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[Locked] Infinite Tech Preview – UI & LIVE

OP snickerdoodle

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Please add best spree as a stat on the post game carnage report. That is a stat from previous Halos I was looking for after a good match and couldn't find it.
Not a fan on how the battle pass only gets exp from challenges. Maybe some exp from just playing would be nice and also it's hard to tell how much shields are left on an enemy. That's one thing I really enjoyed about 5 is knowing how close they were breaking by having a thick yellow glow to them know weather I should retreat or risk it.
Was playing a bit today and my daily challenge disappeared. If this were the actual release, I'd have 0 incentive to play. I can't earn any exp until the next day. But even then.. it seems at most I can only earn 400-500 exp, or 1 level by playing 15 games.

You REALLY need to implement exp earned per game. As it is now you can be locked out of earning exp. You can get all the weeklies done in a day and freeze your daily as well. Tweak how much exp you need to level up, but you NEED exp per game.
Not sure if it belongs here, but the sound doesn't work really well when your system language isn't english (playing in Germany, so usually got my language is set to german)
I guess Voice Overs might still be missing in the moment, so they're completely missing in german atm.
But also the rest of the sounds seem to be off. Everything sounds a little dull and undefined, no clear indication of where anything comes from...
As soon as you switch to english, all sounds work and the surround sound is good and you get quite clear indications of your surroundings (footsteps, gunshots etc).

I'm playing with a surround Headset btw.
Trying to navigate through the customization menu has been... interesting. I often find myself going into sections that I don't know how I ended up there or what there purpose is.

The settings menu is way too clutted and confusing. Drop boxes or cascading menus are your friend.
  • Give me the basic sensitivity option, then a cascading menu to hid all the other sensitivity options in.
  • Split up the video settings and better explain what each setting does, offer a preview of the lowest and highest setting. CoD has been good with this and is insanely helpful in clarifying the changes
  • The option to unbind a button. Lord knows in the few games I've played pressing F and changing weapons when all I wanted was to throw a grenade with G has gotten me killed enough
I agree with this. There seems to be way too many pathways in the menus. I also often find myself "lost " in a sense.
AI selection: Sample voice button. So you can hear AI voice before match.

Prosthesis selection: Spin character model to better view prosthesis on right side.
I would like for there to be a way to play multi-team with up to 8 team colors, instead of all enemy teams appearing as one "foe" color. I don't know the best way for 343i to implement this, now that the friend/foe system is in place... but gamemodes with 3+ teams would greatly benefit from 3+ unique colors. Multi-Team was a fun legacy matchmaking mode, and some custom game modes could benefit too.
Please tell me blue dot/red diamond is placeholder. I wanna see gamertags and callsigns. Having a tough time finding my friend in game since fireteam color is not working. (everyone shows up as blue)
Here are my thoughts that I've been writing down as I go. It's a long one. Sorry in advance.

