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[Locked] Infinite Tech Preview – Weapon Drills

OP snickerdoodle

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Welcome to the second Halo Infinite technical preview! As you participate, we would love to get your thoughts on specific areas and have threads dedicated to each one right here on Waypoint.

This thread is focused on collecting input on Weapon Drills. To provide your thoughts on other aspects of the flight, please use the dedicated threads for each key area:
For bugs or technical issues, please utilize the Halo Insider Support site’s knowledge base and submit tickets as necessary. To reiterate, if you encounter a bug, please submit a ticket via the Halo Insider Support page.

Thank you for participating in this Halo Infinite technical preview, we hope you have fun and please share your thoughts with us below!
Yes the threads are locked, no you can't post yet.

The threads will open as the areas open up for the tech preview!
I will preface my comments by saying that the sandbox is spectacular. As a 20-year Halo fan, turned skeptic (not cynic) these past few years, you put all my worries to rest between the two flights. Big thanks to Quinn Delhoyo and the rest of his team. I have never been as pumped for a video game as I am now. Please take my feedback into consideration. No major changes, just some fine-tuning and quality of life suggestions. In order of precedence from most to least important:


1. BATTLE RIFLE SHOT TIMING. Reward players for “perfectly” timing successive shots. Example: A player wielding the BR who sporadically spams “fire” will shoot at the exact same rate of fire as another player who methodically squeezes their trigger just as the previous burst’s animation finishes. Make a distinction between these two types of players. Give that skilled player who takes the extra time to develop their pacing (to approximately a 50 ms or 1/20th of a second margin of error) a 10% faster rate of fire bonus (or penalize spammers with a 10% slower rate of fire). This incentive will add a greater sense of tightness and responsiveness to the weapon. It will provide a new dimension of depth for veteran players to hone their skills on. Equally important, this mechanic will not detract from the user-friendliness that makes the BR a beloved go-to weapon among inexperienced players too.

2. BATTLE RIFLE SPREAD. This is almost too precise. The solution: increase the kick between the three rounds within each burst, dispersing them more vertically. Otherwise, the BR is perfect. This is a better fix than slowing rate of fire, decreasing damage output, or reverting back to H3-style projectile speed and scattering.

3. COMMANDO FLUCTUATING RECOIL. Bottom line: Keep the recoil intensity constant regardless of whether you are engaging a stationary or moving enemy. Currently, recoil is reduced while actively moving the right stick/tracking a target. Do not make players have to compensate against an erratically changing degree of recoil. I acknowledge that this is not a new Halo mechanic, but it has finally developed into an issue with the Commando because it is Halo’s first automatic precision weapon.

4. COMMANDO RECOIL MAGNITUDE. Sustain! I only mention this because I know it is a slightly controversial topic, and I want to reassure you that you absolutely took the correct approach with this weapon. The high recoil intensity is the perfect way to counterbalance the off-the-charts precision, strength, and rate of fire. Players now have an opportunity to learn to fight against it and harness its power. Reducing recoil would immediately cheapen or negate any sense of accomplishment felt in mastering this weapon’s intricacies. A brand-new player should not be allowed to grab the Commando off the rack and immediately take it on a Rampage. Another note, crosshairs should not return to their initial position after firing a long burst and releasing the trigger. This is not how recoil works and we do not want the game auto-centering our controls for us. The reticle should stop where the recoil naturally kicked your aim after your last shot.

5. BLOOM. Another sustain. I am a huge advocate for the current bloom intensity, specifically for the Sidekick, Assault Rifle, and Commando. The freedom you gave us to time the bloom/feather the trigger made these weapons extremely versatile and allowed skilled players to both unleash hell at close-range and rhythmically pick off targets at a distance. Increasing the skill cap on these starting weapons in this way resulted in an extremely balanced final product, especially when respawning against an enemy team who is dominating the power weapons.

6. ASSAULT RIFLE NERF. I love the fact that the AR is viable for the first time since... ever? However, it does need to be dialed back a little. There's little incentive to use the Sidekick or even seek out the BR or Commando since the AR shreds so badly. Everyone just keeps the AR and runs for the power weapons.

