closer to vehicle to use).

HUD: flat out needs a rework. Right now everything is cluttered together which makes it hard to read, not to mention their is no way to tell which alternate grenades you’re currently holding without switching. There are plenty of good examples out there for reference.

Physics: knock back from grenades and gravity hammer needs a huge increase to bring Infinite in parity with past Halo games.

Motion sensor: range is too short. Sometimes it doesn’t pick up people in the same room as you. Doesn’t need a drastic increase but definitely something.
Some thought about Halo Infinite...


First of all I like the game and I do think it will be the best Halo since Halo 3 if everything goes right.
I have understand that 343i want the classic creativity in the Halo games back, even tho my point here is that it might be hard to archive that goal at the same time they want the game to be fast phased and competitive.
So a game without sprint would actually make it less sweaty and more sandboxy.
I like competitive but right now I think the focus is to much competitive and fast phase battles.
And to be honest all games nowadays do have sprint slide mechanic, and i found it pretty boring and washed out.

But yes! The sprint is better now then in Halo R, H4 and H5.
So i dont mind if it stay too much but that my point of the creativity and sandbox they are lookin for might be hard trying to create a fast-paced competitive game.

I do love the equipments in the game tho, you can come up with alot of creativity in your plays with them and i really think thats the right direction for the Halo era.


So.. i guess im not alone with my thoughts on the aiming..
Im on controller and the gun feeling is kinda weird.First of all we need a better hit marker because right now u wont even feel if the gun is hitting the opponent.

I found it pretty hard knowing how much life your
opponent had left aswell, hard to know when they are oneshot.
The fact that they are using the red overlay thing is just because they want us to have customized colours??
Bring back red vs blue with a classic shield working..

And the aim overall...
We need some aim assist on the controller. Its nothing about being bad and that ur bad if u want or need it, its about how the game feels on the controller.The gunplay right now is pretty bad and really hard on mid to long range. U wont even notice if you hit your shots sometimes.

One thought i been havin is aswell.
I understand that 343i want the pistol to be a main weapon even tho im a OG halo player and love the h3 battle rifle as a main thing, 4 shots and only that simple.
Do we really want the pistol to be that trigger-finger as it is now?
If 343 want the pistol to be your main B, i think the halo 5 pistol is more satisfying, slower fire rate and a 4 shot pistol.

Maps :

The maps feels pretty good, i do like that it does feels like they actaully have been put alot of work into the maps as back in the days again.
Recharge might be the only map I really dont like tho, it is too much arena type map, which can be good, but that map aint it.

I really hope they are making maps for every aspect for this game, i found halo 5 too much of Arena maps and they totally forgot about maps like high ground and last resort etc as back in the days.

Vehicles :

I think its great to have this in focus again, to bring back the coop having fun with friends in a warthog thing again.

My thoughts on the warthog and moongoose tho.
I found the warthog way to fast in high speed and some problems with the mechanic of it.
I like that it is kinda ragdollish but i think it actually could be more. It felt a little to stuck to the ground and hard to knock over.
I kinda felt when in air jumping it was to easy to control it and land it perfectly. I think its more fun to make it more unpredictable in some ways.
And same with the moongoose.

The wheel mechanic need some better design and definitely need to be harder controlling without the wheels then it is now.

The splat mechanic is made really good, easy to splat and really enjoyed the ghost.

Thats all for now!:)
Vsualz wrote:
I think pistols are ruined
no longer good whatsoever
clip after clip no damage long range
would like a buff on these as its making whoever has br destroy
I agree after the first flight they felt off, as if they were needed to much. Distance especially on controller it seemed harder to make contact.
past that point spawning screwed me over, mostly on recharge I spawned in between multiple enemies. I experience some of the already known issues but past that it was good.

I’ve been playing with the controller settings a lot but I’m having an issue where sometimes when I close the game out and boot it back up, I have to reset it all over again.