  • Trigger buttons page up/down. Right now they just skip to the bottom of the current page then move one item at a time.
  • The carnage report is inferior to previous versions. I can’t compare stats with friends and the other team. It’s missing loads of stats. The MCC carnage report is much more comprehensive and usable.
  • It is clunky to have to back out of matchmaking menu when I want to access customization. The customization and shop should be located in what is currently the Social menu (View Button on Xbox). The Social menu should be moved to where the Season Progress menu is (X button on Xbox). Battle pass/challenge menu and Season progress menu should be consolidated to one menu (Y button on Xbox). This falls more in line with previous titles.
  • Horizontal menus for customization takes up too much screen real estate and adds visual clutter. A vertical list on the left side of the screen and our Spartan/Weapon/etc. On the right would be more efficient. In addition, there are too many nested menus. Item lore would easily fit in a description box in a vertical list configuration. Halo: Reach is a great example of this layout at work.
  • Armor Coatings should be in a grid configuration. Scrolling through individual items in a list will become problematic as the list will quickly become too long as more coatings are added. This is a section where I feel that nested lists could actually be useful. Coatings could be separated into categories (i.e. Solids, Camo, metallic, emissives, etc.) in order to cut down on clutter and make navigation through them and finding the coating you want easier. Again - vertical lists only please.
  • The “Toggle Equipped” button is a super handy feature. Good job on that one.
  • An option to turn off music for multiplayer only would be appreciated.
  • BUTTON LAYOUT CUSTOMIZATION: I have been waiting for this for well over a decade. While I am SO grateful that this is finally in the game, Destiny really knocked it out of the park with theirs and I can’t help but feel that this one is a bit lacking. Having the option to specify what a button does when held vs tapped and being able to assign a function to two buttons pressed simultaneously are features that are not only nice-to-haves, but also great accessibility options. I would LOVE to see this make it into the final build.
  • 21:9 support needs work on PC. Customization thumbnails are squashed horizontally.
UI/UX In Slayer
  • Grenades should NOT glow unless they are LIVE grenades thrown by another player/bot. I find myself avoiding picking up grenades because I think they are about to explode. If you are that worried about item visibility, you could outline them the same way players are outlined. And you could give the option to choose the color or disable it entirely.
  • The radar does not adequately convey information about the Z axis. In previous games, a player that is above you will be displayed as a triangle and a player below you will be a dim dot.
  • Medals and point values should be on the left side of the screen. They are very distracting in the middle.
  • Points and medals should NOT make noise. Or we should have an option to turn those noises off. They add too much auditory stimulation and only serve to clutter the soundscape. Plus they defeat the purpose of turning kill marker sounds off, as they make a noise on kill anyway.
  • Having an option to turn hit markers off all together would be nice.
  • The AI and Spartan Chatter do not convey useful information. “Over yonder” means nothing to the player and I don't need to know that I’ve picked up a Battle Rifle; it’s in my hand.
  • I’m not sure if there is an option to turn the AI voice off and it is just bugged, or if there is no option all together, but I would like to turn it off please.
  • The spartan Intro is Super campy and feels too “Gamer-y” for lack of a better term. From a lore perspective it makes the spartans look like a bunch of weekend-warrior dads who can't take anything seriously, not highly trained and deadly super soldiers. From a player perspective, it just looks cringy and takes WAY too long. It gets very tedious to sit through it every match.If you’re going to have an intro, Destiny hit the sweet spot: A quick map overview, see players spawn in, then right into the action. The outro section isn’t much better, and I wouldn’t mind seeing it cut entirely. I just want to see the scoreboard and carnage report, to some guys doing a pose.
  • The heatwave and needler both have very little, if any feedback when you hit an enemy with them. Shields don’t seem to flare up when a spartan is hit, so it's hard to tell if you’re doing any damage. Additionally, the Supercombine explosion doesn’t really have any kind of impact or specific sound. The spartan kinda just becomes dead.
  • Option to hold the button for the scoreboard like in previous games would be nice.
  • Having the option to change reticle color would be a great accessibility option.
The UI could use some polish. My main issue at the moment is that the main menu tree (Play, Customize, Shop) disappears when selecting into multiplayer/academy, or a customize selection. I'd like the three main navigation buttons to be consistent through all navigation to make things a bit more fast. I feel the only time it should disappear is when selecting an item for preview (etc. Like clicking on the Estate Gold coating to read the lore.
Battlepass match XP
We need to be able to earn XP for the battle pass for completing matches, the weekly challenges can only get you so far. I don't want to stop playing but when I don't get to earn any more progress its a big turn off. most slayer matches last 5-6 minutes with bots. 50 xp for playing and completing a match would be very nice, if you get a tier every 500XP you would need to play a total of 10 matches, you would earn a tier every 50=60 minuets without challenges. To create healthy competition when real players play against each other have it to whoever wins gets 75 XP, you would need to win 7 matches in a row to earn a tier in about 35-45 minutes (if the matches still take about 5-6 minutes). of course this can be different and it probably will need to when longer game modes are added, but something like this would be really great to have.
Really enjoying the flight so far and thank you for letting us play and give feedback. The halo community seems to really love what you have made so far and i hope it will only get better, thank you 343 Industries!
The store seems good to me but I am not convinced by the design of each segment of an item, in the test it was sometimes about loading the items in the store when taking a look at a weapon or helmet
Follow up, had some daily challenges so managed to get up to lvl 9 on the pass but doesn't look like I'll be able to complete before end of preview due to running out of challenges all the time! Should be able to earn XP another way to give more incentive to keep playing or you end up just stopping.
We need to be able to earn XP for the battle pass for completing matches, the weekly challenges can only get you so far. I don't want to stop playing but when I don't get to earn any more progress its a big turn off...
I agree with above. You lose purpose playing when challenges are all done. Why we don't get XP from rounds is a little odd.