Edit after BTB/Week 2: In reference to #6 above. ASSAULT RIFLE / SIDEKICK BALANCE. Nerf the AR and/or buff the Sidekick. I get it, the AR is supposed to be the primary weapon, and the Sidekick is supposed to be the backup sidearm. That said, the AR is ridiculously easy use from the get-go. The Sidekick on the other hand, has a tremendous skill cap, and even mastering it only yields about a 0.1 faster TTK than the AR if you are at point blank range. The Sidekick’s bloom and recoil are fine, but it could use some additional red reticle range aim assist/magnetism and maybe a six-shot kill instead of seven.

One final thanks for everything the sandbox team has done for Infinite. You are severely underappreciated as the organization who will ultimately keep the game thriving for the next decade while hiding out behind the scenes. A word of caution: We all know that “more is better” is a terrible misconception when it comes to weapons in FPS titles. I beg you to restrain yourselves from cheaply giving the illusion of added content by haphazardly rolling out all the fan-favorite classic weapons as the game ages. Fans will always have MCC to fall back on if they need a classic Halo fix. Please do not dilute Infinite’s precious sandbox.

Add grenades! Basic usage + "trick" throws to show what each grenade is capable of, and what niche it fills.
My personal feedback on weapons (playing on PC) (edited 9/25 after putting some hours into arena):

  • MA40: (edit) I think it needs a tiny range nerf. I'm finding it outgunning people frequently at decent ranges because not only does it do good damage, it keeps precision weapons descoped. Outside of that I think the sound design is Superb.
  • Pulse Carbine: I would like to see this weapon's projectile speed increased. It does alright at close range, but if it's supposed to be viable at mid range, it seems like you need to lead your target by a fair amount. it needs to be either a hybrid between the old carbine and this one or the tracking needs some work. Of all the weapons tried, I see this one being the least popular if it goes forward at it's given state. I would much rather keep the sidekick/AR combo until I find something else.
  • BR75: Great sound design. Like stated in a previous comment, I would like to see a skill gap on this weapon with the person pulling the trigger right at precise animation ending to be rewarded with a very slight speed boost as opposed to someone spamming the trigger. Otherwise I like where it is at.
  • Commando: Give console some aim assist on recoil and on Pc it should be fine as is. It should definitely have a decent amount of recoil to balance out the power of this weapon. That being said, I would like to see the recoil stay consistent whether tracking or stationary. It's become more apparent on the change to include fully automatic precision weapons.
  • Shock Rifle: Super cool addition to the halo sandbox. I love the sound, pacing, and the level at which it jumps to other targets. I think it's in a good place. Props to the team on this one
  • MK50 Sidekick: While I am a magnum fan, I think this is in an okay place. Perhaps slight increase in bullet spread? Good enough to get the job done on the drop, but not so powerful as to make someone want to hold on to it for very long with longer distance engagements.
  • Plasma Pistol: Hands down my favorite sound design on a plasma pistol ever. The way it sizzles and pops is a really cool detail. Now on to balance, I find this one trickier. Part of me feels like the auto tracking maybe could be bumped up a tiny bit. Especially if the repulsor is going to be very wide spread in the game. The other part of me thinks it's fine just because I don't want this too widely used in the one shot combo.
  • Bulldog: Seems like it needs a slight reload speed increase. I honestly would prefer to see the traditional shotgun to make a return, but for a semi auto option, this is okay. I don't see bulltrues being too often with this weapon without some tuning.
  • Heatwave: Seems to be in a good place. My one concern is it almost feels like there is a little bit of input lag from button press to shot that is a little strange. I'm not sure if this is intentional to create an almost build and pop feel, but I'm not sure that I like it much.
  • Needler: I feel this guns sound design has still strayed to much from previous iterations and still needs some work. It's better than the last flight, but needs just a little something more. On sustained fire it sounds more like a human weapon than an alien one to me. I would like to see the inclusion of more crystalline reverbs akin to the previous iterations. As far as balance, Its seems about right. If anything the autro tracking maybe dropping off a little too soon.
  • Gravity Hammer: Awesome bassy boom to it. I would like to see it's time from button press to going off increased the tiniest bit. I get it's supposed to be heavy, but it's a tad slow. Also, this goes for all explosive type weapons, but where are the ragdoll effects? I miss the rocket/grenade jumping and sending enemies flying.
  • S7 Sniper: I would like to see the bloom reduced a bit on this weapon. I get it's supposed to be a balance thing, but I never liked it in Reach and I still don't like it now. If anything bring it down about 25%. I also think the scope should also give you a live view like in older halos when you're unscoped.
  • Skewer: Seems like its in a good place. Another good addition to the sandbox. The one big desire I would like to see however is to see spartans get sent flying back when taken out by one of these things. Again, Ragdoll physics.
  • ravager: Another good addition. I would like to see the area of effect damage increased a tad bit. I like to see good zone control mechanics to slow down corridor flow.
  • Spnkr: This one is a tough one for me because I've seen it interact with 3d objects in a strange way at times where I should have gotten a multikill and managed only one. In some ways it seems like the splash damage is fine and other times it feels weak. I think it needs to be tuned somewhere between this flight and last flight. Also ragdoll physics.
Other Thoughts:

