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[Locked] Infinite Tech Preview – UI & LIVE

OP snickerdoodle

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Welcome to the eagerly awaited Halo Infinite technical preview! We are looking for feedback on specific areas and have threads dedicated to each one right here on Waypoint.

This thread is focused on collecting feedback on UI & Live (Battle Pass, Challenges, Store). To provide feedback on other aspects of the flight, please use the dedicated threads for each key feedback area:
For bugs or technical issues, please utilize the Halo Insider Support site’s knowledge base and submit tickets as necessary. To reiterate, if you encounter a bug, please submit a ticket via the Halo Insider Support page.

Thank you for participating in this Halo Infinite technical preview, we hope you have fun and please share your thoughts with us below!
The UI is not good for in game. Feels too generic. Like the classic Lowered Crosshair is gone, The visual Bullet counter is replaced by the dime a dozen numbered ammo counter, everything feels a bit off and doesn’t feel very Halo to me.

The Zoom is also a bit off as it doesn’t go in as far as expected for a zoom. If it’s for an assault Rifle it’s fine, but Zoom should be increased by a tiny bit but have no effect on range.
UI seems cluttered and messy, maybe get rid of the transparent pages
In the menus, where it shows which button does what on the bottom, it's hard to tell which buttons are shown due to not enough contrast.

Sometimes when pushing the button to open the social menu, a transparent black screen will fade in and out for a split second, and then open the social menu.

When changing my prosthesis, and I pick 1 of the options, then try to change it again, it doesn't update unless I press "none" and then choose again.
In general, there doesn't seem to be great support for ultrawide at the moment. Understandable, of course; but I also don't have an option to change my fullscreen resolution to a more standard 16:9 aspect ratio anywhere.
The game has crashed when trying to set the push-to-talk bind to caps lock.
needs a better UI, it has too many layers to keep going through.
This builds menu feels redundant. Too many things you have to click into to see everything. I think lore tabs should be somewhere on screen when hovering over an item or piece of customization. Basically I find it too clustered.
The game has crashed when trying to set the push-to-talk bind to caps lock.
Came here to say similar. Changed Push-to-Talk to Middle Mouse. It warned it'd replace the zoom level keybind. I clicked rebind, and I crashed to desktop.
There is a lot of excess lines that fill up the screen and serve no purpose. When it comes to most UIs in all things, regardless of hobby, I tend to like minimalism. It makes the game feel more responsive, optimized, and modern. Destiny has a UI that's much like this and I think nails it.

The quickness/consistency of the UI is important as well. Having a unifying menu system somewhere while in the menu screen that is present at all levels except for the most specific innards of the selection trees is key. This allows for quick navigation to areas of the game. Nobody likes wasting a bunch of time slogging through deep menu trees to do an action, then navigating all the way back out to a main menu, then back in to whatever activity you'd like to do next.

*Have the Play, Customize, Shop menu bar in the top be available at all times. The tree level it should disappear at is the socket portion of the Armor Hall/Weapons Bench/Vehicle Bay. For the Body AI menu, it should disappear when you click on an option within (eg. Prostheses, AI Model, Etc.)

This saves the player from hitting multiple back buttons when going between menus and holding up that illusion of ease of access rather than deep menu diving every time you want to customize your spartan.

The Season Progress button in the bottom left of the main menu is pointless and adds more clutter to the screen.

*Combine the Battle Pass banner in the top right with the functionality of the Season Progress button. One dedicated way to view all season related items/progress/battle pass.

*Swap the Player information tab in the bottom right (Emblem, Player Card, Friends/Party) and swap it with the Battle pass banner. Then have that player information tab look and function exactly like the fireteam banned within the multiplayer tab. Having your name and customized identifiers atop/next to your customized spartan makes sense and would flow better visually.

*Add the options button as a main menu tab. (Apart of the Play, Customize, Shop) The insides of the Options Menu performs exactly like the menus inside each of the Play, Customize, and Shop tabs, good consistency there, so it should be a primary main menu tab.

*The entire bottom darkened banner space should be a dedicated space to showing matchmaking/countdown/level loading/progress bars. That being said when none of those things are going on that bar should completely disappear. Less is more. I feel removing this bottom bar would actually clean up the main menu and make it feel way less cluttered.