I think it needs a buff and aim assist needs a little twerk not much.
Like I explained on the Xbox forum different FOV contributes to aim assist. This was tested on my roommates Xbox series x and my PC. FOV 120 aim assist was terrible but this is similar to other games.
100 I did best on PC with a higher accuracy percentage and k/d. 90 I had even better accuracy but lower K/D. As mentioned before 120 I had the least accuracy and lowest K/D.
1. TIMERS: Eliminate weapon/equipment timers and AI heads-ups from ranked play. Talented players will do just fine using their own map awareness. I don’t mind keeping these features in during social matches.

2. STILL TOO MUCH DIALOGUE. Give us the ability to toggle off each personality (AI, announcer, chatter, Spartan commander, etc.). Additionally, let us select what types of dialogue we hear. Example: I don’t care that my AI sees headshots in my future, but I do want to know that the overshield spawned.

3. IN-GAME SCORE? What’s its purpose? We only gain XP through completing battle pass challenges. You might as well get rid of the screen clutter by getting rid of the points we score and even medals since they don’t contribute to XP either.

4. OPTION TO TURN OFF INTRO CAMERA PAN. Watching the cringe animations at the beginning of each match and poses at the end immediately strips these “Spartans” of all credibility that they are professional supersoldiers. Punching the air before a gunfight? The 'I’m too cool to take this seriously' guy?

5. MP MUSIC. I turned the music off. I love the new campaign tracks and remixes, but the Infinite MP does not feel Haloish at all. Give us a new theme to choose from with each season.
x Monk3y x wrote:
assault rifle has wayy too much range. very little point in picking up the BR or commando.
I do think the assault rifle is a bit strong. Not better than the BR or commando. But definitely better than the pistol, which it shouldn't be if the pistol guy lands all their shots.
from what i played the pistol is better than the AR at range and medium fights, if you hit headshots with pistol your killing extremely fast. idk maybe just me but i dont feel like only having the br and command be the only viable weapons to kill enemies.
CallyBeats wrote:
1. Playing in Xbox one hardware, it just doesn’t feel that smooth, I think my frame rate is too low due to the hardware, makes aiming difficult. But it’s not a huge deal just thought I’d share it.
2. Couldn’t change my weapon in any game mode, including training.
3. Can’t find a match at all on social slayer. Only bot.
Definitely not smooth on Xbox one
I played on both systems and it was just fine, maybe your ping is just too high or your nat isn't completely open like it should be for gaming and have you checked your mtu's lately because you should be running at 1380 or you will have problems.
Coming from an OG Halo player (back to Halo 1, A LOT of Halo 2, Halo 3 all time favorite that played competitively on MLG settings and Gamebattles, played every halo since but more disappointed as new ones came out) I think the game is in a better direction.

I think it’s way better than all the Halos that came out after Halo 3 but there’s a few things that just don’t feel right, I never liked the whole sprint aspect in Halo. The grapple and misc. little boosters are a huge turn off for someone that prefers classic Halo, hopefully those kinds of things can be disabled in a MLG style playlist.

The transition from sprint to shoot feels clunky and the aiming in general has a numb feeling after tweaking the settings so many times it seems like I couldn’t find a perfect place for it, maybe just needs some more playing around.

I would have preferred another playlist to try that goes back to the MLG style with BR starts for a more competitive feel since every game I was able to play seemed like a AR and pistol fest. The AR 100% needs to get a nerf because it almost seems like it kills faster than a 4 shot BR and it can laser people at a pretty decent distance which in my opinion turns the game into a unskilled spray fest.

When I was able to get my hands on the commando and sniper they felt pretty awesome, the sniping in the game almost brought me back to the older days and made me want to play more. I do like some of the medal dialogue but I also hope we can get a way to turn off the AI and other random dialogue, sometimes it feels like it never stops and gets kind of annoying.

Overall I’m glad I can finally say for the first time since HALO 3 I’m excited for a Halo to come out with a few tweaks I think it’s going to be a pretty solid game.
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