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[Locked] Infinite Tech Preview – UI & LIVE

OP snickerdoodle

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My only complaint right now is the radar. Since the sprint speed and the walk speed are so close I think the change of making the radar not show enemies who walk is a huge problem.
In the brief moment of pvp it was way too easy to walk behind the enemy team and back smack them and vice versa.
There is no point in crouch walking anymore now that radars don't show people walking.
This makes getting flanked way too easy
First time giving my input on a forum! Anyways I played the weekend on xsx and the games amazing. Well done there. I’m not sure this fits under UI, but I have an issue with art design, specifically the medals. I feel some of the creativity behind the designs have been lost. A series of medals all share the same green aesthetic and have lost their individuality. “Kill from the grave” for example was this awesome skull, shaped like a star and now its just a green tombstone. A ton of cool new medals like marksman, backhand, reversal, etc could’ve had more unique designs. Halo 3 I think has the best collection of medals that all feel original and is the model I’d like to see adopted. I’m not sure its still possible to do before launch, but its my 2cents.
The only thing I'll add is I'm not a fan of the single row of options that you have to scroll through when customizing your Spartan. I feel like when there are a ton of options I'll be sitting there for days scrolling through them. I think this would be better suited with a grid.
Thank you 343 for giving us a sneak peek of some of the things coming to Halo Infinite. I really enjoyed what was shown and can’t wait to see what’s next.

Personal Thoughts
  • When I was levelling up in the battle pass it didn’t really feel rewarding, once I reached a new tier there was nothing congratulating me. But that could easily be fixed by adding some cool visuals and sound effects!
  • Navigating the menu gets confusing from time to time.
  • I couldn’t view my right side prosthetics in the menu because there is no free rotation.
  • The menu sometimes stays stuck looking over at the weapon display table from a far when switching tabs.
  • The Marines in the background sometimes duplicate.
  • Attachments for certain helmets will sometimes appear on helmets they’re not meant for.
  • *In-game* Jeff Steitzer, will rarely repeat some voice lines like “Double Kill.” twice, in a row.
  • Battle pass items will sometimes not appear.
  • The daily items wording on the daily item tabs will sometimes shrink.
Thank you, for all your hard work 343, and I wish you all the best of luck!
I felt that the battle pass was a little confusing as I would like some XP from playing a game, not just the challenges which seems to be how the battle past progressive.

Additionally I think that the customisation option should be available when waiting for a match or in the multiplayer menu as I spend a good 5-minutes trying to locate where the customisation option is.

Lastly I did try to get into a game with my friend though we were unsuccessful after an hour of trying however having your Spartans all stand in the background is a very nice in edition to the UI and makes the experience of the game more personalized for myself.
Gameplay is amazing! I very much support your decision to postpone the game from last year to this year. The beta feels awsome. Movement and visuals are fantastic.

Something I would have loved to see in Infnite: I very much liked the aiming style of Halo 5, with its animations for each weapon and I definetly miss this feature. I understand your point, it feels faster now and corresponds to the old titles, but maybe you could implement this as an graphical option or at least just for campaign because it improves immersion so much.

The main negative point: I was confused and often lost in the main menu. It feels interrupted and has two many layers. I needed to search a lot, felt lost and it is definetly not intuitive to use (at least for me). My first impression was, that it looked like one of these free-to-play games, it is free-to-play, but it is Halo, not any game!
Sometimes the white color is hard to read on a gray background. The MCC color and menu felt somehow more like Halo. Lost in space on an unkown ring world. Whenever I started MCC or Halo 5, the Halo universe got me in the first seconds. This beta got me when entering a match.
I miss the goosebumps in the menu with the Halo theme playing in the background ;)

Anyway: Great job!
The needs do be double input protection delay for the default mapping of weapon swap to the mouse wheel, in a panic situation it's easy to swap back instantly to the weapon you are already holding.
The post game carnage report (Player Recap) scoreboard needs to have more information.

It is difficult to see how well you ranked against the other players because in order to see everyone's death counter you have to click on each individual name.

The scoreboard should have a good amount of detail
  1. Kills/Deaths/Assists
  2. Headshots
  3. Kill breakdown (Weapon/grenade/melee/other)
  4. Accuracy
  5. Damage
  6. Highest spree
  7. Medal count (clicking on player to see medal breakdown, most used weapon and killed most/killed most by)
These are things that I expect in a halo game to accurately break down my performance after a match and see how I stacked up against everybody else.

Also the scoreboard is all white and should be color coded for your team color and the enemy team color for more consistency/visiblity.

This game is everything I wanted it to be, just needs a few minor tweaks like this in the HUD/UI side of things to check all the boxes.
I second everyone saying the UI is very clunky and I decided to make a mockup of what I think the UI could look like if it went in a more simplified/streamlined approach.