I'm also not a big fan of the new HUD. How you interact with the sandbox is a bit off too, there are too many buttons associated with switching grenades and types. I miss the simpler style where you could press a button to tab through the grenades quick. I don't believe I ever hit a point where I said I wish I could press a hot key to switch between grenades quickly, seems like an answer to a question nobody was asking.

With a controller aiming feels off, my friend and I agreed that classic halo aimed like rolling a ball in your palm on a table. This feels like rolling a football. The aim acceleration at the edges of the inner sections of the screen as you look around jumps around wildly and it feels off. We tried various things to try to make it feel better but ended up making it worse so we went back to default and grabbed our KBM

I'm not sure I can add too much to what other players have already said otherwise. The title menu feels cluttered like the game just puked up info and now I have to wade through it.

The controls on PC are not good at first. It took a good hard look from me to say no thanks and rebind the whole setup. Thankfully you offer a full key rebind on both KBM and Controller.
There are too many buttons associated with switching grenades.
Sorry, but Left on D-Pad is too many buttons? That's the only button to switch grenades.
My only complaint with the UI is the player stats after a match has ended. With the current background and the text being the color they are I can’t see stats post match due to the font blending into the background. Other than that the UI is intuitive and not overwhelming considering all the options that are available. I truly love the layout, just wish post match stats had better contrast.
The UI still has a long way to go. Your goal with it is easily visible, but the execution is a bit off. There's a lot of stuttering and some parts of the menu don't load properly so I have to go back and forth many times. Input buttons are hard to see due to not enough contrast.

Equipping coatings and armor is unnecessarily stretched, it would be better if we didn't have to inspect each item and then tick that little box in the left corner (This is more of a PC complaint). Also, it would make navigating menus easier if the main options were always on top (The Play, Customize and Shop ones). Doing something like this save time for the player and makes the overall experience with the UI better.

This is more of a bug, but while equipping prostheses, you can only see the first option that you choose, if you want to try others, the game doesn't react anymore and you have to come back out and in the menu again to see it.
Under armor customization there should be an option to zoom in/out, so that we can zoom in on the spartan. Right now it only fives the option to rotate the spartan. Under armor mod view I think the options should show up vertically on the left hand side so that we have have full view of the spartan without UI elements blocking the spartan mid way.
I'm fine with the UI seen in this preview. A bit of lag here and there when browsing the menus but visually none of it has bothered me.

As for the battle pass I think it's fine. I assume the game will have a free battle pass alongside the paid one? Well, as long as everything can be earned through simply playing then that's also cool with me. I'm just curious as to how often players will be able to earn credits in the full game cause it seems pretty cheap being to level up your battle pass a decent amount with the limited amount we were given in this build.

Maybe increase the amount of credits needed to pass up a level in the battle pass every 5 or 10 levels?
-Both pages are well made and functional.
-Spartans' new color customization mode is amazing. But I miss being able to customize color by color, primary, secondary and tertiary. It would be nice if we had a unique slot to choose each color for our custom palette, as it's shown that the predefined palette has seven painted parts, then we could choose which colors we could put in each of the seven parts.
Or if you prefer, in a unique customization slot, there could be which parts we could paint. Example:
Parts to paint freely:
-And those gray parts that are on the chest of the armor (I'm not referring to those plates you can put on the breastplate of the armor, I'm talking about those little squares) and in the middle of the shoulders
And if you want, could have details stamped on the armor, I saw that there is a camouflage stamp in the inventory in Beta, it could be something that could be put on the armor, so it could be:
And more!
-In social games, there could be a way to trade or vote on a map so that players decide which map they want to play, it would be interesting for the game's artificial intelligence not to be giving repeated maps.
I don't think it would be nice to put this option in ranked matches, in ranked matches it's better to leave without the option to change or vote.
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