It would be nice to see the kill chain timer increased a little bit. It almost seems like you have to be withing .5 seconds of a kill to be added on to the next. As it stands, I don't see longer killchains happening very often at all.

I would like to hear more voice lines on these weapons drills as they start to get really repetitive. It's especially strange hearing how Jun would be proud after I am done doing a drill on a shotgun or other close range weapon. It makes more sense to keep this line to precision weapons only.

Where in the world is Jeff Steitzer on weapons drills and training mode?! I miss him calling out my multikills and sprees. It's not halo unless I have a pumped Jeff in my ear
Xbox One
(Your hot links don't work on my computer for some reason. I'm using Chrome on Win 10. 'Tis weird.)

Weapon Drills Bugs =
  • 1) Ravager 1 challenge - Stuck at 2 Star. 3 Star asks for 18,000 points and so far my high score is 30,385 and 3 Star is not being achieved. (Edit: I see this is listed in Known Issues already. Good stuff!)
  • 2) Ravager 1 challenge - The bot that spawns directly in front, slightly to the right by the crate, is about ~15m away as they spawn between the 10m and 20m. That specific bot rarely takes damage unless aimed right at or just short of the feet. Aiming at the thighs or higher seems to go right through the bot or right between the legs somehow and the bot takes so very minimal if any damage.
  • 3) Can't see any part of your Spartan body while looking down. Just an awkward, pixelated shadow.
Weapon Drills Suggestions =
  • 1) Get rid of the 3 second timer, please. The amount of times I will be waiting on that 3 seconds is A LOT more, and those 3 seconds will greatly accumulate time wasted, than starting a challenge on accident and quitting back to that lobby and finding the right challenge because I choose the wrong challenge. I can promise you that. The 3 second countdown is... aggravating and useless seeing as tho the challenge doesn't start until you pick up the weapon anyways.
  • 2) After completing a challenge the announcer says, "Jun himself would be impressed." Same Jun that would snipe enemies with the shotgun? We need better lines than that. And more lines, please. That ones is so very repetitive.
  • 3) That Plasma Pistol challenge 2 and 3 are going to give people arthritis. Those are some crazy numbers to obtain even for a fast trigger finger. And for the PP of all things? That gun will yet again be the least used gun in the game. Lol.
  • 4) When you press start and go to "Reset Drill" I feel like the okay should be the first one, cancel should make you scroll up. It's not like people are going to accidentally go to that option, but people are going to go to that option often on purpose so less work required makes more sense to me. Press Start, got to Reset Drill, press Okay right away. Makes it faster to restart. (Also absolutely LOVE how fast that loading splash screen is. Even on the OG Xbox One. It doesn't even take a second.)
Ok I feel stupid but I logged into my new email that isn’t connected to my Xbox live account out of habit. I now don’t have the infinite flight preview on my Xbox because it linked my new email to a non existent Xbox. Is there any way to link my old account to my new email and be able to play this flight? *Edit* (literally made a new account and signed into that on Xbox) im dumb but at least I get to play it
My short "personal" weapon review:

After playing around with all the guns id have to say I'm pretty happy with how most perform. The sidekick is not only viable but fun to use, the assault rifle makes a great return in its performance, and the change from the dmr to the command was a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. Really id say that the only weapon currently in my opinion that I'm not happy with is the bulldog. I wouldn't mind its inclusion if we were still getting the glorious original shotgun in all its splendor, but its my opinion that it just misses the mark in design and performance. i feel as though a better option might have been to make the bulldog perform like a new and improved version of the mauler from halo 3, that could have been a really interesting design and i feel like it fits the weapon more. And with this fans could still be happy with getting both a new shotgun and keeping good old faithful. but relatively its a minor gripe when compared to how good everything else is. so in conclusion well done 343.
Yo I don't know if it's just me, but the Weapon Drill for Ravager 1 seems bugged.
I got over 24,000 score multiple times and it gives me a 2 star rating and says I need 18,000 for the 3 star rating.