*The fine lines language you're using with the UI design is almost there. I would say take out the "breaks/shade changes" of the lining you've used and make them full. An example of what I mean to better explain this is on the Plus button to add more fireteam members within the multiplayer menu page. Just make it one solid white line going around the button without any breaks. These lines are already small enough that adding excess design of similar scale appears messy. Same with the line above the Player banner/below Fireteam #/28. I probably could've explained this one better so I apologize in advanced.

Really not a fan of it not showing your teammates/what their spartan looks like in the lobby before loading into the match. That feature should definitely be brought back.

Empty space is Ok! It's not a bad thing! Minimalism is in! I like what I'm seeing so far so keep up the hard work! <3
I like the no hud option but it needs more customization

Have seperate independent toggle options for getting rid of each of the following
Visor display lines
scoreboard and time
Scoped huds

If getting greedy pick your hud colours.

Getting rid of team colours is a great idea, wish the bots werent all the same colour to test it. However the outlines are distracting and really take away from the visuals. Id much rather a system where allies have their id/tag visible and enemies have no identifer at all.

Spartans vs elites or brutes..with no identification at all would be the dream tho.

I really hate unnecessary huds, incase that isnt apparent lol. Games good tho i do enjoy it.

There was some classic halo music i heard once when i first started the game that was great. There is some music that plays repeatedly and it makes me depressed, really would like to swap this out for something more like halo 3 sick "riffs". Also playing this music at the "halfway point" really throws me off and ruins the atmosphere/vibe for me. Maybe some like it, but for me its distracting and id turn the music volume to 0 if possible.
2 invitations but no instruction for download, what´s happen?
During the next flight, can you please a supply more credits than 3000 credits to further stress test the Store throughout the flight process. There should also be a quantity counter Boost and Swap packs since this is a reoccurring purchases to allow customers to own how many packs they currently have acquired. As for the UI, it would be nice to be able to allow customization or a few rounds in the weapon drills while sitting in the lobby awaiting matchmaking.
Overall I love the UI! My only complaint is the in-game scoreboard that you can bring up, id like to have a toggle similar to hold/tap to zoom. Right now I don't like how you have to press it to bring it up then press again to get rid of it. Id rather hold the button, get the info I need, and then have it dissappear when I let go.
I had two issues with the UI that the person I was partied with:

When you press escape in the weapon testing range the screen seems to flicker with some sort of map artwork(?) or a part of the map(?) I'm not sure how to recreate this.

Sometimes in game, such as Bot Slayer, the escape menu will be active but not visible, the same is with the scoreboard. It could be an issue with opening and closing the menu(s) quickly.
The UI feels very messy in customisation part, I also think that it wasn't properly implemented for mouse since the only way to equip something into the socket is by clicking tiny square box to make a tick because clicking on item brings detailed page of it. I think H5 did a much better job with customisation
Biggest request so far is the ability to rotate your Spartan in the customization menus. If it's already there, I can't easily figure out how to do it, and that's also a problem. Literally just a thumbstick icon on the bottom of the screen, for instance.
might be because it's from an earlier build but the UI does not scale from 16:9 to 32:9 resolution.

Here's the screen at 2560x1440 (16:9) -
And again at 5120x1440 (32:9) -

As can be seen, it zooms in and cuts off a lot of the spartan and does this in any section of customization (weapons and vehicles as well) and also during the intro cinematic when joining a game.

As I said, this issue may be resolved in a more recent build of the game but for now the claim of actively supporting ultrawide and super ultrawide displays is falling flat.
The only Complaints/Changes I have ATM is:
No way to see who it talking on the screen while playing you have to check the scoreboard.
No way to mute a player that I have found maybe adding this to the player Scoreboard.
When trying to disable Voice Chat in game it wont disable.
When selecting a new cosmetic or gun skin it feels really unnatural to press F to equip it would be nice to just click to equip.
overall experience is the same as most people it generic and to top it off it feels really chunky and slow when navigating menus.
Loving the game play just feel like the UI could use some adjustments.
Trying to navigate through the customization menu has been... interesting. I often find myself going into sections that I don't know how I ended up there or what there purpose is.

The settings menu is way too clutted and confusing. Drop boxes or cascading menus are your friend.
  • Give me the basic sensitivity option, then a cascading menu to hid all the other sensitivity options in.
  • Split up the video settings and better explain what each setting does, offer a preview of the lowest and highest setting. CoD has been good with this and is insanely helpful in clarifying the changes
  • The option to unbind a button. Lord knows in the few games I've played pressing F and changing weapons when all I wanted was to throw a grenade with G has gotten me killed enough
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