Specifically the armour customisation:
  • The game crashes when resetting custom controller mapping to default, and controls are not reset after restarting the game. I am using a PS4 controller through Steam, and I have not modified Steam's default configuration for it.
  • With some default controller mappings, the same button is mapped to multiple controls, e.g. for Bumper Jumper, LB is both "Vehicle Descend/Tricks" and "Vehicle Switch Seats". However, when attempting to customize controller mappings, I am not allowed to create such duplicate mappings.
  • Custom controller mappings are lost every time another default controller mapping is selected. Selecting "Button Layout: Custom" again overwrites the custom mapping with the previously selected default mapping. It would be better if we could name and save custom mappings/settings, so that if I want to let a friend play, we can switch button layouts back and forth easily.
  • Please add a "Flip Triggers" controller setting to swap the upper trigger buttons with the lower ones. Shooting with RB is much more comfortable because it is a digital, not analog, button.
  • The buttons on the bottom of the main menu are thin and require precision to click on with a mouse. Their click areas should be expanded to the bottom edge of the screen, so that you can just slam your mouse cursor to the bottom and scrub horizontally to easily click buttons, similar to Windows' taskbar. (Yes, I know there are keyboard shortcuts for those buttons, but that's irrelevant for users that prefer to click buttons.) See Fitt's Law.
  • No info about challenge progress during games - Before each match, I have to memorize 1) what my challenges are and 2) my current progress, and then 3) during the match I have to manually keep count of my progress. When I complete a challenge (because I've been keeping count in my head), there's no notification in the HUD that I've done so. The current challenges (with current progress) needs to be listed in the "pause menu". (I know there's no pausing in MP, IDK what else to call it.) There needs to be an in-game notification of when I've completed a challenge, hopefully not obstructing the screen too much.
  • No info that an XP boost is active (or its duration) in the main menu, during matchmaking, or during games. The timer is only visible in the Battle Pass screen.
  • In the social tab, when you select a player, the "player options" pane is shown. The status info there is laid out unintuitively, with "Online/Offline" on the left, greyed out, and grouped with other grey labels. It can be improved by making "Status" a label for "Online/Offline", and moving "Online/Offline" to the right to be with the other info. Mock-up:
  • Many scrollable lists do not have scroll wrapping. That means that you can't go from the first item to the last item by going up or left. This makes some things take excessive button presses to get to, such as "Exit to Desktop" in the control panel; instead of pressing up once, I have to hold down to scroll through every other item to get to it.
  • The weapon rack color coding (red for weapon in use, blue for respawning) is nice, but there should be a 3rd color to distinguish between "waiting to respawn" and "spawned". Both states give the weapon a blue outline, so I've often run up to an empty weapon rack where the blue bar was almost full so I couldn't tell if it was actually full at a glance, and attempted to pick up a hologram. There should be a dimmer blue hologram for "waiting to respawn" and a brighter blue outline for "spawned". Same applies to power-ups; make the yellow dimmer when the power-up hasn't spawned.
CandiRoks wrote:
I second everyone saying the UI is very clunky and I decided to make a mockup of what I think the UI could look like if it went in a more simplified/streamlined approach.

Specifically the armour customisation:
I made a similar post! Glad to see great minds think alike!
I think the UI in its current state was very workable, but it didn't really seem like a proper Halo UI.

The background of the main menu was very flickery, almost as if the Anti Aliasing was not being applied correctly.

The fact that the default button for the chat is "Enter" was a great annoyance for a PC UI, since that is usually the button used to confirm your UI choice.