Anybody else experience this?
I need 125.000 points for that weapon for one star. Weird weapon, or I can’t handle it. But 125k points is way to much for me
I was very hyped to finally play the game for the first time, and now... I'm extremely disappointed.

I hate the sound design of every gun. I don't really know how to explain it, but every weapon sounds bad to my ears... And that's a big let down, since I used to love certain weapons mostly because of that: whenever I play H4 I always use the Light Rifle because ti sounded awesome ! But here, I actively dislike the sound that every weapon make.

I don't like the Pulse Carbine being a burst weapon instead of being a full auto, like the Plasma Rifle and the Storm Rifle used to be. It makes the weapon feel unresponsive.

The Bulldog sucks. It's not fun to use, it doesn't feel impactful, it's not fun to reload. I really miss the old Shotgun.

I hate that Infinite uses the Halo Reach design for the Assault Rifle, it looks awful and distracting compared to the sleek and smooth classic Assault Rifle, especially after the perfection that was Halo 4's, with amazing sound.

Strangely enough, as much as I hate how un-Halo the Commando looks, it was the human weapon I had the most fun with.

I do like Banished weapons, the Ravager is very fun and the Heatwave is a great idea.

I'm not expecting anything to change, so I'm not sure I want to play the game anymore. I'd like to try the weapons against the Banished at least once, since fighting against Spartan is very shallow and quickly boring compared to all the strategies possible with the aliens, so I'll wait before giving up.
Hi guys ! First of all I wanted to thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you out.

After few hours of play in the training mode here's a list of "issues" and bugs I've encountered:
  1. Minor bug while doing HEATWAVE 2, NEEDLER 2, SKEWER 3 - the weapon rack took at least 15 seconds to go down or sometimes not won't go down at all.
  2. For some reason NEEDLER 2 felt really hard. Needles would not connect if I was not moving and following the same path as the bot.
  3. After a first try it looked like I needed 125 000 point to unlock 2 stars on RAVAGER 1 (which looked pretty high ?) but after a second run where I scored 30.400 points I managed to reach 2 stars. The game then told me I needed to score 18.000 points to unlock 3 stars ?
  4. My IA would tell me (almost everytime I was reloading) that I was low on ammo while using the M41 SPNKR 2; which is something it was not doing while using other weapons.
  5. While in settings the image flickers quite often.
  6. As stated earlier by someone else, loading screens felt bulky when launching and pretty long on an NVMe.
Aside from theses issues the training mode felt solid and is a really good addition to train and understand new weapons.
Every weapons looked and sounded amazing to me (especially the ravager).
Mouse and keyboard works like a charm and I have yet to encounter any performance issue in the mode (I'm using an i7 7900K / RTX 3080 / 16G of DDR4 on Windows 10).

If needed I've recorded and screenshoted the issues I've encountered.
Good luck and thank again to the 343 team :)
Love the game.

Shock rifle should sound more electric. Like Emperor Palpatine unleashing his lightning
Went to start weapon drills a couple of minutes ago to give a review about it but the game kicked me out saying I’m not authorize to play ?? any help to fix that ??
I’m a big fan of weapon drills so far, but I would like to report a visual oddity. In each drill, there’s an odd framerate chug (or “slowdown” if that makes sense) that remains indefinitely you fire. This only appears when you move, but not when you rotate your camera.

current client: Xbox Series X
Went to start weapon drills a couple of minutes ago to give a review about it but the game kicked me out saying I’m not authorize to play ?? any help to fix that ??
I am having the same problem as well.
Please remove items in the back of weapon drill space. They were tripping me up and was starting to piss me off 😂. Would like a nice flat level ground in the back so I won't be stepping on anything. Also I love the commando but I never seen so much recoil in a halo game. Personal I still prefer the dmr. The recoil has too be turned down. Hard to get medium to long range kills with it. Other than that everything else is looking good.
I was doing the RAVAGER's drill, I scored 20,320 points but I just get 2 stars, when the game says the next star is 18,000 points.
Is anyone else unable to access weapon drills? It won’t load, but the Training Mode is working fine. So are the menus.
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