The lack of a "Choose this customization" option from the initial preview was frustrating, as well as the fact that it was "F" to actually select the item once in the 2nd preview. Please adjust both of these to make more sense. Having to double down on a preview just to be allowed to equip your cosmetics feels clunky and unnecessary, and the default keybind choices are akward for PC users.
The flight definitely highlighted a few shortcomings of the current UI both in the menus as well as the HUD
  • There is currently no way to actually unbind keys you can't just simply delete a keybind.
  • The horizontal style menu for customisation seems incredibly short-sighted. Even with just the limited amount of content in the flight it already takes way too long to scroll through all the available customisation options (coatings being the worse offender) I'd hate to think how bad it'll get once more content is added. Needs to be changed to a vertical style/grid menu so you're not constantly scrolling through menus.
  • The portraits that show off armour pieces need to better highlight what's actually different. The helmet attachments especially the ones for Enigma and Zvedzda are the worst offenders. Some simple contrast like the specific piece being highlighted while everything else is dimmed is honestly all that needs to be changed and would greatly improve clarity.
  • There doesn't seem to be an option to toggle the censor for the chat. Coming from Battlefield V, which had incredibly inconsistent and frustrating chat censoring where it was almost impossible to write a sentence (and yes this is obviously without toxic comments) without something being censored. There was basically no point in using the chat. A simple toggle would fix a lot of the issues that come with chat censoring for those that aren't bothered by potential toxic comments. MCC also has a toggle so I don't see why Infinite can't as well.
  • The scoreboard doesn't display your ping to the server meaning it's impossible to tell how good your connection is. At the very least the game should show what server I'm connecting to while loading into the game (like MCC) so I know what to expect when I'm playing.
  • There's no HUD element for VOIP so it's impossible to tell who's talking unless you check the scoreboard. There's also no way to mute someone from the scoreboard meaning you can't selectively mute people so you either have VOIP or you don't.
  • The radar doesn't distinguish targets based on elevation. So you have no idea if someone is above or below you. This is shown pretty well on the map live fire as there many cases where it seems like someone's right in front of you when in reality they're either above or below you. A simple system like Halo Reach's radar where it had different symbols for targets would remove a lot of confusion.
  • The grenade UI seems really unintuitive compared to other games. There's no way to tell what your second grenade type is unless you switch grenades. The icon itself also seems quite small. There have been quite a few times where I throw a grenade and it wasn't the grenade type I intended because I didn't realise I had the other type selected. It's very hard to gain the information you need at a glance when it comes to grenades. The design is too simplified and that's saying a lot because it's not like previous games' designs were elaborately complex.
  • There's no way to set up a separate toggle or hold crouch keybind. In games that have sliding I usually like to have my conventional crouch being a hold, but when I have to slide I like just pressing the button once. I know other games give you the ability to bind separate toggle or crouch buttons so it would be a nice quality of life feature to have.
  • There should be a way to make enemy shield colour different from their outline. At the moment it's very hard to tell if someone has their shields or not, the only way to tell is if you're the one who's actually been damaging them. Either make it so that you can customise shield colours separate to the enemy's outline and/or make the visual effects for a player without shields more prominent.
  • The personal AI should have a preview button so you can listen to what the AIs sound like. As of now the only way to check is by equipping them and actually launching into a game.
  • For PC there's a bit of a UI oversight in terms of the default menu button keybinds. While searching for a game you can hold T to cancel searching, however to bring up the last match results you also press T. So if you want to cancel match making it also brings up the last match results.
  • You can't bind entering menus. The default bind to enter a menu is space bar. I'm incredibly used to enter being the default keybind for the majority of games I play (even MCC has enter as the default) so instead of entering a menu the chat opens. Now I can rebind the chat to a different button so the chat doesn't open but then I can still only use space to navigate the menus. If there was a way to rebind the core menu keybinds that would be awesome or at the very least make it so that enter is the default keybind rather then space.
  • XP boosts should be tied to in-game time rather then real life time. It feels incredibly frustrating to lose so much value from your xp boost when the match maker is taking longer then normal to get you into a game. It feels like you're being punished for something that is outside of your control.
  • You should be able to level up the battle pass just by playing the game instead of solely through challenges. In the flight there were a couple of times when I was just unable to to earn anymore experience towards the battle pass because I had completed all the available challenges. It just feels like the game is trying to artificially throttle your progress and makes me not want to play the game anymore once I've done my challenges. What's the point in playing if it's not going towards my progression.
Plasma grenades take to long to charge and explode totally agree with ppl on the zoom on certain weapons like the sniper rifle which has zooms to much.carbine rifle zoom keeps cancelling after a period of firing while zoomed. shotgun is to slow when bullets are fired while strafing grapple hook needs an distance indicator. Maps are well structured and balanced.
Some people seem to have the option of changing their emblems while most don't.
You can only change your emblem through the new halo waypoint mobile app that's how people have been able to change it.
XP Boosts should be reworked to either only counting down while in a match, or a certain number of completed/started games or challenges (if match completion doesn't give XP) counting towards its use. Currently, it sucks that having to activate it and then find a match counts towards its use, and I've seen that you can start a boost from the Halo Waypoint app/website, which is kind of a waste since then you need start the game and find a match (which can take 5+ minutes depending on the launch time), all the while your boost counts down.

I'm not sure if this is planned, but maybe a set XP per match completion would make it better, rather than just challenges counting towards XP + battlepass progression.

In addition, if the XP boost runs out during a match, it should still count towards the boost as if a boost is under ~5 minutes, its pretty much ended and I just wait the 5 minutes so that I can start a new boost. If it currently does this, it should be stated clearly as from my basic testing it doesn't seem to be.
The UI is great. The I game HUD looks clean and very good. The UI in the customization menu is also not bad. But there are 2 things which I find lacking and would've liked to see.
1. I would've liked to see Male/Female customisation and a voice customisation ( if I didn't misheard it there were different voices within the Spartan chatter)
2. One sad thing is that the matches didn't counted at all to the battle pass. I really really hope that you don't gain Exp just through challenges. Pls let Multiplayer matches be a "passive income" of XP.
navigating through the store and menus was a bit weird but I got mostly used to it, especially the battlepass. Overall however I can not say it was confusing for me and I kinda liked the UI design. I would like a main sensitivity slider that changes every single sensitivity option. Overall though I didn't have problems with the settings menu.
This is kind of tangential to the progression stuff but I figured I should get it out of my brain just in case: since the multiplayer will be free-to-play and presumably availbale separate from the campaign, any chance we'll see some multiplayer unlocks tied to campaign progress as an extra incentive to pick that up and/or for (while probably in the minority) more campaign-oriented people to try the multiplayer. Emblems? Armor, vehicle, and/or weapon coatings? Maybe a little "thanks for purchasing"/"your first one's free" cR bump and/or handful of XP boosts/challenge swaps? Just lobbing that out there.
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